Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekly LUNAR Reading & MAGICAL Attributes: Dec 29th - Jan 4th

Todays Date: Monday, December 29th, 2008

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent : 4% of Full (next Full Moon: January 10th)

Moon's Place Today: Aquarius

Lunar Reading:

You are about to enter the simplicity of a new week and possibly a complete new era. The opportunity for change in your personal, spiritual and everyday life is now. Even if you are not expecting some form of change, it is inevitable and will be for the positive of things. A major shift in your life is beginning to form. You are urged to go with the universal flow of this mind & spiritual shift. The voice of the cosmos urges you to listen to the call and follow it with your heart. This may mean that you will begin a totally different mind set on your current lifestyle and/or spirituality.

Within this week and next you will be offered opportunities from both friends and/or family and the universe. These are the blessings and answers you have been seeking for so long. As the old expression goes, don't look a gifted horse in the mouth. Don't pass up these opportunities or shrug them off as 'not possible'. Everything and anything are possible. It is us humans that have been programed to believe and perceive things differently. The gifts of abundance and comfort are right in front of you. It is up to you and how you choose to see them, act or don't act on them and so on. Do not depend on others for your decision making abilities. You have the full conscious of the universe at your fingertips.

How you choose to view your current situation is entirely up to you. However it should be noted that the law of attraction is continuously working in your favor. You are being blessed daily with the the gifts of abundance, in more ways than you may be able to even imagine or experience in your human form. It is you that is trapped in a society of stuff and ill emotions. You feel as though you walk in multiple worlds or dimensions between your home life, work life, social life and other lifestyle commitments or activities. Let go of all these paths so you may bring the balance back and continue on a single path of renewal that resinates deep within your soul and inner state of being. What feels right in your core of being is the path you should choose. This means that no book, no writing or other influence should be set in stone for your path. You choose and create the path that your mind, your consciousness and heart already know to be. Like a tree you are ever growing and becoming wiser. Plant your roots (feet) deep into the ground and know they shall forever continue to grow as long as the tree (being you) is provided the proper elements like light, love, clean and blessed water, fresh air and warmth.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

The days are beginning to grow longer once again. We have been blessed with the renewal of this beautiful cycle of the sun, moon and planets.

Any magic done done should be for the healing of our planet and society as a whole. You may also want to focus on healing between your friends and family members. There may be some past or current issues with relatives that needs to be resolved. What would you say to that person today if you knew he or she would leave this realm tomorrow? What would you do differently in your relationship, or would you contact this past loved one? You may want to consider doing some 'letting go' magic for yourself to let go of those old harsh feelings from the situation or emotional trauma this entity has caused.

The universe is urging you to pay it forward both financially and emotionally, even possibly spiritually. The gift of giving should be done the entire year through, not just over the holiday season. Incorporating magical/light work into "Paying it Forward" is simple and the ripple effect it will have will be intense! Carry a variety of gifts with you such as charged stones or crystals, a few extra dollars that have been blessed or a few simple prewritten notes for a common situation such as "such a beautiful thing you did" to leave a stranger if you see a good deed done. Here are some example of small magical/light work blessings that can be done on items to hand to complete strangers that are part of your universal family.

Tumbled Stones and/or Crystals:

Bless this stone with the love for another.
Whoever he or she may be, they are my sister or brother.
Let the energy of the universe flow through the veins of the holder.
Let he or she pass it on to another.
Bless this stone with the love for all others.

Money Gifts:
(great for use when dining out and leaving a tip or just offering that someone in need - can be used on any dollar amount no matter how large or small)

I open my heart and mind to give this person a great find.
Whomever holds this green in hand will be inspired to help the whole of man.
Giving is the gift the bearer will possess.
They will pass on gratitude to all those living in stress.

Prewritten Note Blessing:
(bless these papers with the following then hand them out as mentioned above to strangers that could use the note)

Bless the situation I find today.
A kind gift will make the way.
Let the message be one of love and light.
Allow this person to gain new insight.
Allow they who hold this note to pass it to another.
Let it flow to every universal sister and brother.

Your Mission for this week:

Treasure the small things in life. Find love and gratitude in the simplest of situations and gifts that you already have around you. You, yourself are a blessing to others when your energy is pure. Stay in the light, be the observer instead of the reactor and analyzer. Let what is be choose the single path of your heart to follow. This week will begin to open many new windows for you. A variety of opportunities await around every corner that you peek. Follow those that resonate, choose wisely and head the advice or the universal voice deep within your inner core.

If you are having a hard time grounding yourself and focusing on even the smallest of situations or events, then you are in need of some sunlight and a good walk outdoors. Yes, the weather is cold in some areas this time of year, but your body needs to reconnect with nature and the elements. Take a walk in the park or a nice slow drive in the country side. View the beauty of the different seasons you are seeing. Make note in your mind of the winter surroundings that will soon begin to change when Spring arrives. Take a diary or begin with on your journey that reflects the small things you are thankful for. Make notes on the things you are finding beauty in such as the leafless tree or the golden winter wheat in the field. You'll find this journal a blessing when you begin to feel down and out.

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

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