Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oracle Message from the Fairy Realm 12/30/08

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From time to time the Fairy folk feel a need to speak a message for those that want to listen. Today after I went for a walk in the cold weather because I was overdue for the much needed sunlight, I asked the Fairies if there was any one message they wanted to share with my readers and passers by this week. I received a quick response from the Fairies and the oracle deck.

Their message today was Family Harmony. Every person in your life is affected by your spiritual and everyday beliefs. The fairies urge you to counsel with family members that may have irritated or caused you harm on an emotional or physical level. The more loving and compassionate energy you project and display towards these family members, the more it will be redirected back to you.

Family harmony doesn't happen overnight, You will need to have patience in the beginning. Know in your heart that a healing process has already began. The fairies ask you to be grateful for all members of your family. If there is one or more persons that seem to frustrate you more than others, focus even more of your love and gratitude towards that person.

The fairies feel you should say aloud or write each day an affirmation confirming the family harmony you now have and that will continue to expand.

Your affirmation is: I will see only the goodness in each of my family members. I have a harmonious life filled with love, gratitude and peace.

Green Laundry Tips for the Domestic Goddess

  1. Throw away any and all commercial Fabric Softeners, you don't need them! A cotton or muslin bag filled with Lavender Flowers works even better. Toss bag in the dryer with each load. Use 1/2 cup to 1 cup of Lavender Flowers per bag full, and that's all you need for a reusable & natural alternative. Each cotton/muslin baggy will usually last 15 to 25 loads or more. The savings & other benefits are substantial.
  2. Vinegar is a necessity in all laundry rooms! Use common distilled vinegar in your washer as a bleach alternative & color booster. Vinegar also works well as a pretreatment on tough stains. Use approx. 2 Tbsp in every load to ensure added softness and guarantee the antibacterial properties. For heavily soiled items and/or loads add 1/2 cup to your wash.
  3. Make your own linen spray. You two can have a custom or aromatherapy spray for your linens and clothing. Take a few drops of your favorite essential oil(s) and add them to a spray bottle full of distilled water. Shake bottle well before each use.
  4. Next time you wash your delicates, skip the dryer. hang all your goddess wear out or up to dry some place warm or where there is dry air flow. You'll be amazed at the savings on your electric bill!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekly LUNAR Reading & MAGICAL Attributes: Dec 29th - Jan 4th

Todays Date: Monday, December 29th, 2008

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent : 4% of Full (next Full Moon: January 10th)

Moon's Place Today: Aquarius

Lunar Reading:

You are about to enter the simplicity of a new week and possibly a complete new era. The opportunity for change in your personal, spiritual and everyday life is now. Even if you are not expecting some form of change, it is inevitable and will be for the positive of things. A major shift in your life is beginning to form. You are urged to go with the universal flow of this mind & spiritual shift. The voice of the cosmos urges you to listen to the call and follow it with your heart. This may mean that you will begin a totally different mind set on your current lifestyle and/or spirituality.

Within this week and next you will be offered opportunities from both friends and/or family and the universe. These are the blessings and answers you have been seeking for so long. As the old expression goes, don't look a gifted horse in the mouth. Don't pass up these opportunities or shrug them off as 'not possible'. Everything and anything are possible. It is us humans that have been programed to believe and perceive things differently. The gifts of abundance and comfort are right in front of you. It is up to you and how you choose to see them, act or don't act on them and so on. Do not depend on others for your decision making abilities. You have the full conscious of the universe at your fingertips.

How you choose to view your current situation is entirely up to you. However it should be noted that the law of attraction is continuously working in your favor. You are being blessed daily with the the gifts of abundance, in more ways than you may be able to even imagine or experience in your human form. It is you that is trapped in a society of stuff and ill emotions. You feel as though you walk in multiple worlds or dimensions between your home life, work life, social life and other lifestyle commitments or activities. Let go of all these paths so you may bring the balance back and continue on a single path of renewal that resinates deep within your soul and inner state of being. What feels right in your core of being is the path you should choose. This means that no book, no writing or other influence should be set in stone for your path. You choose and create the path that your mind, your consciousness and heart already know to be. Like a tree you are ever growing and becoming wiser. Plant your roots (feet) deep into the ground and know they shall forever continue to grow as long as the tree (being you) is provided the proper elements like light, love, clean and blessed water, fresh air and warmth.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

The days are beginning to grow longer once again. We have been blessed with the renewal of this beautiful cycle of the sun, moon and planets.

Any magic done done should be for the healing of our planet and society as a whole. You may also want to focus on healing between your friends and family members. There may be some past or current issues with relatives that needs to be resolved. What would you say to that person today if you knew he or she would leave this realm tomorrow? What would you do differently in your relationship, or would you contact this past loved one? You may want to consider doing some 'letting go' magic for yourself to let go of those old harsh feelings from the situation or emotional trauma this entity has caused.

The universe is urging you to pay it forward both financially and emotionally, even possibly spiritually. The gift of giving should be done the entire year through, not just over the holiday season. Incorporating magical/light work into "Paying it Forward" is simple and the ripple effect it will have will be intense! Carry a variety of gifts with you such as charged stones or crystals, a few extra dollars that have been blessed or a few simple prewritten notes for a common situation such as "such a beautiful thing you did" to leave a stranger if you see a good deed done. Here are some example of small magical/light work blessings that can be done on items to hand to complete strangers that are part of your universal family.

Tumbled Stones and/or Crystals:

Bless this stone with the love for another.
Whoever he or she may be, they are my sister or brother.
Let the energy of the universe flow through the veins of the holder.
Let he or she pass it on to another.
Bless this stone with the love for all others.

Money Gifts:
(great for use when dining out and leaving a tip or just offering that someone in need - can be used on any dollar amount no matter how large or small)

I open my heart and mind to give this person a great find.
Whomever holds this green in hand will be inspired to help the whole of man.
Giving is the gift the bearer will possess.
They will pass on gratitude to all those living in stress.

Prewritten Note Blessing:
(bless these papers with the following then hand them out as mentioned above to strangers that could use the note)

Bless the situation I find today.
A kind gift will make the way.
Let the message be one of love and light.
Allow this person to gain new insight.
Allow they who hold this note to pass it to another.
Let it flow to every universal sister and brother.

Your Mission for this week:

Treasure the small things in life. Find love and gratitude in the simplest of situations and gifts that you already have around you. You, yourself are a blessing to others when your energy is pure. Stay in the light, be the observer instead of the reactor and analyzer. Let what is be choose the single path of your heart to follow. This week will begin to open many new windows for you. A variety of opportunities await around every corner that you peek. Follow those that resonate, choose wisely and head the advice or the universal voice deep within your inner core.

If you are having a hard time grounding yourself and focusing on even the smallest of situations or events, then you are in need of some sunlight and a good walk outdoors. Yes, the weather is cold in some areas this time of year, but your body needs to reconnect with nature and the elements. Take a walk in the park or a nice slow drive in the country side. View the beauty of the different seasons you are seeing. Make note in your mind of the winter surroundings that will soon begin to change when Spring arrives. Take a diary or begin with on your journey that reflects the small things you are thankful for. Make notes on the things you are finding beauty in such as the leafless tree or the golden winter wheat in the field. You'll find this journal a blessing when you begin to feel down and out.

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blog Give-A-Way! Enter your Caption for the Kitty Cat Graphic Contest!

Winner Receives: (from left to right) New purse/bag made out of recycled newspaper with a metal chain handle, Meditation/Shaman relaxation balls with case, wood trinket box with embedded moon and stars on the top, a quartz crystal point, gold ceramic tea light candle holder with shooting stars, the framed & signed kitty photography print titled Dirty Laundry and an assortment of Certified Organic Teas (flavors include: Green Tea, English Breakfast, Peppermint, Lemon & Black Cherry)

Many of you already know that I love to combine my artwork and/or photography into web graphics for use on places like MySpace, FaceBook, personal Blogs and so on. I have this funny picture of one of the kittens that still needs adopted. He doesn't have a name or nickname as of yet.

I want to place this graphic on my website for others to use as well but I couldn't decide on just one caption. Then I got to thinking... why not let you guys and gals decide! To get an idea of some of the past images and quotes/captions I have used before please visit my website, the Giving Earth and click on 'MySpace Graphics' to the left of the page.

This kitty was just too funny not to add something to his picture so others could use it as a free graphic.

How to Enter: Simple! Just leave a comment here with your suggested Caption for the Kitty Cat image below. Don't forget to check out the comments to see others suggestions.

Winner will be notified via BlogSpot/Blogger & posted as the winner on a new blog post. Winner will receive the above Give-A-Way items via USPS mail. Winner is not responsible for shipping charges, shipping will be paid for by Rainbow Tree (aka Kandice Thompson). Contest ends the first week of February. Note: winner may not exchange or ask for cash value of items. Winner will only receive the Give-A-Way items shown above totally free of any charges.

Updated: January 5th, 2009

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stress & Mess helps me Pay it Forward to Bless!

When I feel overwhelmed by a situation, holiday or even emotion, I find it best to just sit and write. Though sitting and writing don't make the tasks any easier nor does it allow them to get done any quicker. However I find blogging a form of meditation. When I sit here I am focusing on this very moment and not allowing those 15 or 40 things to get to me or overwhelm my emotional state. I can sit here focus on this very task and allow my mind a brief break from the rest of the world. Even though I am focused on the typing my subconscious is working on a solution to multi tasks the things that need to be done. i can sit here and know that when I get up I will approach the situation with more love and positive energy. I'm beginning to feel better already. A friend of mine once said, "I write because others are wrong." I loved her little sang.

This past month or several moths have been quite interesting around the house & farm. We are slowly beginning to pack and sort more of our 'stuff' out to simplify and begin our move either into a camper or possibly our parents home. Some is by choice, but most is due to financial and current circumstances. We received the first of many I yet to come of a Foreclosure threat. The home will be foreclosed upon in 6 to 9 months, but possibly a little longer as the mortgage industry is overwhelmed with those in the same or similar situations.

The previous owner of our home had died unexpectedly at 37 and because of this the house was sold 'as is' and nothing... and i do mean nothing had to be disclosed by his mother whom held the rights to the estate. We can no longer continue to sink money into the home let alone pay the mortgage. In the past 6 months we have had two electrical fires, a water pump go out, pipes break and/or leak, a sump pump in need of replacing, a flooded basement and on and on. I thought it was getting better till the other night when we had temperatures below freezing. I heard a loud bang in the wall and my gut said a pipe had just bested open. Sure enough a pipe upstairs running to the shower and bath on an inside wall had pretty much exploded. We still do not have water in the entire upstairs or for laundry... and I'm running out of clean clothes. Tom has the valves to those shut off to avoid further water damage. It will be several days before we can even get around to cutting a hole in the wall and repairing the situation. When the previous owner remodeled some parts of the house and built the addition on upstairs, they did so without any zoning or codes. Now there is NO access to the pipes or behind the shower. Yippie lol. Tom will be cutting a hole in our bedroom wall to get to the pipes and a hole in the bathroom wall to fix the damage from the freezing water expanding all over. It will be a task and I hope to get some help from a friend that has some plumbing experience. Hiring a plumber is not in the current financial budget. ;-) And it's the week of Solstice & Christmas of course. It was solstice night that the pipes burst, I was hoping for a little better gift or sign from the universe lol. I guess that's just how things go sometimes. Makes us a little more happier about the move and view things a little differently. Part of us will be glad to get the heck out of this money pit but on the other hand we do love this old farm house and property and have spent over 7 years trying to make it a home. It will be sad when we are forced to make the final move away from here. I try not to question though as I firmly believe in following the universal flow of things. Everything happens for reason no matter how negative or positive and I must accept what is and do the best with what I can.

Despite all the financial and home hoo-hass (icky stuff) I still try to do what I can to help others. A while back I was 'payed forward' when my cat child was in need. Though he is no longer with us, I remember those whom were there to help both emotionally and financially. I try to pay it forward when I am given the chance. Today I had just that chance. I met with my aunt today about 25 miles away so I could drop a gift off for her granddaughter. We met at Waffle House for coffee as it was right off the main highway she was traveling. We opted for lunch when I got there. The pregnant waitress we had was ending her long shift of I believe she said 9 or so hours. She was in a kind mood and made us laugh quite a bit. She held herself in high spirits despite her hard working that day, the 12 hour shift of Christmas eve and her 9 hour shift on Christmas day. Her child and husband had already celebrated and opened gift since she was going to be working so much during xmas eve and xmas day. I really felt for the situation and was humbled at her attitude towards all of it. Last week I had received a cash gift of $50 from my father in law. How very nice of him to send a gift from Florida. I always feel guilty and have a hard time purchasing anything for myself. So much in fact that Tom will get down right angry with me. This year I found it easier than normal. I did not buy an article of clothing for myself, I didn't spend it on a 'made in china' toy or novelty. No... this year I decided to pay it forward. Upon getting the bill for lunch (there were four of us and my aunt didn't know Waffle House only accepted cash), it was a good thing I had that $50 on me for lunch. I decided to give her everything I could in a tip (but kept $10 for gas if I needed it). I handed her a total of $40. There was $20 for the bill and $20 for her. I told her keep the change and when she looked at the money, looked at the receipt, looked at the receipt again, looked at the money again and then a huge "OMG Thank you!" came from her mouth and heart. That was my gift, the gift of giving. It felt better than any old piece of crap that I didn't need. She was shocked and said that was the largest tip she had ever received while waitressing. She continued to thank and I told her not a big deal, it was my way of paying it forward. She was tickled and said she too tries to pay it forward when she can. I believe this is a system we should all live by. Helping each other or a stranger. Not just financial as in this case but emotionally and respectfully as well. It does come back ya know. Karma is a beautiful thing for those with a whole heart and no judgment of a person. I didn't know her, I didn't know her life if she or her husband used drugs or were abusive. I didn't ask these things and I assumed but didn't prejudge that the didn't. I didn't know giving her the money what she would do with it, because I didn't care and it wasn't up to me. It's her choice and I simply have the comfort and overwhelming feeling of gratitude from my deed. That's really all that matters is two people walked away from a situation feeling 'richer' and better than before. Ya for me.. I spread some love today and made positive vibrations that have a huge ripple effect.

I am so glad I took the time to sit and type this. See, I told you blogging is like meditation. I am in a wonderful mood and even though the house is still a mess, I feel great and know it will eventually get done before tomorrow.

On a cool note, Miss Destiny got another piercing as part of her solstice gift. She loves piercings and since they can be removed if she later chooses, I don't have a problem with them. For her they are a way to express herself and I totally get that as a young mother. Besides, I think they rock and since I can't wear any metals or have piercings she can. lol I'll just keep getting the tattoos when I can afford them. ;-) Here is Destiny with all of her piercings. The one at the top of her ear was done in August at the Bears Den, a tattoo parlor in Marysville. The bottom piercings where she has the hoops were done when she was four years old. Yesterday she wanted second holes above them so we made a trip to the mall and as part of her solstice gift she got new holes in her ears. She opted for the 4mm titanium studs. Too cute!

I'm off to do some more Domestic Goddess duties. We have family coming over tomorrow that celebrate the christian version of the birth of the sun/son. We celebrate the light of the sun on the ancient sabot of solstice, they celebrate the son of light. Gotcha thinking now? ;-)

Have a blessed Yule, Christmas, late Solstice, Kwanzaa or what ever else your celebration be. May your holiday and season be merry and filled with memories galore.

Rainbow Tree

Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekly LUNAR Reading & MAGICAL Attributes: Dec. 22-28

Todays Date: Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Moon Phase:
Waning Crescent : 20% of Full (next Full Moon: January 10th)

Moon's Place Today: Scorpio

Lunar Reading:

Let there be light! The sun has once again resurrected from the darkness. In the ancient days, the people feared they would live in eternal darkness and they anticipated the rebirth of the sun to bring the light back. With out the sun and light we would not exist, there would be no crops, trees or even humans to be seen. We all depend on this sun for life. As appropriate as it was, the days leading to Winter Solstice when the sun us reborn, were all dark and grey here in Ohio. We looked forward to the suns rebirth and on Solstice day, we awoke to sun streaming through the trees and clouds. Such a beautiful site to see!

Late last week your emotions were running high and they still may be a little shaky and sensitive. You may find that you feel the urge to cry more often than usual. The new year is coming and most likely you are naturally going to rid yourself of the negative energies that have been trapped inside your spirit. Our physical self releases such things via illness, night sweats, emotional outbreaks with tears and so on. Any of these symptoms you are experiencing are because of the overwhelming abundance of negativity and drama that you are carrying around. There is no need to dwell, focus or relive such issues. Your spirit wants them to be released and you need to learn to accept, let go and know that all is as it should be. Sometimes we are unable to experience the full joy of a situation until we fully understand the sorrow leading up to it. Meaning that sometimes the only way to get to the point where you want to be is to go through a large amount of negativity. I have personally seen some of the most beautiful relationships and situations take place only because of a negative situation that happened earlier. there i a flow to things, and if you sit back and allow this universal flow to carry you along for the ride, you'll be just fine. Stop trying to resist the universal flow as it is larger than you can possibly imagine and you can not manipulate it in your own negative direction. Stay in the light, have faith and know that this too shall pass.

This week you will have several points of feeling overwhelmed or unappreciated. This is normal and common for most goddesses around this time of year. You and only you have the ability to counter these emotions and feelings. If you believe it is others that are making you feel this way, rethink the situation as you and only you have control of your emotional state. Do not allow others to control or manipulate your state of well being. Do things for yourself when you are feeling down. Meditate, take a nice long hot shower or bath and relax. The rest can wait, the world is not going anywhere anytime soon.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

Now is a perfect time to ward off any lingering negativity around the house or your self. Secrets from your past or those around you may be brought into the light. You may need to assist those struggling with their new found truths. Sometimes truth hurts but it is always necessary in the end. This week you will find new truths in old lies and stories. Try your hardest to not pass judgment or bee too shocked of ones secrets that are coming forth. We all have our dark closets and the best thing you can do is be supportive of those coming out with the truth. Sometimes the lies are easier to accept than the truth. Truth can be a scary thing for those that don't want to believe the actual reality of it all.

Any magical work done this week should focus on gratitude, love, honesty and rebirth. As the earth, sun, moon and seasons cycle, so do we humans and all life that exists. We shed our bark and gain new insight for new possibilities and creations. Incorporate some seasonal herbs in your magical work this week. Rosemary and thyme play a vital role this time of year in many cooking spells and magical potions. Use your instinct to do what is best for yourself and those around you.

Your Mission for this week:

The fruits, nuts and berries are quite scarce this time of year. Many of our feathered and furry friends are looking for food and having little to no luck. It is the responsibility of us humans to provide them with the necessities that they can no longer find to survive through the winter. Your mission this week is simple! Visit local parks and nature preserves and of course your back yard. Purchase or make some birdseed ornaments or simple scatter birdseed around on picnic tables, rocks, tree stumps and other easy to find places for the birds. Take leftover apple peals and other fruit peels or dehydrated pieces and toss them outside where there would be deer, coon, pheasant and other creatures that would enjoy the tasty treat. When the legend of Santa Clause first came about, he was a nature woodsman. He brought the creates of nature gifts of plenty in the winter. Old ears of corn, fruits with juices, nuts and berries and all sorts of other goodies were taken into the woods and left for the creatures of nature. This woodsman was a gift himself to the animals and each year they looked forward to his return with his sack full of goodies. You too can be the saint that this old & wise woodsman once was. You have the capability to carry his memory and spirit on through the generations to come.

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

Friday, December 19, 2008

A busy Week Preparing for Winter Solstice

It has been quite a busy week preparing for the upcoming sabot of Winter Solstice. Today I am baking goodies in the kitchen as gifts. Last night Tom made 2 double batches of his old fashioned style cocoa fudge. All I can really say is that his fudge is demanded every year. ;-) So is my peanut butter fudge that my grandmother used to make. My dad says I'm the only one that can pull it off to be just like his moms. Makes me feel good when he says that. I remember being a small child in grandmas kitchen. We made candies, cakes, pies and so many other goodies. She was known in Ashland county as the Candy Lady.

Right now I have 18 homemade bread rolls rising and soon I will bake them. The dough for the focaccia bread is currently rising as well and I just sautéed the garlic, basil and other herbs for its topping. Yum it is smelling and sounding so good.

I made 8 giant chocolate chip cookies as well. They are about 15 inches in diameter and SO good! Of course all is cooked from certified organic and natural ingredients... and all is entirely from scratch!

I've spent most of the week preparing and preppy for today and tomorrow. Tomorrow we head up to my parents and other family to celebrate Winter Solstice with a nice gathering and meditation.

We darn near ran out of dried wood earlier in the week. The weather has been so cold. Tom had to go pick up a load and Destiny spent a couple hours helping him unload and stack. Here they are working as I watch and tend to the kitchen off and on.

Destiny wasn't too happy about me standing there taking pictures.

A friend of the family has recently come in from Bakersfield California and is staying here in Ohio. I invited him to come stay the week with us as I could use an extra hand or two around the house this week. We've had fun visiting and chatting. I think I am spoiling him with my homemade dinners and sweets! One night it was homemade sausage gravy with drop biscuits. Man oh man were my biscuits & gravy good. There wasn't hardly a drop left! Another night I made some pizza dough and decided to make a stromboli. Our friend had never heard of or tried stromboli, let alone my from scratch pizza sauce. He was tickled to say the least and well we didn't have a single bite left over. Everyone chowed as usual. Here is a pic of my special stomboli that everyone seems to love. This one is fresh out of the oven. The cheese that leaked is still sizzling on the baking stone. I placed large pepperoni and charizo from the Whole Foods Market inside. Delicious!

Yum! Can't you just smell it?

We had a small bout of freezing rain earlier this week and today. Destiny was off of school one day becasue of the roads. This morning she had a two hour delay. Tonight we are letting her open her gifts for Solstice as we will be gone the rest of the weekend with family. I'm looking forward to seeing her face on some of them.

I hope to come back after the weekend and resume the Weekly Lunar Readings & Magical attributes. I honestly didn't have time this week to post so I promise to do so next week.

Wishing all of you a blessed & sacred Winter Solstice! Tis the birth of the sun in the sky and the longest night out of the entire year. ;-)

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Nature's Remedies: Treat your Feet

Each week I try to post some of my favorite or commonly used remedies from Mother Nature herself. Be sure to check out my archives for more natural remedies.

This week I want to focus on your feet. Many lores believe the foot to be a big part of your 'soul', thus giving us the name for the bottom part of your feet. These remedies will treat your feet from common issues many face.

Corns & Calluses:

Soak a slice of firm bread in cider vinegar until it is completely saturated. Place the moist bread on the affected area, secure with a piece of cloth and let it soften the skin overnight.

Athlete's Foot:
  1. Steep 1/2 cup of Pau D'Arco bark in a pot of boiling water for 15 minutes. Add water to a shallow filled bath and soak your feet for 30 minutes. Repeat daily as needed.
  2. On affected areas place a couple of drops of undiluted Tea-Tree oil. Make sure these areas are clean and totally dry before you apply the essential oil.
**both athlete's foot remedies can be used together

Conscious Thinking = Doing No Harm: E=MC2 ~ we are all energy

A couple of months ago I created a video about conscious thinking & doing no harm. The purpose of the video was to show the connection between us humans and all living things. The video is of me rambling on about how we are all energy, E=MC2. For those that don't have a fast enough internet connection, I have taken the time to write down as much as possible from the video.

Below is the 'Manuscript: (see bottom of this post for YouTube video)

Conscious thinking = Doing no harm. Harm to none no one, anything, even on a microscopic level. Every living organism from plant life, water, cellular structure uses the same oxygen to breath as we do. The same earth water is used for nourishment for all living, breathing organisms. We've been taught as a society through religion that it is acceptable to place dominion over all of this magnificent creation. We've been taught over the years to disconnect ourselves with the cellular structure and memories that is one with us.

Lets say we live by the motto of 'do no harm'. To fully practice this would begin to lead you into a state of conscious thinking automatically. It's simple really. We'll use Einstein for example. E=MC2 Then that means we are all energy, all that exists is energy. Proven fact: we all contain start dust, we are all stardust. Deny all you want, even religious leaders when asked about being star dust will agree with the scientists on this one and only issue. We all have star dust origins. If all is energy, even star dust, we are all energy, so is the sky, the trees, the sun, moon and every single thing we see or don't see with our eyes. Here is another fact to ponder. 1 person has enough energy within them selves to illuminate an entire city for almost a week. Let me fake rewind... 1 person has enough energy to illuminate an entire city say the size of Manhattan for an entire week.

So maybe you have a better perspective on what energy is at the moment or what you yourself are capable of. With that being said lets think about E=MC2 all creation all that is being of energy. Everything under the highest of microscopes would appear as the same microbiological structure. It shows us we are all this so called stardust. we are the energy, the light the answer we have been waiting for.

Getting back to Doing under any circumstances no harm to all that exists sounds quite challenging but it isn't. If we can absorb and understand that everything is this energy and that every little microscopic thing we do has this huge ripple effect either negative or positive then we begin to better understand the way of conscious thinking and actually doing no harm. Easy example: I have 2 arms and two legs. A tree has branches. If you cut my arm off, it will hurt, I will bleed and most likely die without some sort of medical or spiritual intervening. Now lets take a perfectly healthy tree and we decide a tree limb or the entire tree is in the way of something. Most of us would not give it any thought and we would disregard our natural occurring consciousness and we would either cut the limb off from the tree or cut the entire tree down. We would have just done this without any regard as to the life that was forming there the energies that survived on that tree. How many human or nonhuman lives have been disrupted because of this action. What is or was the long term ripple effect and was it a positive one for the whole of humanity and all of earths inhabitants or was it an unconscious action with disregard for the effect it will have to come to all that survived from the tree and depended on the tree for their very existence. We could go into more detail but you already have the knowledge for conscious thinking and maybe this will give you a better perspective on it. Use your consciousness for all aspects of life. From not making the 5 unneeded trips to town as you are only supporting destruction, deforestation, greedy pockets and your own ego to satisfy a missing void. Basically, quit distracting yourself with your ego, let your ego go and you'll find the evolutionary process much easier. Conscious thinking and doing no harm should apply in all aspects of your lifestyle to create the best possible and positive ripple effect.

I can be extreme with my practices from not driving my vehicle but once every two weeks for groceries. I wont cut my grass as it is highly destructive to the life that resides there and not to mention the environment that doesn't need the emissions or let alone the support of the earths blood being oil. I wont wear or consume in any manner synthetic unnatural items or materials. Thus some have called me plain as I have virgin hair, wear no makeup and do not dress to impress. I simply am who I am, love me or hate me it doesn't matter, it's irrelevant your feelings towards me. Not that I don't care, it's just that your personal opinions do not effect me directly and have no impact on my life as most that spread their negativity would like to think.

I will continue to lead a lifestyle of sustainability an consciousness. I will continue to get as far off of the grid as possible with sustainable energy sources like solar and wind power. I will continue to grow my organic garden and prepare myself for any natural or man made event that happens. No I am not a dooms dayer,(to some extent) but I believe to not be prepared for any event is naive. Weather it be global, man made or what, we should be prepared for survival on some level. Someone posted the story of the Ant & Grass Hopper the other day. I love this story as it is so true, The ant during the summer worked and the grasshopper played. The grasshopper didn't understand the ant working so hard to store food for the upcoming winter. The grasshopper only planed for today and when winter came there was no food for him no shelter or rescue to be found. The ant had only planned for him and his colony as a whole so the grasshopper dies of starvation. SO I ask you this... Are you prepared for something along those lines? To say NOTHING will ever happen is simply ignorant. Lets look at Katrina, Hurricane Ike the tsunami and all these other natural disasters. To say you will never be affected directly or have to depend on your own knowledge and survival is again a bit naive. And if you think you don't have to plan because someone else will save you or bail you out, offer you food that will not be unlimited or wait for some sort of government assistance... you could be dead by the time your help arrives. It's happened all over the globe, it happens everyday with unforeseen events. Be the ant, not the grasshopper. Make changes in your life that will benefit the whole of humanity and yourself. Make conscious decisions that do no harm with all that you do. Step away from your ego as this is really one of the first steps. The ego can be a dangerous thing as it has led to wars, destruction, greed and to the current situation we are in universally.

You have every cellular memory from yourself and all your ancestors since the dawn of time and before. It's buried deep within your core of existence. All that you seek, knowledge, answers, hope.... it's all there, always has been. Every teaching you seek, every answer, every choice, your free will to choose.

The society that we currently live in is a society placed on fear, control greed and religion. I choose to see much more and beyond this. I choose to accept what is already within.

If you want to know more about me, my thought, opinions all that other human stuff feel free to visit me on myspace (and now BLOGSPOT) as I like to post non video blogs about sustainable living, conscious thinking, awareness and universal connection.

So I say to all of you that either love me or hate me, it doesn't matter. You are my universal brothers and sisters. We share the same universal blood, air and water from the great cosmos and planet we call earth and home. We are family and I will love you unconditionally no matter your opinions, thoughts or beliefs. Shouldn't we all coexist, Live and love together despite differences?

My YouTube video:

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Full Moon Blessing & Meditation

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The vibrational energy is on the rise for the upcoming full moon tomorrow night! Any sort of positive meditation, magic or other acts of manifestation at this time are extremely beneficial! The universe and our mother earth are depending upon the light workers & magic doers like yourself to assist in the healing of our planet and the heart of humanity. By accepting all forms of life as equal, we are accepting the universal light and energy into our very core of being. Connecting to all that exists and knowing you are part of every living organism gives you new perspective and outlook towards conscious thinking and doing no harm.

We are our answer to our prayers, the promise that we seek and the hope of tomorrow. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We hold the key to expanding the energy and healing the planet and human race. Your work is needed more than you realize. The impact your healing and positive thoughts have creates extreme levels of positive and vibrational energy that spreads out just like wind and floats across the earth. It's absorbed in the water, the air, trees and other living things including all of Mother Nature's creatures. So you see, regardless of your light work or magical attributes, as long as you do it with love and positive thought you become the answer, the healer, giver, receiver and the hope for tomorrow and what is to come.

Set a time aside each day, allow yourself a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes so you may clear your thoughts and then focus on the healing & love energies you are receiving and transmitting. I strongly recommend grid work for such practices as it automatically recognizes the connection of all things while enabling you to focus on one thing in particular or a volume of things at once. Do your magical/light work while incorporating all the elements of nature (earth, water, air & fire)

Full Moon Meditation & Cleansing

This meditation will need be to done in the direct light of the moon. Outdoor works best but if the weather be too cold for your bones, open a window in your home and view the moon directly. DO NOT, under any circumstances do this meditation while viewing the moon through a window. You must have direct visualization with the moonlight.

With feet on the ground, in a standing position raise your hands with index fingers and thumbs together creating a pyramid shape. The sacred geometry of the pyramid allows us to draw in the energy more efficiently. Start at the belly button or ground if you prefer and begin to raise your hands in the method mentioned above. Make sure not to release your fingers from touching each other. With your palms facing away from you begin to raise your pyramid, keeping it close to your body and where the illumination of the moon can come through. When you reach the point where you are close to your face with your hands, extend your arms (still keeping index fingers and thumbs together for your pyramid shape) up towards the moon so you may see the entire moon through the pyramid shape. View the moon and her aura. Focus deeply on the colors and the shape you have created to view them through. You will begin to notice that your hands are just as illuminated as the moon. You'll also begin to feel heat in the pyramid that expands into your fingers, hands and arms. Some will experience tingling as the warmth runs through their bodies. Visualize the moon and her rays reaching out and touching all that exists. Every tree branch, strand of hair on your head, every blade of grass, ripple of water and all creation are connected with their auras and the aura of the moon. Make sure you remember to include yourself, friends and family and on and on. As your fingers are tingling know they are releasing any negative thoughts, manifestations, creations and energies from your body and life. The aura and reflection of the moon through your pyramid are filling your spirit and rejuvenating it with the much needed love & gratitude towards all creation.

Below is a moon blessing I have written if you wish to say aloud to Luna. This blessing can be done 3 days prior, during and after a full moon. This will aid in your physical healing, emotional turmoil and creative thoughts for opening ones mind.

Blessed be, tis the moon I see.
Oh beautiful one, thank you for guiding me.
Raise my awareness and open my mind,
I am now ready to see the truly divine.
No limit does my heart follow,
no turning my back and seeing as hallow.
Oh bless me moon for I was once week.
Tis now the knowledge and truth that I seek.

To assist in raising your vibrational level to the maximum, after you have completed the above blessing, in your deepest and strongest tone perform the Ahhhhh sound out of your mouth. Make sure it is coming from deep within your stomach and not your throat. Repeat the Ahhhh-ing sound at least 6 to 12 times. Any other tones you feel inclined to do after this are coming from your inner vibrations and are part of the celestial voice. Allow the celestial voice to Om, ah, sing and do as it feels. If you get the urge to rock your body, dance or do any other wonderful and positive thing, by all means go for it. Don't limit yourself and enjoy the offerings of the universe.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Giving is a Gift

As the sacred sabot of Solstice approaches, I find myself in an overwhelming mood of giving. I like to 'give' more than receive when it comes to the holidays. My only regret is that we can not help out others less fortunate than us this year. Tom & I usually donate a couple of hundred dollars to families in need. We usually give other monetary gifts along with our gently loved clothing we no longer wear or have grown out of. This year we are unable to do for others as we had in the years past. This does sadden us, but it still doesn't stop us from giving. Though things are tight, we still have lots of nice and usable items for those in need of clothing, winter warmth and canned food. Destiny has a food drive currently going on in her school for local families in need of food. I'm currently working on filling a paper sack as full as I can (without causing us to go hungry) with nonperishable foods. I have extra cans of organic black beans, a few spare bags of pasta and a couple cans of diced tomatoes. Tonight when we go to the grocery store we will purchase one extra package of toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, an extra bar or two of soap, baby wipes and a few other misc. but much needed items. We will then send the entire bag with Destiny to her school. I like sending food but I can't tell you the amount of times I have heard someone say they needed kotex, dish soap or toilet paper more than anything. Those receiving financial assistance usually don't get anything besides food. Donating much needed hygiene and personal care items seemed like a good idea to us.

Last year by this time I had our entire families shopped for, wrapped and under the tree. This year everything is completely different, but not necessarily bad or negative. We haven't had the funds to purchase gifts as we had in the past. You could say everything is from the heart this year. I'm giving gifts of knowledge and food. :-)

After our trip to the Whole Foods Market tonight, I will begin working on making homemade breads, pretzels, old fashioned fudges and a few other goodies. One of my nephews favorites is the giant chocolate chip cookies I make. The boys are ages 3 to 7 and the 15 inch giant cookies are quite cool and awesome to them! I always make two giant cookies at one time. Here is one from the last batch I made:

I'm also giving the gift of knowledge this year. reading is such an important role in our daily lives and spirituality. Books are a perfect gift for almost anyone of any age. A few years back I was lucky enough to find a wonderful website with thousands of discounted books. This year I have purchased several books on sustainable living, survival, how-to, thankfulness and much more. I even found kid gardening books for my nephews! The boys seem to love to work and help out in our organic garden. One of my favorite summer memories is the boys picking peppers and snapping beans! I feel compelled to share this book website with all of you, even though I am of no affiliation. Their bargains are unbeatable! I spend almost $100 and have over 30 high quality and usable books that I know my friends & family will enjoy and benefit from. Had I spent retail or even sale prices on places like Dealmaker or Amazon, I would have spent over $380. WOW... now that's a savings! Besides, can we really put a price on knowledge? Not in my mind you can't. If you get the time and are a book lover, I believe you will highly enjoy www.BookCloseOuts.com The deals are spectacular and the selection almost seems never ending. I was fortunate enough to come across a couple of signed copies by the authors.

I do have other gifts that didn't start out as gifts. In the past we had purchased several household items to add a little beauty to the place and property. Know that we know we are going to be moving, we will not be using these new items. The great part is I am a bargain hunter a heart. I never and I do mean never pay retail for anything. I have a couple beautiful iron hanging baskets for on a porch that are still new with tags. originally they sold for $19.99 each but I bought them at $1.50 each! I also have a beautiful black iron plant or light hanging thing. Same deal, I paid maybe $1 for it and it was almost $20 originally. Only one family member has a porch that these will work on and they enjoy sitting on their porch in the summer evenings. These will make the perfect gift for them! We bought a new sink faucet as well. Originally it was almost $300, brushed nickel with all the expandable goodies. We have less than $20 in it so I am trying to think of someone that could use a new kitchen sink faucet. I also have a brass porch lamp that is stunning and still brand new in box. Again we have less than $20 in it and the retail was around $180. I'm hoping I can think of someone in the family that would really enjoy such a nice hanging porch lantern/light. We have other stuff we have used so it is gently loved. I haven't decided what I am doing with those things as of yet. One is a nice 10x10 metal framed canopy with a canvas roof. I used it the past two years in the summer for the produce stand outside. We lucked out a few years back and found one of those giant portable 8 foot umbrellas with the base that you can tilt. We paid around $45 for the entire thing that originally sold for over $250. These are the type of bargains I seem to find. I know my parents would love the umbrella on their patio and since we will be moving and no longer need or have room for it, I am thinking they would enjoy it.

The point of this post today was to show how much I love to give. Giving in its self is a gift. I do not care if I receive anything from anyone. That has never mattered. Honestly Tom & I haven't bought for each other in the past few years becasue of financial issues. This year will be no different and it doesn't matter one way or the other. We are thankful that we can still give in some shape, way or form. When it comes to our 'gifts' for each other, it has never been about money. We don't find happiness in the items we receive or don't receive from each other. It's no different than how I feel about romance. I find it romantic when Tom does the dishes, cleans the table off or does some other domestic chore. Our gifts to each other are simple but appreciated. When all else fails, we take our 'gift giving' with each other to the bedroom. You just can't go wrong with giving to your spouse in the bedroom! ;-)

Give this year without any expectations or hopes of receiving. Feel the the true gift... the gift of giving. Giving from the heart is always better than giving from a commercial shop.

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Geminids METEOR Showers in December

December 13th through the 14th is the Geminids Meteor Shower. Considered by many to be one of the best meteor showers in the heavens. The Geminids are known for producing up to 60 multicolored meteors per hour at their peak. The peak of the shower is on the morning of December 13th, though some meteors are visible from December 6th clear through the 19th. Unfortunately, this years full moon will block out all but the brightest of meteors. The radiant point for this shower will be in the constellation Gemini. Best viewing is usually to the east after midnight.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sacred Serpent Mound & Ancient Meteor Impact now connected with Stonehenge

Words could never really sum up my experiences at the very sacred sight called Serpent Mound. Serpent Mound is located in Southern Ohio. Most don't even know about this sacred sight connected with Stonehenge, the celestial sky and our ancient ancestors. I was fortunate enough to make a trip to Serpent Mound two years ago and after visiting I knew I had to come back. For Tom & I's 9th wedding anniversary, we chose to visit the great snake once more while taking my parents whom had never been there. From our house in central Ohio, it is about a 3 hour drive. Well worth the time as we avoided the highways and stuck with the scenic route. There is no other way to go if you ask me! I took many of my stones & crystals down for charging. While we ended our walk along the trail, I was gifted by the serpent with beautiful tree nuts (I have to remember what kind) to share and plant.

At our first visit I captured many great images on camera and have since sold them on my ArtWanted - Photography portfolio. I donate 20% of all sales and continue to raise awareness on this beautiful place that is also known as a meteor impact sight as well. One of the many wonders of Serpent Mound and mysteries in Ohio is the enigmatic connection to the hexagon cube of Pythagoras, the first Greek philosopher. The great serpent may be seen as extending into all three dimensions of the cube all with height, width and depth. This amazing serpent is also aligned with the constellation Draco. Both Serpent Mound and Stonehenge are directly under the Northern Star and center points for our world. When standing in the coiled tail at the true North-South Orientation, you'll find a compass useless as the magnetic fields from the true astronomical north will throw it off. Ross Hamilton, author of "The Great Serpent Mound Book of Wonders & Mysteries" sums it up best with all his facts, speculations and evidence. The seven coils, the spiral tail, the great oval and the small pyramid mound are all symbolic and brought purpose in ritual for medicine, healing and awakening.

The Adena people i.e. (they who require nothing) were giant like compared to us. Carbon dating and few remains show these people at an average height of 7 or more feet. Their skulls much larger than ours and slightly different in shape. I have seen documented skulls like this only once before in a book titled "the Mystery of the Crystal Skulls". The irony as I personally was associating ancient and sacred crystal skulls with serpent mound. After my last visit and talking with Author Ross Hamiltion, I believe the visions and dreams I have been having for the past two years are highly connected. Now believed that the small pyramid was used to place a large crystal to draw in energies and lift the veil between the worlds. Some call this the hunting ground and it has yet to be reopened. The theory is a large crystal is placed on the pyramid, however I firmly believe from my visions and dreams that this is not a crystal point that was used, but a crystal skull as a generator and conductor. When we visited the first time I told of how I felt and knew in my heart the great serpent was once covered with clay and had carving all around that represented different aspects of human and star life. I also told people I felt there was a large meteor hit the base millions of years go as the energy was so intense. I was thought crazy and it was shrugged off by many. Now, two years later, my visions have been affirmed. This is now known as one of the most significant meteor impacts on earth. Obviously why the mound was built... over 5,000+ years ago, possibly even 10,000, yes, I said 5,000+ years. Recent studies are showing concrete evidence that the mound is older than any humans could imagine. It has even been suggested that this is the Garden of Eve. Where the human race came to be from the ancestors that came from the stars. Call me crazy again if you want, but the facts are there so it doesn't much matter to me. Explains a lot!

Serpent Mound offers an exciting view during Summer and Winter Solstice. The mouth of the snake casts a shadow and appears to swallow the egg or sun at the one end. While the coiled, spiral tail at the other seems to slither and come undone. Each new moon phase and celestial event coincide in some manner with the great serpent. We went exactly 5 years to the date of a crop circle in the soy beans. Many scientists are still baffled by the crop circle as the burnt beans and magnetic fields were astonishing! So you see there is a large amount of activity at this sacred site. Each person experiencing it on their own level of awareness. I for one felt like if I went to into one of the cataclysmic caves under the serpent that I wold enter the hunting grounds and be fully awakened. I see much there to do with our past, current time and the near future. These places, sacred sites of energy and ancestors are being reawakened. Those who chose to listen to the ancestral voice must do so now. Soon I would like to meditate with my pencils and paper. Both visits when I close my eyes I see symbols and letters of a great story, healing abilities and much more engraved within the serpent. I hear drumming of a heart beat, beautiful music and chants from the caves.

The mind altering and spiritually opening conclusions from Serpent Mound are mysterious as they are intriguing. I have only given you a sliver of some of the information available from Ross Hamilton's book and my own personal experiences. I could and may wright my own book with my own experiences and scientific facts as Ross has. However, I would like to place all my visions, dreams and messages that I have received from this sacred place as the number one priority.

I have added the recent images from our trip last weekend. Please go to my MySpace Pics and click on "Serpent Mound" album. If you are interested in professional, high quality prints from my previous visit in 2006 (remember 20% of my sales goes towards the preservation fund of Serpent Mound) my Art Wanted Gallery for all sorts of Print Sizes: http://www.ArtWanted.com/Kandice - http://www.Artwanted.com/Kandice Click on Serpent Mound album there as well.

I highly urge you to visit to this mound or at least donate to the preservation of it. In recent years it has become eroded, invaded by moles, neglected do to little to no funding. Most people in the world, let alone Ohio its self have no clue this historic, sacred and beneficial place even exists. They flock to Stonehenge and other great sites and this one has been left forgotten by time and private owners in recent pasts. I personally am going to become more involved with the mound and preservation. My goal is to convince those who are high up to restore a clay like top and prevent any more erosion. I believe the cataclysmic caves should be explored by archaeologists with experience. I can't imagine the possibilities of exploring these caves to find a connection to one of the most sacred spots in human history.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please educate yourself some more with the information you have hear and the newest discoveries from Ross Hamilton and his wonderful book. Visit the sacred site for yourself and help preserve and renew our history.

Don't forget to visit my MySpace Photo Album for pictures of our family trip! And, visit my Photography Gallery from 2006 to purchase professional prints of this amazing place and Fort Hill! http://www.Artwanted.com/Kandice

**Some pics from our 2008 trip:

Tom walking along the coiled tail. This gives you a good perspective of the giant size

Me sitting on coiled tail steps that go to the center and Northern Ecliptic Pole

Stone wall/Meteor Impact Site under the Serpent

Here is a video I created for YouTube. This gives you a vast amount of information, details, history and pictures of course! Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful meditative music while you view this incredible sacred site!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekly LUNAR Reading & MAGICAL Attributes: Dec. 8th - 14th

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Todays Date: Monday, December 8th, 2008

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous : 79% of Full
(next Full Moon: December 12th)

Moon's Place Today: Aries

Lunar Reading:

A major change is beginning to form in your daily and spiritual life. You may not notice the small changes as of yet but by the middle or end of the week you will begin to see a large difference in your overall thoughts for life in general. You are a spiritually evolving soul. If you look back 10 years and view your thought process, concerns, religion, etc. You will find many differences with your current beliefs and lifestyle compared to then. Most of us find our new found enlightenment a gift and journey. However there are those that have fallen off their path and now struggle deciding what path to take. For those of you with this conflict, the universal energies are encouraging you to take a knife and create/cut your own path through the weeds. Find your own way that works best for you and feels true of heart. You will find comfort where it is needed.

Some work/relationship related issues may come into play this week. Your issues with authority will be put into light. You will be faced with two options. One is to leave the authority figure behind. This authority figure can be a boss, controlling lover or friend or even a situation. To leave it behind may include finding a new job, moving out of your current place or some other large adjustment and change to your daily lifestyle. Your second option will be to directly confront the aggressor/authority figure. Be warned as you may encounter a large amount of negative vibes when confronting such figure. However I do not discourage you from your goals. Your time to act with those in charge is now. There are those that if they don't act may be put in a situation of controlled prison, meaning that they feel they will never get out of the situation, job or relationship. This is your opportunity to make those much needed changes you have been craving and are entitled to. The universe doesn't want to see you unhappy, but only you have the choices and free will to make the changes needed.

Your emotional & spiritual rebirth is right around the corner. This week will pose some interesting new thought processes in your mind and heart. Your experiences this week can and may have a long term effect on your overall state of well being. Expect new ideas and creative thoughts to form. Act on all that you can but do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed in any one thing or a multitude of things or events.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

Full moon magic is in the cards this week. The full moon on December 12th is ready for our magical and light work. The three days leading to the full moon and the three days after are the most powerful times to do any magical and light work. There is an ancient blessing that I like to use when I do any form of light work. This sacred blessing/chant was used by our ancestors thousands of years ago when the moon was full.

Pray to the moon when she is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Anytime there is a full moon, I take at least a few minutes to go outside and acknowledge and thank the universe for the many gifts of abundance. During the winter months I make my time short but I dress warmly enough to be outside at east 10 to 20 minutes. This allows me enough time to honor the moon, say a blessing and do a meditation/cleansing in the full moon light and shadows. I visualize the past months worth of any negativity, simply vanishing or drifting away from my body. I replace it with the positive love and vibrations streaming down from the moons illuminated surface.

Most of us take advantage of a full moon to charge our crystals, stones and other instruments. We tend to forget we are the largest energy vessel of them all. Charging ones self is just as important, if not more so than charging our tools. If the handler of the tools is not in the proper frame of mind, the magical/light work was pointless. You must be fully cleansed and charged just like the devices used in your work.

Your Mission for this week:

I have a small and personal meditation for you that I have created to cleanse yourself spiritually and physically so you may project positive vibes out to others and the universe. This is simple and short and I honestly believe there is no excuse for not practicing self healing and love or transmitting it to others. Time is what you perceive it to be. Saying you don't have the 'time' says you are selfish and not only do you not love yourself enough, but you have lost your universal love and connection toward others. There are no excuses in the eyes and heart of the universe.

Rainbow Tree's Water Cleansing Meditation

What you will need:
Your naked body
a shower

Place yourself in a warm shower. You are to do a visualization while in the shower. Standing away from the water so your head is leaning back, let the water droplets fall upon you. Visualize each drop of water as illuminating light being absorbed into your body. Concentrate on each droplet of water being packed full of the words 'Love, Thank You, Gratitude & Healthy'. Each time a water droplet touches you the positive affirmations are released into your body. Allow the droplets to say the worlds 'Honesty', then 'Compassion'.

Know deep down in your inner core you, your physical and spiritual self is absorbing these positive affirmations. As each one touches you, see how the water from the ocean is flowing through the lakes, rivers and streams and into your home, pipes and down upon you from your shower faucet. Feel the connection of Mother Nature and her vast oceans being the water that is dropping upon you. You can not survive with out this water. You drink it, cook with it, bathe in it. You are made up mostly of water as is the Earth that we call mother. Feel your connection to her. Continue to absorb the positive vibrations the water is pouring over your entire body. Face the shower faucet where the water is spraying from. See the droplets and their reflections. Feel the comfort of the warmth throughout your body. Continue to picture these drops of water exploding on to your body with healing powers. The water is filling you with love and compassion for yourself and all life that is connected to you. Close your eyes and allow the water to cleanse your face and eye lids. It is washing away all your negative thoughts, physical ailments and illnesses. You will no longer allow negative thoughts, issues or concerns to consume you.

When you feel fully rejuvenated as though you are stress free and could take on the world... then your meditation is finished. Standing in the shower thinking of the stuff gone wrong will only allow you to absorb and continue to feed those thoughts. It is important to release what is no longer needed or wanted and allow new to develop. When you are finished, accept yourself by standing fully nude in the shower. You are beautiful both inside and out. The beauty others see doesn't come from your physical appearance, it comes from what you show them and how you truly are. Your beauty comes from your actions towards yourself and others. We've always had the choice to do what feels right in our heart or ignore and dismiss it. It is and always will be your choice and free will.

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

Have a wonderful & blessed week,
Rainbow Tree

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Witch’s MAGICAL Kitchen

Herbs are wonderful for magic - they can be burned or tied up in sachets or made into amulets to wear. There are many herbs that can be used for magical purposes; I've selected a few that could be found in an ordinary kitchen or can be easily found at a grocery store or nursery. As with all magic/light work, be pure of heart, give gratitude and thanks. Enjoy!

Anise = purification, protection, keeps away nightmares.

Basil = purification, protection, prosperity

Bay Leaves = Money, home protection.

Caraway Seed = Astral herb for Gemini, communication.

Chamomile = prosperity, meditation, calmness.

Cinnamon = psychic powers, protection, success, healing, quick action, prosperity.

Dill = seeds draw money and protection, the flowers are used for love.

Hazel = mental powers, hazelnuts are used in fertility amulets or spells.

Lavender = Love, romance, cleansing, add to pillows for vivid dreams.

Lemon Balm = health, success, love, cleansing.

Mug wort = divination, clairvoyance, psychic powers, protection, strongest when picked on a full moon night.

Nutmeg = clairvoyance, prosperity.

Parsley = purification, protection. Brew a tea for help with "Moon time" PMS.

Peppermint = healing, purification.

Rosemary = protects from negativity, blessing, consecration, aids memory, protection rituals of all kinds. Remembrance of the dead at Samhain.

Sage = Clearing, cleansing, healing, wisdom.

Thyme = burn for purification, protection from negativity, clairvoyance.

Yarrow = For a happy marriage, witches herb, defense, protection.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Beauty of Winter

Oh the beauty of winter. The snow will gleam with reflections of the sun. The shadows of the bare trees will dance across the white covered ground. The garden leftovers will bleed into the snow as they did the year before. It is this beautiful cycle of life & death that I am most attracted to.

The red Cardinal birds take their magical flight. I find their beauty such a comforting sight. They bring my eyes a much needed delight.

Winter is truly my favorite season of the year. The roads become less traveled as they are covered with snow and ice. Staying at home by the fire is what I find nice. At times I journey out to see what all the crackling noises are about. Most likely it's the weighing ice in the trees making them fragile and a little less stout.

The sacred apple trees no longer bare fruit for an afternoon treat. Instead they sit there, sleeping through the winter offering the birds a branch for a quick seat.

When the longest and coldest of Winter days are here, I journey outside to see the beauty of nature become fully alive and watch it as it allows winter to thrive. A quiet sit under the tree allows me thoughts of clarity.

Winter is drawing near. Before we know it the sky will offer a view so clear. We will see stars and planets adorn the earth. I will once again await the suns rebirth.

Images & poem copyrighted © Rainbow Tree ~ Kandice Thompson

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Allowing my Creativeness to Flow

I've found myself focusing on my creative qualities lately. I've been putting most of my energy into creating gifts for the upcoming holidays and handmade goodies for on my Etsy shop. This is allowing me to give little to no attention on the current negative aspects going on. When I say negative, I only mean some financial issues. Besides that, I have nothing else to complain over. I'm blessed to have my healthy family!

Last week I created several new Affirmation Ornaments for my Etsy shop and I continue to create more new ones this week. The ones that don't sell before Winter Solstice will most likely become gifts for family and friends or be donated to art auctions raising money for those in need.

These affirmation ornaments were created as a daily reminder for our soul. When I am inspired to create and paint I always place some relaxing music on. Usually it is monks chanting, soft soothing flows of Mother Nature's heart beat or something else along those lines. I close my eyes and allow my body to become a vessel of creation and imagination. It is love that inspires me and is reflected in the paintings on the ornaments.

The other day I was inspired to do a delicate yet simple look on one of the ornaments. I painted the heart an off white/cream color and then by hand (no stencil is ever used) I placed the two symbols for PEACE in black paint on the front of the ornament. I honestly have to say this is my all time favorite ornament I have created and I am tempted to keep it for myself if it doesn't sell.

I also wanted to try my hand and created a little more detail on a smaller ornament. Seeing as winter is one of my favorite holidays, I tend to love snowflakes too! I find it interesting that no two snowflakes created by Mother Earth are alike. Billions upon billions or more of snowflakes drop from the sky each winter and yet they are all different from one another. How beautiful is that when you give it some thought? This snowflake ornament was inspired by that very though. On the front of this white snowflake is a pink painted konji symbol for LOVE then the letters of the word are on each branching part of the snowflake. I then overlaid it in a shimmery pale silver for a subtle yet class and realistic shine.

I couldn't help but place this ornament on one of the holidays cards i had sent in previous years. It has always been one of my biggest dreams and goals in life to visit the giant Sequoia trees in northern California. The picture on the front of the card (printed with soy ink on recycled paper) is a man standing at the base of the sacred Sequoia trees. Wow! I wish I could be there with him to see such magnificent beauty!

I've found myself spending more time on the Etsy website. For those of you not familiar with Etsy, it is a community of people that share & sell their handmade goods. It's a wonderful website for the 'starving artist'. ;-) I've been on the site more than usual, adding new ornaments, posting my sales and promotions on the forums. I've made a couple sales in the past few days and I am very thankful for those! As of right now every extra dollar helps! We're a month away from foreclosure on our home unless we get enough to pay our property taxes. We are praying for the blessings of financial abundance this year. it doesn't have to be too big, just enough to keep our home for a little while longer. I guess that's why I've been spending so much time on Etsy. I figure if I could sell one item a day, even at $6 to $20, that'll help out dramatically. I'm trying my hardest to manifest some positive in every way imaginable. I find it comforting to write in this blog and share all my goodies, journeys, creative items and daily tasks with all of you. My husband and I live quite a distance from family and this makes me feel as though I have a universal family living right next door. So yeah, I take some much needed comfort in that. :-)

I am still offering some amazing deals on all the items at my Etsy shop if you are interested. Below is a small sample of some of the available items, but it doesn't show you all the 'really great' ones. If you are up to it, visit my Etsy shop and view all the Affirmation Ornaments that seem to be a hit this year.

Well folks, it's been a nice chit chat but I must now get back to my domestic goddess duties. The fire needs stoked back up as I am feeling a cold chill in the air, I must change laundry around and begin to figure out what it is I am fixing for dinner. I wish you all a blessed and wonderful day!

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Creating a Moon Garden

Some of us love to sit by or in a flower garden during the day. We watch the bees gather nectar, the butterflies swish around the petals and the sun shinning down creating a beautiful site. But what about a garden for the evening and night time? The nights are longer in the summer and often we find comfort in the evening breeze after the sun has gone down. As Winter approaches we'll have time to plan for next years gardens and outdoor landscaping. You may want to consider giving yourself a Moon Garden.

You can create an enchanting place to honor the moon, relax, meditate and possibly create an outside alter as well. There are many plants that bloom in the evening and provide relaxing fragrances to relax and calm us. Below is my idea for the moon garden we would like to build someday.

Pick an area where you can see the moon rise. Create a large enough sphere (circle) to sit in, place a bench inside or what ever else ales your personal needs. To create the 'perfect circle', use a stake in the ground with a string attached that is half of the approx. length you want your moon garden to be. Use landscaping chalk (can be purchased at any home & garden center) at the end of the string to mark your circle. You'll want to dig down approx. 2 to 4 inches to remove all top soil/grass. Gather medium to large stones to create a border. I suggest visiting farms and fields, creeks and rivers to find stones that are between the size of your head and hand. These are perfect size!Do not under any circumstances go out and buy your rocks from a commercial place. Thee manner they were taken from the earth is not proper. You must be the one to pick your stones and ask the earth for them. Make sure you give thanks when taking your stones home. You will also bring the residual energy from where the stone was before you took it. Stones that lay near water work well as the moon is highly connected to the rising tides. Under any circumstances should you use lava rocks!

My Moon Garden will be exactly 8 foot in circumference so I will need a 4 foot string( add a couple inches for tying a not around the center pole and chalk at the end). When you have your garden primed as it mentions above, decide what plants will work best for you. Here is a sample and some of the items I will include in mine and why:

Lavender: It's relaxing, can be harvested and used in so many ways, smells wonderful and has hundreds of benefits.
Lambs Ear: The beautiful and soft leaves shine like silver in the reflection of the moon.
Four O'clocks: a brilliant and bold collection of colors that only bloom in the later evening hours
Citronella: Bright green leafy plant that stays that way till frost. A natural bug repellent with a citrus scent. Water to allow fragrance to achieve highest ability when sitting outside to avoid unwanted bugs.
Trees: Trees come back every year and wouldn't it be perfect for a small tree to be in the center. You'll want want that offers little shade and doesn't get very big so your flowers still receive ample sun light.
Moonflower (of course!) - Related to morning glory, this annual may climb to 10 feet. Tightly closed by day, its white flowers unfurl at dusk to release a lemony aroma.
And many many more! You get the idea of the style of plants you'll want to use.

Make sure you have a nice seating are in or right beside the garden. Keep in mind the moon rises in the East and sets in the West. Have your seating are facing the East. Same goes for any alters you may create in the center. I highly encourage you to have an area where you can place candles as this will add to the overall moon experience.

There you have it, it's pretty simple. I didn't mention things like adding extra top soil or where to place your plants. This is stuff you should be able to figure out yourself. As with all things please keep your garden organic and free of any pesticides or harmful chemicals. Buy heirloom plant if possible to ensure the proper nutrition of any creatures that need or use the benefits of the plant.

Good luck with your Moon Garden! Send or post some pictures of your project or share your ideas about the Moon Garden you wish to create!

Rainbow Tree