Monday, December 1, 2008

Being Crafty

I love to create! I love to create almost anything that will allow me to create it. ;-) Most of you know I am an internationally & nationally nominated freelance photographer... but did you also know I love to paint, draw and create other unique things too?

For the holidays this year, we are trying to be as frugal as humanly possible. If I can't make it myself or purchase it secondhand, local or handmade, then I am not going to buy it at all. I like to support local Ma & Pa style places and handmade items as each one is always unique and I am supporting an individual verses a greedy, capitalistic business.

Yesterday I spent the evening and afternoon painting some more affirmation ornaments. I had several already done and placed on my Etsy shop, but after selling several of the little hand painted ornaments last year, I felt the need to create more!

This one is painted in pink (all freehand) and has a purple konji symbol for LOVE on the front. I then glazed the positive affirmation ornament in a glitter coating to give it a beautiful shine and look. This one measures 2.5 inches in length.

I also created one with a very rustic/antique look to it. I combined silver and cooper and spent a couple hours coating and recoating and rubbing till it had that perfect lost treasure look to it. When my daughter saw it sitting on the table last night she was in awe. She said she thought it was some old family heirloom that I had just got out of the attic. She said it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen and she wanted it for herself. But, she has no where to put it and that is not why I crated the. ;-) I hand painted this one to have the konji symbol for winter in the center of the heart. The colors give is such an earthy, natural look. I too love it and wish the photograph showed its 'in person' quality.

I'm still working on several other hand painted Affirmation ornaments. I just finished a couple of snowflakes and continue to work on other LOVE ones that are good for the body, mind & soul.

Here is one of many of my other LOVE Affirmation Ornaments that I previously did. I wish I still had pics of some of the ornaments I sold last year!

While I am thinking of it, don't forget that I am offering 50% to 90% off all my Original Artwork, Framed Photography Prints & Affirmation Ornaments on my Etsy shop!

Wishing you a Happy Cyber Monday and a wonderful week ahead! Use conscious thinking in all you do, do NO harm and love each living ting as your universal brother & sister!

Rainbow Tree

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