Thursday, December 4, 2008

Allowing my Creativeness to Flow

I've found myself focusing on my creative qualities lately. I've been putting most of my energy into creating gifts for the upcoming holidays and handmade goodies for on my Etsy shop. This is allowing me to give little to no attention on the current negative aspects going on. When I say negative, I only mean some financial issues. Besides that, I have nothing else to complain over. I'm blessed to have my healthy family!

Last week I created several new Affirmation Ornaments for my Etsy shop and I continue to create more new ones this week. The ones that don't sell before Winter Solstice will most likely become gifts for family and friends or be donated to art auctions raising money for those in need.

These affirmation ornaments were created as a daily reminder for our soul. When I am inspired to create and paint I always place some relaxing music on. Usually it is monks chanting, soft soothing flows of Mother Nature's heart beat or something else along those lines. I close my eyes and allow my body to become a vessel of creation and imagination. It is love that inspires me and is reflected in the paintings on the ornaments.

The other day I was inspired to do a delicate yet simple look on one of the ornaments. I painted the heart an off white/cream color and then by hand (no stencil is ever used) I placed the two symbols for PEACE in black paint on the front of the ornament. I honestly have to say this is my all time favorite ornament I have created and I am tempted to keep it for myself if it doesn't sell.

I also wanted to try my hand and created a little more detail on a smaller ornament. Seeing as winter is one of my favorite holidays, I tend to love snowflakes too! I find it interesting that no two snowflakes created by Mother Earth are alike. Billions upon billions or more of snowflakes drop from the sky each winter and yet they are all different from one another. How beautiful is that when you give it some thought? This snowflake ornament was inspired by that very though. On the front of this white snowflake is a pink painted konji symbol for LOVE then the letters of the word are on each branching part of the snowflake. I then overlaid it in a shimmery pale silver for a subtle yet class and realistic shine.

I couldn't help but place this ornament on one of the holidays cards i had sent in previous years. It has always been one of my biggest dreams and goals in life to visit the giant Sequoia trees in northern California. The picture on the front of the card (printed with soy ink on recycled paper) is a man standing at the base of the sacred Sequoia trees. Wow! I wish I could be there with him to see such magnificent beauty!

I've found myself spending more time on the Etsy website. For those of you not familiar with Etsy, it is a community of people that share & sell their handmade goods. It's a wonderful website for the 'starving artist'. ;-) I've been on the site more than usual, adding new ornaments, posting my sales and promotions on the forums. I've made a couple sales in the past few days and I am very thankful for those! As of right now every extra dollar helps! We're a month away from foreclosure on our home unless we get enough to pay our property taxes. We are praying for the blessings of financial abundance this year. it doesn't have to be too big, just enough to keep our home for a little while longer. I guess that's why I've been spending so much time on Etsy. I figure if I could sell one item a day, even at $6 to $20, that'll help out dramatically. I'm trying my hardest to manifest some positive in every way imaginable. I find it comforting to write in this blog and share all my goodies, journeys, creative items and daily tasks with all of you. My husband and I live quite a distance from family and this makes me feel as though I have a universal family living right next door. So yeah, I take some much needed comfort in that. :-)

I am still offering some amazing deals on all the items at my Etsy shop if you are interested. Below is a small sample of some of the available items, but it doesn't show you all the 'really great' ones. If you are up to it, visit my Etsy shop and view all the Affirmation Ornaments that seem to be a hit this year.

Well folks, it's been a nice chit chat but I must now get back to my domestic goddess duties. The fire needs stoked back up as I am feeling a cold chill in the air, I must change laundry around and begin to figure out what it is I am fixing for dinner. I wish you all a blessed and wonderful day!

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