Friday, June 25, 2010

The Gathering Time

In what appears to be a world gone mad, we begin the gathering.  A conscious global gathering of mind & soul.  A time to heal humanity and our great mother.  The time has come to gather in the masses and set aside politics, religion and greed. 

Tomorrow will not exist if we destroy it today.  There is hope for a free world.  Free of toxins and dis-ease, free of greed and manipulation, free of politics and propaganda.  In the free world there is an understood and respectful connection to all life and creation. 

The power of the masses that bring a message of universal love and kindness has been felt once before.  They changed history, ended one of the biggest wars and shared their love for humanity and all creation.  Some called it a movement, some say a lost era.  While many feared these free spirits and so called 'radical thinkers', others joined the path of coexisting in peace.

Gather where your heart takes you.  For some this may simply be your own home where you can meditate, relax and be comfortable.  For others this may be the calling to pack your bags and follow your heart to walk your life path.  Let it lead you to where you are supposed to be, but without any expectations.  Simply allow yourself to go where your instinct or heart wants you to follow.  Be open to all possibilities. Many of you will find yourselves ending up among nature, wanting to embrace her beauty and keep it sacred and free of harm.

Consider participating or creating local healing/prayer and energy raising meditations that are free of charge.  Passing a 'magic hat' around for small donations to cover your expense is acceptable.  Please do not charge folks to join a group meditation or healing ritual, as this defeats the energy flow and places the focus back to greed.  Keep it free so you don't limit the possibilities of more folks who want to join in with their prayers, reiki and energy raising abilities. 

When you gather in person, be considerate of all.  Refrain from wearing perfumes or the use fabric softeners.  They are not healthy for you, the earth or anyone breathing them, especially those with asthma and chemical sensitivities.  Coexist with everyone, regardless of race, religion or sexual preference.  We are all children of this universe.  We breath the same air, drink the same water and bleed the same color of blood.  We are family, all of us are brothers and sisters born on Mother Earth. 

We are stardust, waiting to come together and unite to create a voice of one.  So now we gather in honor of love, hope and kindness.  Be humble to those you meet along the way for they may provide your next meal or a hot shower.  Give when you can and only take what you need.  Have gratitude.

Your gathering should be positive and not focused on negative aspects.  Most of us are fully aware of the oil spill in the Gulf, the Volcano in Iceland, Riots in Brazil, the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan and the many issues with border control and domination around the world.  Let us not focus in the depths of the dark, but surround it with love and light.  Use the law of attraction to manifest a bright, beautiful and healthy planet for all creatures to coexist.  Use the power of prayer and give thanks and bless the oceans and streams to be clean.  Allow the Reiki to flow through your body and heal the air, river and ground. 

Attend or hold your own drum circle and pound to the universal heart beat.  Let your body move to the wind and sounds of the drums and bells.  Dance freely so your spirit can raise your energy higher and higher.  Honor the elements and give thanks to the sky, the sun and moon.  Thank the trees for providing clean air and bless your meal for allowing you not to not go hungry.

Gather where your heart desires.  Be open to those around you and ask for their time to meditate of participate in a global healing ceremony.  Be kind to the environment on the way.  Use only renewable materials when gathering.  Please refrain from using styrofoam, plastics or other non-biodegradable materials.  Use only recyclable or recycled items or use regular dishes that you can wash after your gathering is held.  Don't hesitate to ask attendees to bring a covered dish or food item if they can.  This may not be applicable in all situations. 

I am currently working on writing a few meditations/visualizations that can be done when gathering.  These will be added within the next couple of days or sooner.  In the mean time, connect with the elements and Earth.  Be an empathic and feel her pain, then you will feel the obligation as caretakers of this amazing planet to tend to her needs.
  Search my archives for several meditations that I have already written for energy raising and self healing.  You can apply many of the same techniques or adapt your own.