Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Past Couple of Weeks: Moving, Selling, Packing and so it goes

part of our backyard

Such a busy couple of weeks it has been! We are recuperating from our large moving sale we had on the 17th and 18th. Tom and I spent several days preparing for the sale and packing as we approach the big move up north with family. Since my dad passed so unexpectedly, we are needed with my mom. Plus, we are in a bind ourselves with the housing market and Tom being off of work. I guess it is going how it is supposed to in the grand scheme of things. We look for this move to be temporary. Eventually I would still like to end up in a nice camper or yurt out in the middle of the woods. Who knows, someday maybe Tom & I can build a rustic cabin on a chunk of land somewhere.

The moving sale went fairly well. We sold approx. half of what we had available. The biggest items are the ones that we had high hopes for but as of yet have not sold. Keeping my fingers crossed on the car though! Asking almost a thousand below book value. Tom, being the automotive artist that he is ( ) placed a beautiful set of painted metallic blue tribal stripes/graphics on the car. His trade is custom painting and I love these graphics he painted on. With graduation time coming we hope some parent will buy the car for their kid. All we are asking is our payoff, so we hope for the best! Same goes for the snowmobile. We already knocked an extra $500 off of it, but there is no snow on the ground and it is considered the wrong time of year to be selling such things. The items we did manage to sell we were extremely thankful for. It provided us with enough cash to make a car and truck payment. No house payment can be made. but we have electric and vehicles for another month. :-) Better than nothing right? I also managed to buy a weeks worth of groceries from the sale. Lucky for us I am a survivor and have been stock piling canned foods for some time.

04 Pontiac Grand Am GT with Custom Tribal Graphics

I saw the funniest thing when we had the moving sale. I tried my hardest to capture a shot but just couldn't get outside fast enough. Where we live their isn't many Amish. Tom and I grew up in Ashland, OH and were used to seeing the buggies everywhere, but here we never see a one. The sale didn't start till noon on Friday but at 7:30 am our driveway was full. Upon wakening and getting out of bed, I heard the clippity clop of horseshoes on the quiet country road. I looked out my window and saw the most unusual thing.... Buggy Surfing! Have you ever seen kids car surf on the roof or windshield, they hand on while resting on their stomach? Well, I saw just the thing only the young Amish gentleman was riding the roof of the buggy. There were blankets on the top and he was hanging on to the rim up front while he laid on his stomach. I laughed so hard and when one of the neighbors that were down comment on seeing it too, I told her that was called Buggy Surfing and she about peed her pants from laughing.

Amish buggy parked out front at our moving sale, blankets on the roof where he was buggy surfing!

A couple days before the sale my family (hubby & daughter) requested I make a homemade pizza pie. When I cook, most of the time it is entirely from scratch. My pizzas are always this way, including my homemade sauce! For once I actually documented with pictures how I do it. I figure later this week or next I will post a detailed blog with my personal recipes. :-)

the final results from my homemade pizza pie before we sliced it open

I've been trying to keep up with just about everything. It hasn't been easy mind you. The weekly Lunar Readings & Magical Attributes are a little lagging in their date. Though they are usually still weekly. The Oracle Messages from the Fairies come when the fairies have a message. Most times this is weekly but not always. Sometimes the fairies only have a message once or twice a month that I am supposed to share. The fairies aren't too happy that we are laving this ground. They fear someone not as environmentally friendly may reside here in the future. They cry about the heirloom concord grapes, 150+ year old Mulberry tree and cherry bushes and the stream that runs the length of the property. They will miss the organic goodies left in the garden for them and the sweet milk and honey biscuits I set out in the summer evenings so they may enjoy a sweet treat. I've asked several of them to join us on our move and a few have agreed. Many of them can not leave this property for they are the original care takers of the plentiful fruits. I must respect that balance they have found and abide by their terms of doing no harm if I am to receive their gifts of knowledge and company on this journey.

Real fire fairy (my image) from our property

A week or two ago I received a message from the fairies about bad habits. I took it upon myself to finally after 18 years of tobacco smoking to quit once and for all! For years now I had commit to only smoking the certified organic tobacco rolled in flax seed papers. I figured if I must smoke at least do it without the pesticides and chemicals. I honestly hadn't counted the years I had smoked till it was time I decided once and for all to give it up. I didn't like the feeling of control it had placed upon me. I also couldn't afford to physically buy the tobacco any longer so it made the perfect time. Today is officially my 16th day of being tobacco free! I haven't eaten my young like an animal in the wild or killed anyone so I wold say I am doing pretty well with it. My nic fits only come about 3 times a day now and can be subsided with a cup of coffee or some intense gum chewing. I am very proud of myself for this commitment and life changing event. I can already see and feel some physical and emotional improvements on my life and health in general. I'll give myself a big old pat on the back. LOL No one has really said congrats to me. I think most of them feel I am probably sneaking or that I'll go back to it soon, but I can swear on my life no tobacco in 16 days! I have no plans, desire or anything to start up again. Sure it is hard at times when one of those fits kicks in. They do subside and grow shorter each time. :-) I can now look at someone else smoking and not cringe that I don't have one in my hand as well. This is a beautiful sign and the beginning to something wonderful! I'll have to get a picture of the 'tobacco free' me. ;-)

The newest news is I am currently revamping the Giving Earth website. Since we are leaving our farm behind, there is much need to change the website around. I am giving the site a totally different feel! I believe you will all love it! If you get a chance, check out my website: Major changes, new sections and so much more! :-D I lovies it!

There you have it. I think I have pretty much updated all that I can at this time. Our Earth Day was actually spent indoors because of the weather. However, those that know us know that Earth Day is literally everyday for us! I miss my gardens like crazy! With the move and relocation/circumstances, I have no organic garden or baby seedlings to love on yet. I miss bare feet in the mud!

Despite the hard things and missing my dad, all is okay. We are alive and keeping as positive of views as humanly possible. I'm trying my hardest to expect the best even under these crazy circumstances and loss of almost everything. Tom is manifesting his dreams and I am more than happy to project my thoughts there with him. What ever it takes. ;-)

We met some great people at our sale. Some of them lived close by. I regret not knowing these people earlier and involving them in our social network. Everything for a reason though so maybe something else is to come..... Something grand!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Abundant Garden Blessing & Ritual

our garden last year

Time to plan or create your Garden, Moon Garden or seedlings! If gardening is your thing then chances are you have already started your seedlings or have plans on purchasing them soon. Either way now is a fantastic time to charge and bless your water and provide them with affirmations. If you don't have any form of a garden, you can apply this Abundant Garden Blessing & Ritual to any plants indoor or out that you water.

Rainbow Tree's
Abundant Garden Blessing & Ritual
Using 'charged' or 'blessed' water is quite simple. Many of us magic doers have a collection of crystals and tumbled stones. Make sure you use only those that are charged in a full moon. You can use the water directly or if it has set for a long amount of time you can dilute it.
  • Gather a pointed quartz crystal, as clear as you can find and a pointed rose quartz. Make sure the crystals are clean of any dirt or dust before you place them in your jar. Fill a clear gallon jar (preferably glass) almost full of water. The water should either be from a spring or ran through some form of reverse osmosis. No tap or city water containing fluoride or chlorine should be used.
  • Take a blank sheet of paper and use crayons with the colors of green, blue, yellow and red. Fold and tare the paper into 8 pieces, do not cut with scissors.
  • Write each of the following affirmations on one of the pieces of paper. Be decorative if you want and add vines, flowers, symbols and shapes. Affirmations to use: Love, Grow, Thank You, Abundance, Healthy, Plentiful, Gratitude, Nourished.
  • Take a piece of clear tape and stick the affirmations around the jar so that they face the water and crystals inside.
  • Place jar in a cool, dark and quiet area. A basement, back of the refrigerator or kitchen pantry work well.
  • Allow the jar to remain in its location for a minimum of 48 hours. It can stay there for several months or until needed. For every week your water sets you can dilute it buy 1 part. Example: 1 part charged water and one part regular water. If the water has sat for 10 weeks then use 1 part charged water to 10 parts regular water. This is the ideal use for larger gardens or greenhouses.
Note: The above ritual can be used for a Dietary Supplement as well. Follow the same process but change the affirmations to your situation. For heath issues use the following 8 affirmations: Love, Thank You, Healthy, Relief, Gratitude, Longevity, Strength & Renewal. Drink up to 1 oz per day.

Weekly Lunar Reading & Magical Attributes: April 21st - 27th

Moon Phase:
Waning Crescent - 18% of Full (fourth quarter)
New Moon on Friday, April 24th at 11:22 pm

Moon's Place
(moon enters Aries on Wednesday, April 22nd)

Lunar Reading:

There is a good chance your emotions have been running high. You may personally feel like a vehicle running on or close to empty. You can't keep going like this or putting your physical and emotional self through the unneeded negativity and turmoil. The time we have in our physical shell is extremely limited in the grand scheme of the universe. We are only here physically for a blink of an eye. Like a shooting star in the night sky we too will soon leave our familiar area to morph into something different.

The time for renewal of thoughts, lifestyles and your spiritual state of being is now. You are urged to let go of the barriers that you or others have manifested. You can not fight nor change the universal flow of things. There is a certain balance that must be obtained and currently in your life you have fought against this natural flow. This is likely the cause of your dismay, emotional and physical stress or illness. The balance needs to be fully restored within your life and all aspects of it.

With the new moon approaching, now is the perfect time for any form of cleaning and renewal meditations. Check out my Cleansing of the Soul & Spirit Meditation and Ritual and my Cleansing Bath Meditation and Blessing for more ways to cleanse your aura and state of being.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

Let your creative thoughts manifest one of your desires or dreams. Take on a new activity such as playing with clay, painting on canvas or even gardening, watching the clouds in the grass, hiking or something that relaxes your mind and lets your imagination flow freely.

Pay homage to the new moon this week. Lest we forget the vital role the lunar phases have upon earth and its inhabitants. Without the sun and moon we as humans would cease to exist. Let us be thankful for these gifts of abundance and beauty.

New Moon Blessing from Rev. Rainbow Tree
Pray to the moon when when only her aura is seen.
Though I can not see her body I know she still gleams.
Her beauty though shadowed is still bright.
She brings me renewal with this sacred light.
New energy and light for tomorrow.
I will be released of any remaining sorrow.
Pray to the moon when only her aura is seen.
Only a sliver of her beauty and powers do gleam.
I thank the moon and the moon thanks me.
I connect with all that is, even the lone standing tree.
It is time for Luna to set my spirit free.
Tomorrow I will begin a new way to see.
So mote it be.

Your Mission for this week:

Sew new seeds of love, learning, life and new beginnings. Your mission is to plant some form of life this week in honor of Earth Day.

There are many on this planet who choose to make Earth Day an everyday event. These are many of the new rainbow warriors for tomorrow. We should heed their cause, follow a path of love, life and beauty. Move forward by doing no harm in all that we do.

Dear Friends,

Plant Love & Grow Peace. Know that you are the answer we have been seeking in our prayers and thoughts. Love all creation; furry, four legged and feathered, green and shaded, tall and stout and even those hard to see. They are your universal family, sisters and brothers. All of us living together on one planet we call our Mother Earth.

I wish for you a wonderful Earth Day. May this day remind you of the abundance that has been bestowed upon us. We are the caregivers of our mother and universal family members. Let us make everyday a conscious one.


Kandice Thompson
Spiritual Healer, Reverend & High Priestess

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oracle Message from the Fairy Realm 4/14/09

Title: Mystic World ~ Image copyright © Rainbow Tree (aka Kandice Thompson)

From time to time the Fairy folk feel a need to speak a message for those that want to listen. Each week, sometimes less or as requested from the magical realms, I do an Oracle Reading with the Fairies to ask their guidance and opinions on life in general. I do this for myself and anyone else who wants to listen or read. Their messages is alway resonated with many around the globe.

The message received this week is: "Magic of Nature".

Many times when you feel down, depressed or drained of energy without knowing why, it is becasue you are disconnected from Mother Earth. When we don't connect with Mother Earth on a regular basis she too feels distraught. Nature has an abundance of gifts. Many of us see them as flowers, birds, trees and so on. Mother Nature also offers us her gifts of imagination, healing energy, valuable and insightful information and ideas.

The fairies urge you to spend a minimum of 5 minutes a day outside with Nature. Walk among the beauty bestowed in front of you and she'll plant ideas and information into your thoughts, like new saplings from a tree. Connect to the cool sod or sand with your bare feet. Close your eyes, breath deeply and visualize your feet becoming roots of a tree. You are burying them firmly and deep into the earth below. Reach your arms to the sky and see them as branches extended and growing with the magnificent rays from the sun. You are surrounded by the magical energy of Nature and the Fairies. Mentally or aloud ask the fairies to help you with any issues you are facing. Slowly open your eyes and look for tiny specs of flickering of fluttering light. This is the first sign the fairies are surrounding you and listening to your projected thoughts.

The fairies feel you should write or verbally aloud repeat the following affirmation daily:
I feel energized, refreshed and loved when I am outside in nature. I love taking care of every living creature, including myself.

Weekly Lunar Reading & Magical Attributes: April 14th - 20th

Moon Phase:
Waning Gibbous - 76% of Full (third quarter)

Moon's Place
(moon enters capricorn on Wednesday, April 15th)

Lunar Reading:

Old habits are hard to break but we all have at least one or two of them. The time has come to give up one of your bad habits that causes pain, physical harm or emotional boundaries. We're not talking a new years resolution like losing weight or seeking a new carrier. Sometimes we tend to put others down to boost our own self esteem or we give dominion over those creatures less capable or willing as we are. Maybe you pick at your skin to much or practice some form of self mutilation either physically or emotionally. Is it possible you are being to hard on a family member or child? Do you litter or practice no or little recycling skills? Spending to much time in front of the television or not having a night where family gathers together are bad habits as well. It's time to break one or more of these. It may be something small from nagging the husband on his procrastinating or it may be something large that you have battled with for years. Either way, your spiritual guides/angels and ancestors are urging you to make this change. They are here with you, beside you at all times and ready to support your commitment and decision.

As you begin to let go of your bad habits, start something new or achieve one of your life desires. In many ways you are the creator of your own destiny. You have the choice to live your life as you see fit and not by the means or causes of anyone else. Your guides urge you to do no harm to nature and all creation as you begin your new journeys.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

Mot likely your ambition has been lagging. If you haven't recharged your most important light working tool (that being you) then you must do so before nay magical or light working can be done. Anytime you do any form of magical/light work all your energy is sent and felt by the universal energy. Don't feed those lingering or residual thoughts and energy. This needs to be cleansed away! I can't emphasize enough the importance of this, thus is why I wrote so much about it n last weeks lunar reading. Please heed this advice and cleanse your aura, home and spiritual self.

Your Mission for this week:

Continue with last weeks mission and honor the upcoming Earth Day. To my family, Earth Day is literally everyday. There is not a day that goes by that almost all if not all of our actions are based upon what is best for the planet and humanity as a whole and what literally does 'no harm'. When we use conscious thinking with all that we do, we tend to automatically begin doing no harm as our consciousness picks up on all the universal vibrations. Use your conscious this week and always. Give thought to all the things you do, even the ones considered small or those that you would think 'don't really matter'. It all matters. Everything you do, even on a microscopic level has a ripple effect.

Want to know more of how I feel on Conscious Thinking? See my YouTube video:
Conscious Thinking = Do No Harm: E=MC2 ~ We are All Energy

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekly LUNAR Reading & MAGICAL Attributes: April 7th - 13th, 2009

Todays Date
Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Moon Phase: Waxing - 96% of Full (second quarter)
Full Moon on Thursday, April 9th

Moon's Place Today
(moon enters Scorpio on Friday, April 10th)

Lunar Reading:

Decision making is not in your forecast this week. No life altering changes or decisions should be made for the next few days. Currently the moon is in Libra (enters @ 11:22pm EST on April 7th). During this time you are discouraged from making any major changes. If you have been contemplating something, hold off for a few more days. Something may come up that is better or more suited to your personal and spiritual needs.

Take a break for the next couple of days. Let your creative thoughts flow and begin some form of creative craft work. This could be working in your garden, planning for your garden, painting, playing with clay, drawing or some other form of artistic practice. Let everything else go, just for a few days. If you don't take this much needed time for yourself and your overwhelmed mind and body, you'll regret it later when you don't have the chance.

Treat yourself today or tomorrow with a nice hot shower and a rejuvenating walk or drive in nature. If the weather is still cold then jump in the car with a map and follow your gut and allow it to lead you somewhere beautiful.

The world doesn't revolve entirely around you, so why should you take on all of her problems. The world and society wont collapse if you take a few days off from the rest of it. Enjoy your time, pamper yourself and ease your mind. Give no or little thought to what seems to be overwhelming you right now. For a day or two replace those thoughts with actions of creativeness, meditation and self love.

If the weather permits, go outside and view the full moon. Say an ancient blessing or chant. Recharge your inner core and know you are part of this magnificent place of being.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

The full moon of April, also knows as the Pink Moon, Rain Moon and the Wind Moon. Time to recharge your magical and light working devices, including yourself! Many times we that we are the most vital vibrational tool of all. Don't forget to check my archives from past Full Moon blessings & meditations.

On Saturday, after the moon has entered Scorpio you should give much thought to planting in the outdoors. With Earth Day around the corner, consider planting a tree in honor of all that is good. Plan a celebration or gathering with family & friends and make a ritual out of it. Gather in a circle around the tree and sing, chant, raise energy and above all else, give love and thanks to the tree, soil, sun and earth.

If you have any broken crystals or stones laying around your house that you no longer use, bury them in your garden or around your tree. My family and I have made it a custom each year to bury at least one crystal along side or in our garden. We visualize the crystal in the cool damp earth sending waves of energy and affirmations to the seedlings and plants.

Your Mission for this week:

With Earth Day around the corner, do something for Momma Earth. She provides us with all the elements we need to survive and we take away from her everyday. But how often do you give back? Take this week or a day or two and do something to benefit the original mother of us all. Take a garbage bag and walk along your road to pick up any trash. Plant a tree as I mentioned above in the Magical & Light working section. Plant perennials verses annuls to ensure they come back year after year. Purchase or make a bat or bird house with your friends or family.

Now is the perfect time of year to start a compost pile or bin. You can purchase several types of composting bibs online or simply create your own in a barrel or a pile. Make sure every other day or everyday you turn your pile to allow new air flow. Take all your left over food, meat excluded, tree and year scraps, leafs, egg shells, etc and place in your composting pile. In as little as a couple of weeks you'll have fresh soil packed full of nutrients to use on your garden or flowerbeds.

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

Full Moon Blessings

A small collection of some of the best Full Moon Blessings. The next Full Moon is is April 9th, 2009. These blessings are perfect when preformed 3 days prior, during or 3 days after a full moon. Please view my archives or search my blog for Full Moon Meditations & Rituals.

Reverend Rainbow Tree's Full Moon Blessing #1

Bless the sacred moon I see.
Tis a new era from the earth, sky and sea.
I raise my arms to the possibilities. Allow every human form to see all realities.
Open hearts and minds for a universal healing.
Awaken those who ignore the feeling.
Bless the sacred moon I see as she is part of me.
I thank the sacred directions that surround me. I draw your energy to me so I may help others to see.
Let your moonlight shine a path.
Cleanse all life in one universal bath.

Bless this sacred moon I see. So mote it be.

Reverend Rainbow Tree's Full Moon Blessing #2

Blessed be, tis the moon I see. Oh beautiful one, thank you for guiding me. Raise my awareness and open my mind, I am now ready to see the truly divine. No limit does my heart follow, no turning my back and seeing as hallow. Oh bless me moon for I was once week. Tis now the knowledge and truth that I seek.

This sacred blessing/chant was used by our ancestors thousands of years ago when the moon was full.

Pray to the moon when she is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Making New Memories & Cleansing my Aura

(river in Delaware, OH)

I started off not wanting to celebrate my birthday this year. It just wasn't the same without both parents and I hated the thought of my dad not wishing me a happy day as he would always do. I would have been more than happy to just let the day pass without any thought.

I've kind of been in a funk the past couple of weeks. Feeling overwhelmed with all the upcoming changes and financial woes and still dealing with the very unexpected passing of my dad . Toms unemployment has yet to come and we have been on zero income since the middle of February. Everything is behind from credit cards, house payment to car payments and the bank account is low enough where I get concerned of any little expense or the thought of it having a balance of $0. For the first time ever Tom & I will have to consider some form of government assistance. It's been a little hard to know that we have to walk away from our home, property and many of the animals we have been fostering. Earlier this week I had to put two of the kitties down because there are lack of available homes for them. It was a sad day and I miss the two dearly. There are several other kitties that still need forever loving homes and my heart can't bare to put anymore of them down.

With all of this and getting ready to have a large moving sale, I just wasn't sure if I wanted to even think about my birthday. Turns out I didn't have a choice and the day before was quite a delight.

I told Tom there was no need for a gift or a card. It wasn't in our budget! I had been needing to get out of the house, but am limited with my chemical sensitivities on where I can go and what I can do. My favorite place to be is simply out in nature. I love being in nature more than anywhere else in the world! Yesterday the weather was near 70 and sunny. Today it was supposed to rain, be windy and cool. We decided to go to Delaware dam yesterday, but on the way there I got distracted. I wanted to follow my gut so we turned on an unfamiliar country road. We ended up traveling about 5 mph on an old dirt road and came across many nature preserves for viewing wildlife. I doubt many people know of these secluded areas in Delaware county. The drive was stunning and when we came to a stop sign I would ask my gut what direction or road we should take. We almost turned around once as we thought we were going to dead end or run out of road. To our surprise we came across an area where the banks of the river were exposed for several feet. This wasn't the normal for the area and the water has never receded to this extent. The unearthed beach/river banks were covered with shells, fossils, ohio flint and so many other magical elements!

(exposed river bank where we were walking)

We spent the day walking along this exposed river bank, searching the rocks and finding all sorts of nifty treasures. Everything was so surreal. There were waves crashing against the rocks and banks, birds swooping down and eating the exposed muscles and fresh water oysters, exposed rocks that were normally under the river with gorges and holes throughout them were a common sight. It was stunning!

(gorged rock sitting close to the waters edge)

I found myself feeling energized and cleansed by the elements of sun, water and sand. I touched and ran my hands across the large exposed rocks. I mushed the yellow clay that was in the shallow waves through my fingers to feel the cool moistness and organic energy it offered. I stood on the sand and allowed the wind to carry away my burdens, fear and negative emotions.

(sitting on a rock in the exposed river bank where we were walking)

I made new memories yesterday, new visions and experiences to reflect upon. Despite all that currently is, I am blessed to have such an appreciation for the simple and beautiful things Nature provides us with.

(looking down the river)

As we continued our walk around the bend of the river, we came across a unique area of slate and sandstone. You could hear the crunching and crackling of the delicate slate beneath your feet. Tom pointed out that there was a section where the slate was standing on end and embedded into the sand. This is an area that you wouldn't want to have bare feet at. The texture and colors were stunning!

(jagged slate & sandstone)

As we continued our walk on the exposed banks of the river I couldn't help but snap a couple more shots of the beauty. It was utterly magnificent!

(exposed river bank where we were walking)

After our little outing we came back home. The weather was still decent but the dark clouds of an upcoming storm were approaching quickly. We decided to take a walk around our property and pond. We knew the reality was that it may be our last walk together on our farm. We spent a good hour or so walking the trails Tom had created along the pond and creek. We took Stetson & Cubby Bear with us as they love walking the property.

(Tom walking dogs around our property & pond)

As we made our way back towards the house, Cubby Bear was running circles around us and being his silly self. I snapped this shot of my little guy out towards one of our gardens.

(Cubby Bear, 1 of 2 rescue dogs we adopted)

When we were just about finished with our walk and getting ready to head back inside before the storm came, I decided to pet one of our muscovy ducks named Princess. She loves to walk with you when you are outside and she is quite the sweetie. Our outside kitties get along well with the ducks. Eragon decided he would come up to Princess and rub around her body. She wasn't really in the mood and she was speaking at him telling him to stop or else she'd bite his tail. ;-) She does this when one of the cats get overly loving with her!

(Princess & Eragon having a conversation)

And so today is my actual birthday and despite my initial thoughts, I am loving every second of it. I awoke without crying or anger and there have been several weeks of that. Upon coming downstairs I discovered Destiny had made me a fresh pot of coffee before she left for school. Tom asked if I minded that he go in the garage today to finish working on painting a car we have. He's custom laying and painting tribal stripes and graphics on our grand am in hopes it appeals to a younger kid that will want to purchase it. Tom is a magic man when it comes to the automotive industry. With his 25+ years professional and custom experience he can do anything from a full restoration, lowering, installing scissor - flip up doors, custom paint with flames, stripes or just about anything else your mind can imagine. I built him a website a while back to show off his amazing work.

So today it is quiet. Destiny is at school, Tom is working out in his garage and just me and the four legged friends are staying inside and dry from the cold spring rain. I like this moment I am in. It is simple and beautiful.