Monday, January 26, 2009

Cleansing of the Soul & Spirit ~ Ritual & Meditation

Spring and/or any time during or after a New Moon is when new life, emotions, feelings, etc. take place. I know most people do 'Spring Cleaning' around the house, but what about cleansing your soul? I did my own personal rituals the last couple of years with two versions, one for myself and the other for my vegan friends.

Cleansing your spirit or soul is just as important, even possibly more so than cleaning your home! There are things in your life that have been building up, clutter in the brain so to speak. It may even be affecting you by little illnesses, allergies, loss of sleep, irritability and/or a variety of other ways. You may not even realize that your soul/spirit needs cleansing... but it does! I promise you'll feel better both mentally and possibly physically after taking the little time to try this Soul & Spirit Cleansing yourself.

I personally recommend using both of the cleansing techniques I am providing for the fullest affect. I understand some people have a vegan lifestyle and the one is not appropriate. For my vegan friends, please just read the first option for Cleansing of the Spirit & Soul.

Cleansing of the Spirit & Soul - Option #1:

You will need the following supplies:
1 piece of white paper (preferably recycled)
pencil (no ink unless it's soy)
access to a creek, stream, river, pond or lake

Take the paper and fold it in half (either way). Cut an oval to form an egg when the paper is opened. An egg is symbolic of life, birth and new beginnings. While or where it is quiet, write down the on the paper with your pencil the thoughts of things you no longer wish. If you have an illness, write something along the lines of "relief" or "healthy" on the paper. If you have debt, write the word "financial freedom" on the paper. You can be more specific, the more detailed the better! If you are hoping to pay off your vehicle early, write something like, "free car or truck".

The biggest thing you want to remember is to keep it 100% positive. If you write something along the lines of "in debt" then you are simply reaffirming that you are in debt instead of letting it go and knowing it will all be okay in the grand scheme of life. Write as much as you can on one side of the egg shaped paper and be very specific! Don't ask, affirm that you have already received it. "Found the love of my Life" , "Received new job", "Retired from career", "Replaced siding/windows on home", "remodeled living room", "donated $100.00 to charity", "provided family with clean energy", "converted our car to electric". Portray this as if you have already received. This is truly the key to manifestation and the law of attraction.

You may place such things on the papers as a quiet meditation, self healing, acceptance and personal growth. Be specific as you can for what you are implying the affirmations to.

Last year I wrote such things as "Emotional Well Being", "tolerate of all religions", "plentiful harvesting season", "capable of walking up and down steps", "limitless imagination" and the list goes on. My paper was full! It was full of things I wished to manifest and things I wished to let go of my life. A year later I no longer have the stair lift on our steps leading to the bedroom. I can now walk up and down the steps with little to no help.

Once you have your egg shaped paper all filled out, fold it as to not see the writing at all. While standing around water, be it a pond, running stream or lake, envision all of the positive things your soul and spirit needs to cleanse. The bad/negative aspects of your life washing away to be filled by positive affirmations and good vibes. Close your eyes, take several deep breaths and know it will be and any negative shall or already has passed. Toss your folded up paper into the water. The paper and your writings are now submitted into the universal flow of energy. Once again, know in your heart and mind you have willed it. Say thank you, with meaning and walk away.

Cleansing of the Spirit & Soul - Option #2:

You will need the following supplies:
A pan of water
1tsp vinegar
1 uncooked egg
2 cups of ice

The same principal applies to this option as above. Place salt, vinegar and the uncooked egg into a pan of water on your stove. On medium high heat, cook the egg for approx. 15-25 minutes, depending on how long it takes to boil. While the egg is in the water cooking, say aloud affirmations and positive thoughts as mentioned above in option 1. Instead of writing on a paper, you are verbally commenting on the physical egg cooking in the pot of water. Make sure you focus on the water and egg when saying your affirmations aloud verses writing them down like option 1 above.

When the egg is fully cooked, remove it from the hot water. Place egg in 2 cups of ice to cool. When all the ice has melted, remove the egg and peal it. Sit down where you are most comfortable and where it is the quietest. In your mind reflect on all the thoughts you verbally spoke to the egg while it was cooking. Look at the egg, pick it up with your fingers and study its shape. Envision each little spot you see as one of your thoughts for this spirit and soul cleansing. Thank the egg out loud for its sacrifice. Slowly, bite by bite eat the egg. With every bite another positive affirmation, new beginning or end of the old. When you are finished thank the egg once more as you acknowledge it has been absorbed into your body and shall pass through releasing all its universal energy. Once again, know in your heart and mind you have willed it. Say thank you, with meaning and walk away.


I hope you enjoy this simple and effective cleansing for the Spirit & Soul. This is something I have done myself. It was just one of those universal ideas that we get from time to time. Please feel free to pass it on to your friends & family. This cleansing can be practiced in large groups as well. Large groups are helpful and effective for global healing!

Wishing you a week filled with good vibes and conscious thinking. Please do no harm in all you do! Have a blessed day and week my friends!

Reverend & Shaman Kandice Thompson
(aka) Rainbow Tree


Mokihana and Pete said...

Rainbow Tree,
I have just finished reading your cleansing rituals. How beautiful. I loved reading both options, and since it is already my practice to eat egg in the morning I envision the ritual as a delightful way to begin tomorrow.

I so appreciate the love and support of my new friends (and that would include you). Mahalo, Mokihana

Rainbow Tree said...

I can feel the love in this room! :-) It's such a blessing to have you here at this blog and in this universal family Mahalo!

I'm glad you enjoyed this cleansing for the soul. I do this at least every season.. but I do eat eggs quite a bit myself. Never really thought of doing it on a more frequent basis. I may try that myself. ;-)