Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What a Week ~ all is getting back to normal

As most of you know there is always a weekly Lunar Reading & with Magical attributes posted each Monday for you all to enjoy. This week the lunar reading would have pertained to communication issues and problems. Funny as it may sound, I experienced it first hand. This is the first day out of 5 days that I have had my internet service. Seems the box from my satellite was hit by lightening and fried the receiver. Lucky for me it is all fixed now and I am back online.

There will not be a Lunar Reading this week since the week is half way over with. There doesn't seem much reason to post one. I will however be doing the Weekly Oracle message from the Fairies yet today. Those are usually posted on Tuesday so a day behind should be no big deal. :-)

There is a lot still going on with the blog!! :-) The Kitty Cat Caption Contest is still going on! One lucky winner will receive a hefty gift of organic teas, meditation balls, a crystal, framed photography and much more!!! Be sure to check my past blog archives for such postings as this one.

The LIVE Blog Auction was on hold for a few days and I will be extending the ending date because of the internet issues I experienced this week. I will add one more week to the auction with high hopes of a bid or two for my kitty boys Scarecrow & Leo. There is lots of nice art & framed photography starting as low as $3 with NO reserve! 100% of the sales will go towards the needed surgery for Scarecrow and Leo! Check out the Live Blog Auction: Click Here!

Speaking of kitty cats, we are adopting one of the kitties named Wish Bone tomorrow to a couple and their 2 year old daughter. Wish Bone is one of the sweetest kitties I have ever had the privilege of fostering. She is so relaxed and will let you do anything to her while she purrs in approvement.

We still have approx. 12 cats & kittens that need new for-ever homes. I will be updating the Animal Adoption page on my website the Giving Earth as soon as I continue to catch up on the other stuff that needs my immediate attention.

The weather is bitter cold right now. We are peaking at a whopping 8 degrees. With the high winds and wind chill it feels like minus 20 to 30 below. The snow is coming down so heavy that I can't even see the closest neighbor at a quarter mile down the road. I expect to get a call from the school later today requesting parents to pick up their kids if they can. It is getting that nasty... yet so beautiful out. I do hope Tom is careful on his way home from work this evening. He drives a total of 70+ miles daily to work & back and I always worry about that stuff.

I must be off to update the Live Blog Auction and ask the fairies for a message for the readers of this blog. I will be posting the Oracle Message from the Fairy Realm in just a few moments.

Wishing you all a blessed day and week!

Rainbow Tree

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