Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oracle Message from the Fairies 1/27/09

Title: Enchanted Fairy Ring ~ Image copyright © Rainbow Tree (aka Kandice Thompson)

From time to time the Fairy folk feel a need to speak a message for those that want to listen. Each week I do an Oracle Reading with the Fairies to ask their guidance and opinions on life in general. I do this for myself and anyone else who wants to listen or read.

The message received this week encourages us to be honest with all aspects of life and ones inner thoughts. The direct message is "Be Honest with yourself".

Have you felt ill lately? Angy, depressed or irritable even? All of these are symptoms that arise within our core of existence when we are dishonest with ourselves. The fairies feel you are hiding your true emotions and feelings about a situation or important topic. You are urged to admit your true feelings to yourself. The fairies are not asking you to make life altering decisions or changes. They are not even requesting, nor do they wish to see any form of confrontation with another person. However, the fairies are urging you to admit your true feelings to yourself so you may find the ease and relief you seek.

An easy way to get in touch with your true feelings and inner self is by going outside and being in the elements of nature. Go outside and engage in a quiet conversation with the fairy realm that resides in the trees, tall grasses, flowers and near water. Many folks can not yet see or hear the fairies and their realm. Even if you don't experience their existence during this time, they are still there listening to your conversation and thoughts you are projecting. Ask the fairies to assist you with getting in touch with your deepest feelings. The fairies are more than capable and enjoy showing us humans a mirror of our true reflection and feelings. They can see the truth in all things.

The fairies feel you should write or verbally aloud repeat the following affirmation daily:
I am safe to be honest with myself an all others. I speak truth with love and gratitude.

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