Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oracle Message from the Fairies 1/6/09

From time to time the Fairy folk feel a need to speak a message for those that want to listen. After a night of vivid dreaming, I awoke with memories of the past and of things that have not happened yet. I wondered if others had awoke with this feeling of still being partly in dream state.

I felt it best to consult the fairies as they confirmed I was not the only one in this situation today and I wouldn't be the only one this week with these similar dreams.

Upon requesting their knowledge and advice for myself and the whole of my readers, I was given the following message: Honoring Your True Feelings.

If you all knew the detail of my dream this would be right on the money. However this was a personal dream and I can not share it as it borderlines on dream state/fantasy. It just might be a little to adult oriented for my readers. ;-) But it was a great dream!

The fairies speak of honoring our true feelings. With this message we are urged to listen to and follow our true feelings. At any point, you should never betray yourself or rationalize any acceptance to deny your inner voice of truth.

You were born with an inner counselor/conscious that is very wise. This consciousness/counselor speaks to you in all forms of ways including spiritually, emotionally and physically. Maybe your gut feeling is screaming at you to pay attention. You may even experience physical reactions or emotional responses such as an upset stomach, nervous shakes, etc. Your heart and love may be drawing you to a certain type of relationship or lifestyle. There is a chance you may even feel compelled to leave a situation that you deem unacceptable.

The fairies know the importance of listening to our inner feelings and emotions. They ask of you to do the same. You are urged to not discount what you know to be true deep within your heart. You must follow your inner emotions as they are your compass in the dark. They will direct you home and keep you safe.

The fairies understand that many of us are unclear on our emotions as we don't listen as we should. If this is the case the fairies urge you to get a journal to place your daily thoughts and experiences. This will aid you in gaining insight and clarity.

The fairies feel you should write or verbally aloud repeat the following affirmation daily:
I listen to, I honor and I follow all of my true feelings. I know these are the answers to my prayers.


dcambrian said...

Your post means a lot to me and comes at critical time in my life. I have an affinity for fairies myself and budding spiritualism that I hope will one day lead me into communication with them. A friend of mine swears I am an incarnated fairy and my kids as well. My closeness to nature, my fiery red hair and mischevious tendency is definately an indication.
Thank you so much for your post.

DW Golden
Fly with Fairies in Purple Butterflies

Rainbow Tree said...

Many thanks for you comment. I'm sure the fairies would be delighted at your closeness to nature. It is common those wishing to know the fairy realm or those that know of the fairy realm were at one time or another a direct part of it.

Listen to your conscious and ask for the dreams in your sleep to give you the answer. :-) I'd also suggest leaving a gift of sweet milk, biscuits and honey for them. Place it somewhere they will feel safe and can easily find seclusion.

Many blessings my dear friend! Wishing you a peaceful and joyous week!

dcambrian said...

Thanks a lot for the advice!
I work from home and my kids are gone all day so it gets really lonely around here. I hope one day I'll have someone who wants to share those days with me, but the thoughts of fairies being close in the gardens does help a lot.

DW Golden
Fly with Fairies in Purple Butterflies

Rainbow Tree said...

Your very welcome DW!

I too am home alone during the day doing domestic goddess duties while my daughter is at school. Her and the hubby get home about an hour apart. It does make for quiet days.

You might want to consider asking the fairies to join your dwelling. We have an entire family of elemental fairies in our home as well as out by the apples, grapes, mulberry tree and so on. They are fun to have in the home, but be warned they do play tricks and move your stuff around, then place it out in the open later that day or a few days later.

Thanks again for leaving a comment and visiting my blog! Have a wonderful day!

Princess Jenni said...

I've been having some pretty vivid dreams for the past week, although I lose the details shortly after waking. In fact, I just commented this morning to my hubby that it's weird how many people from my past have been showing up in my dreams lately, although the dreams themselves are definitely not about things that happened in the past. I'm not sure how I can honor my true feelings as the fairies suggest, when these dreams have left me feeling vaguely disturbed. Should I be honored that I'm disturbed? ;)

Rainbow Tree said...

Hello Princess Jenni!

I can tell you that with my dream I was dreaming of another past love. The dream showed feelings that have been around for years with this other person. I know of these feelings, however when I awoke from my dream remembering those emotions for another, I reflected on my marriage and the love I have for my husband. It dawned on me then that the message for me was about the true feelings and love I have for my husband and how the other person will always be loved in some manner. It showed me my true feelings for my hubby as I could feel them throughout the very core of my being. The dream of another was wonderful but the feelings were only of lust and the fairies helped me see that right away.

Your dreams sound very fear based. You might be worrying too much with what could be or what might happen. The fairies are simply showing you the things you need to let go of and the situations that need more focus. You may even be picking up on emotions and fears from others in your dream state. This is common for family members to do, especially sisters.

The fairies ask you to approach the dream from an observer point of view. See if there is an underlying reality to the visions you are seeing at night. They request that you sleep with a rose quartz tucked inside your pillow case tonight. This will aid in healing your dream state conflicts and/or disturbances with others while sleeping.

Much love to you and thank you for readings the message from the fairies.