Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Best Things in Life are Free

There is so much truth to that. All the best things we have/experience in life are totally free of cost. From major emotions to simple little enjoyments. Enjoy the little things and find the happiness and gratitude in all that comes your way.

Here are some of the free things in my life that I value:

▪ life companionship from another
▪ the entire beauty of nature
▪ gathering around the fire with family
▪ entertainment from our cat children and dogs
▪ feeling joyous when someone compliments you
▪ finding that special parking spot upfront
▪ receiving a letter/gift from a friend
▪ paying it forward to better someone else
▪ a smile from a passing stranger
▪ an evening of card playing with your best friends
▪ a visit to the local park or nature preserve
▪ night of no cooking as there are plenty of leftovers
▪ making a new friend or two
▪ dancing when no one is watching
▪ singing as loud as I can even though no one can hear
▪ playing a game with my daughter
▪ baking giant cookies with my nephews
▪ taking a walk with my husband
▪ laying on the ground watching the clouds create imaginative images
▪ having a phone conversation with a loved one
▪ sleeping in on the weekends (when permitted)
▪ and the list goes on & on.

What are some of the free things in life you are grateful for?

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