Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sacred Visit from the Ancient Ones
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Before I went to bed last night I followed my usual routine. I climbed in bed with two of my favorite crystals. I always sleep with a crystal or two tucked away in my pillow or one in my hand. Both crystals are quartz based and have different properties. However that is irrelevant to this blog post. The only thing I did differently last night was ask for prophetic dreams. Usually I ask nothing and simply accept my dream state for another reality. I felt this overwhelming urge to ask for this, knowing I would indeed receive.

I slept soundly the whole night through. Not one single noise awoke the deep sleep and comfort I was experiencing. Upon waking up I still had all the fresh memories of the dream state still available for me to record.

The ancient ones, our ancestors are always here waiting and willing to guide us in the directions we seek. They have all memories of our present and past lives, as do we have their memories. This was part of my dream last night.

I was taken to the 'Hunting Ground', a sacred place for healing, rituals and meditation. I was brought to this place that is here in our world but veiled by our current state of consciousness. The ancestors lifted this scared veil for me last night to see all that I seek and ask for. There was much I was not prepared for and did not want to accept. However I was told that nothing is written in stone for our future. I worried of the dismay and destruction I was showed. I was reassured once again that this was only a possible outcome and one of many that could take place.

As I began to feel a small amount of fear inside my soul, I was taken aside by an elderly man. He was strong, large and had thick, dark and aged skin. Though he seemed to be an elder you could see his warrior spirit inside glowing with youth. This man that was once a tribal leader, shaman and medicine man offered me a stick of herbs. The herbs of mugwart and sage were rolled tightly and bound in a damp cloth. As we sat in the earth cavern he began to speak in a language I was not familiar with. He leaned toward the burning fire of warmth and ignited the stick of herbs. He began with a circular motion over my head and continued by my face so I could breath in the sacred smoke from the herbs. As he did this I began to understand the blessings and words he was speaking. My mind and memories were opening up to allow the knowledge to once again come forward and be useful. The old warrior took the burning herbs and placed them upon my naked chest. I was nude as one must be in their pure state when experiencing or becoming awakened. As the man burned my chest bone I began to feel a large sensation of heat and it began to burn slightly. Just as I felt the onset of pain the stick was removed. The elder then placed his right hand upon the area of my chest. When he did this you could physically see the intense energy flowing from the universe through him and then extended out and into me. I felt this wave of love, gratitude, humiliation, faith, anger, pain, grief, happiness and joy overcome me. The man placed his left hand on my back, directly behind his other hand. He guided my body down to a laying position on a bed of fur. I closed my eyes and then the memories, visions and all that is and was was brought back to my consciousness. I must have been out for what seemed like hours.

When I awoke the man was still there along with an entire tribe of everyone who had ever passed from this world that had at one time been involved in my life either current or past. Each spirit/ancestor had brought me a gift to take back to the world I would once again awaken in. My great grandmother brought me the coat of a wolf. She placed it over me as I stood tall. "You have the agility and keen sense of the wolf spirit." she said softly as she placed the fur over my shoulders and touched her right hand to my heart. A little boy approached me next. Tough he was small I could see the thousands of years of wisdom buried deep within his eyes. Another fur was laid upon my body. It stood tall and mighty above me. The boy softy spoke, "Bear will assist you in all your battles. She is strong and a great protector." Another woman began to approach me. her long white hair braided behind her and her dark skin glowed in the light from the flickering flames. She came forward and offered me the feathers of a hawk. "Take these feathers with you for your journeys will be long. The hawk will allow you to see high above and give you advanced sight when something isn't right." she spoke firmly but with love in her voice. A teenage looking boy approached me with the shell of a turtle and he spoke aloud, "You have the compassion and peace of the turtle spirit. You can observe and teach through his calming and compassionate ways." More ancestors began to appear, all of them bringing some form of gift or offering. There were more furs and feathers, stones and crystals, wood instruments and tools. All of the gifts had a special purpose, property and meaning. Each item would need to be used in the upcoming sunrises and sunsets.

I had received all the gifts of meaning, I once again sat alone with the elderly man in the fire lit cave. He placed both hands on my head. His palms were hot and his thumbs rolled down the front of my face and over my eyes. He held is hands there for quite some time. I could feel the heat radiating throughout my entire core of existence. As I sat there with my eyes closed I was given the view of my true self. I was an old woman, similar to this elderly man. I looked much like him with my dark skin and wrinkled lines around my eyes. I had silver hair that fell down my back and the most intense dark eyes I had ever seen. The warrior showed me my true light and the life I originally was. He assured me this; my body was just a shell for this world and the old woman was who I had always been and would always be. I am her knowledge, her spirit, her love and thought. I am the creators of my ancestors just as they are the creators of me.

I then awoke from the hours of dreaming and visualization. I felt well rested and full of life. The warm sensation of the warriors hand upon my heart is still present. I feel the spirit now more than ever in my life and know it resides within me as I am one with it. I knew upon awakening there was great reason and meaning to this dream. I know what the mission/journey is now and I thank the ancestors for their visit and knowledge. Their reassurance and teachings couldn't have come at a better time.

There is much more detail to this story. I remember all the gifts that were given, including the pouch of sacred herbs and stones. I remember what I am to do with them and the purposes they serve. Thank you ancestors, thank you god/goddess/creator/spirit and what is. Thank you me as I am one with.
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Robert A Vollrath said...

I am a imagination worshiper and believe in the One Soul.

I believe all is paradox and everything is true and a lie at the same time. Everything is alive and we have been everything and will be everything.

I remember past lives but I remember future lives too.

Rainbow Tree said...

I imagine we have a lot in common Robert! ;-) I'll be visiting your blog soon. Hope you drop me a few more lines.

Rainbow Tree