Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's a Choice we Choose to Make

I guess I see the simplicity in most of life. I may have only been here a short time in this shell of a body, but the cellular memories are still within. Life has tossed me a fair share of dis-eases and ailments since I was a child. Through mono, two different cancers and their treatments to C-diff and Crypto and everything in between, I have managed to survive and become a better person because of them. I choose to live & love for today instead of dwelling on what was or what could be. Death has been close too many times to count, and I know one day she will come again. I do not fear her for I have done nothing that would cause judgment.

To me life and all that is given to us, be it negative or positive is simply a choice. Everything is a choice of free will. I can choose to view a situation as negative or I can choose to view it as a temporary thing, knowing it will soon pass. I've learned that if it had not been for many of the so called negative aspects of my life, I couldn't have fully experienced and enjoyed the positive parts. Not only that, but some of the positive could have never of been had the negative not taken place. I hope I am not losing you here. ;-)

To state it simply... I see the simplicity in life. I give thought to matters but I refrain from allowing them to consume, control or manipulate any part of my life. My life is just that, my life. I can choose to let the judgment of others affect me personally or even physically. I can also choose not to allow their harsh words or scare tactics to affect me in any shape, way or form. It really is that simple. I do live in the now, this very moment. I don't worry about what tomorrow may bring. In my mind tomorrow is already here and is going in perfect harmony with how it should be. I am the creator of my own destiny and how I view my life, my happiness and my physical state of emotional and mental health. I am in control of my thoughts and subconscious.

I can choose to make a trip 5 miles away for a cold fountain drink or I can choose to use my consciousness which results in knowing how harmful as a whole that action would have been. Had I choose to start the car, warmed it up in the cold weather, drove five miles, purchased a cold drink and drove home, what would the reaction have been? I consider my carbon footprint a large part of my spirituality. I am living within Mother Earth so I feel it only respectable to treat her as I would want to be treated. Therefor I make a conscious decision to stay home, make a pot of fresh organic and fair trade tea over ice. Tastes better, costs less and requires no ill actions for our Mother Earth. It's a win-win. I know I can't force others to change their ill and unconscious actions, but I do wish they would give more conscious thoughts to their "I have to have it now!" attitudes and demands. There are lots of things I want and wish to have, but some are just wrong in my eyes because of their ripple effect on the environment or humanity. I see the small trips to town as harmful. One trip, once a week at the most for groceries is enough. We only make a trip once every two weeks, buy in bulk and that's that. Saves gas, money, time, carbon foot print, etc.

I chose a path of love, life and gratitude. I promised myself and my creator that I would 'do no harm' on any scale. This can make some aspects of life difficult and no, I'll never fully be able to achieve my promise. In the eyes of my creator I am doing a fine job of trying but she would prefer I had no electric lines to my house, no battery sucking vampires, microwaves and several items of modern technology. Not that all technology is bad, but some is extremely harmful t us and the planet as a whole.

I choose to love all creation as my universal family. Even those who choose to dislike my ways of life or me personally. Every element is my sister or brother. Yes, I hug the trees, speak to the birds and blades of grass. I talk to the clouds and kiss the snow. They are my family and I love every part of them. I am one with the four legged and feathered family. They know they can always find refuge here or where I am. I'll never forget the deer dance one night driving home. I had dreamed of a deer walking through the woods guiding me. The next night on our way home a deer pranced along the road following us at least 3 or more miles as we made our way in the drive of the house. She returned her visits in my dreams for quite some time. She brought me peace and comfort when I was dealing with my kidneys and other vital organs shutting down. I danced with her in my visions and knew she would be waiting for me on the other side if I could not pull through.

Some of my feelings have rubbed off on my daughter. She came home from school the other day to tell me she would prefer to be home schooled or attend an internet school like ECOT. I was kind of shocked and persisted to ask her why. She responded by telling me she couldn't stand the drama and attitudes of many others. She continued speaking and describing to me the many girls that cried daily and threatened to end their lives over a 24 hour boyfriend or because their mom didn't let them have a new game. She listens to kids speaking illy on their parents behalf. Some wish theirs were dead all becasue they didn't get their way or an item they wanted. She knows what it is like to nearly lose a mother. She is real and she doesn't understand why the children at her junior high feed the situation and manipulate others. I hate to tell her that it doesn't end in junior high or high school. I see elders way older than me that have never learned the golden rule or to truly love and live. They don't understand gratitude, let alone humiliation and acceptance. You don't know what tomorrow holds and if that person will still be here in the flesh. I have taught Destiny to treasure each memory and moment, especially the simple ones that others would dismiss or maybe not notice. I see this in her now that she is experiencing the drama of her peers. I haven't decided what to do yet about the ordeal. I would like her to be schooled via internet as I have many conflicts with the teaching practices of public schools in general (especially about our history and the native people to this land). I find a social experience good for her but maybe I should seek a different social environment. There are many groups in the central and surrounding areas of ohio that offer events and trips for those not in public schooling. Many are like myself, we have issues with the system in some shape or form. It's a lot to think about and I will be consulting my ancestors for guidance and advice in the next few days.

No matter what day it is or how 'bad' or 'good' things may appear to others on the outside, I always know everything is and will be good if not better than that. Tomorrow is always a new day, the next minute is new and so I focus on that minute or the minute I am in verses any unneeded distractions. I have this incredible gift given to me from the universe called Free Will. It allows me to make all the choices both negative and positive. Everything we do from the second we wake up in the morning to the time before we sleep has a ripple effect. This includes our thoughts and actions with and for all things.

I choose to live and love for and of all things. I choose to not see the faults of others as they would only be my opinions and nothing more. I choose to create a joyful experience for myself and family. I choose to walk a light carbon footprint in this world. I choose to acknowledge the beauty of this planet we call our Mother Earth. I choose to love all creation in existence and treat it with respect and compassion. I sometimes choose to own fault when no one is to blame. It's my choice, my free will. I simply choose to do no harm and love as if today were my last day on earth. I choose to love and accept my self for who I am. I choose to value and reflect on the simple and little things in life. I choose to create my own path through this world. And I love this wonderful path that leads to so many great place! :-)

me @ Ancient Serpent Mound & Meteor Impact Site (approx. 20,000+ years old)


Akannie said...

Hello, little Rainbow Tree. It's a blessing to read your thoughts and to know that there are people like you on the planet. I am a crone, and sometimes despair the way no one seems to be paying attention.
I'll be back to read you again. I have experienced much of what you have and I know that mindfulness is my greatest gift.

This was a joy-a bright spot in my day.

Robert A Vollrath said...

What a wonderful blog you have.
I've had a very easy life this time out. Since I was a little child I've had memories of past lives.

I am an imagination worshiper and believe we are one single soul traveling the maze of time space.

I shall try to read your blog as often as I can.

Rainbow Tree said...

Akannie ~ I'm tickled you enjoyed my blog. Please do stop back by and make yourself at home! :-) I'm glad my blog brought you a little slice of joy for the day. Much love to you my universal sister!

Robert ~ Imagination is the key to all creation that we see ;-) I too feel very fortunate to remember most of my cellular memories and thoughts. This morning I awoke with messages from my ancestors so I am about to go do a meditation and write it all down somewhere quiet. I'm so glad you took the time to stop by my blog and leave a comment.

The both of you are much appreciated!

Have a blessed day!