Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Even More Art...

Since my camera died :-( I have been focusing more on the Fairy Realm Collection. As a stress reliever I also enjoy a good doodle. Just wanted to share some of the newest images.

Goddess Doodling

Bell Flower *Fairy Realm Collection

Water Diva-Sprite *Fairy Realm Collection

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Updates and News of the New - June 09

A lot has been going on the past few weeks. We are getting closer to the final days before the big move to my moms. I spent the past couple of days dealing with a reaction and sick stomach. This happens often with the chemical sensitivities and being medically housebound.

All and all tings are looking up, or I just choose to see it that way. :-) The weather has been producing some beautifully displayed storms. I do love summer storms. We had some close range lightening and thunder the other day with heavy rains that moved in across the field.

The night sky (when it is not cloudy) has been absolutely beautiful. We enjoyed seeing the full Strawberry Moon the other night. The aura spread and skipped across the sky like nothing I have ever seen before.

I've discovered that not all of our friends we have here at our current location are the lifelong kind. It's sad really but people tend to be hard when they know you are leaving the area. I will miss some of the good times we had with them but now I see that is was only surface friendships. It's to bad really and now we know we will not likely make a trip back here again. There is nothing here for us any longer and all of our families are located where we are headed.

To the left is the new Celestial Events calender from the Giving Earth website (my site). This is only a surface calender of events. There are many more celestial events that can't be seen with the naked eye so I have not mentioned them. A good search will turn up many more nightly activities.

As many of you know I am an Internationally & Nationally nominated Freelance Photographer. This is something I am very proud of and love to do. It is one of my biggest passions beside organic gardening. My trusty camera that I have used for the past several years died the other day. Unfortunately there is no backup camera and currently with Tom off of work and us moving I don't know when I will be financially able to purchase a new or even gently used Nikon or Cannon digital slr. I'm crossing my fingers and may try bartering for one on craigslist or something. I feel like I lost my best friend when my camera died. I did everything I could to hold back the tears and Tom (my hubby) stood beside me and promised it would be ok. "We'll figure something out," he said to me in his calm, soothing and mellow voice. A day without my camera is a day without sunshine to me. I dearly miss my camera and I hope to soon find a new that is just as good, if not better.

On a positive note, one of the kitties have been adopted! Only a few more to go before we move. All are spayed and/or neutered, very healthy and just adorable. I created an entire page dedicated to adopting these beloved animals on my website the Giving Earth. If you want to see some of the adorable babies and ducks, visit my site and click on 'Animal Adoption'.

Though some of you may laugh and some may roll your eyes; I took the fairies up north last weekend on our trip. I had a wood create and walked our property to gather the ones that wished to go becasue of the new farmer and his chemicals. They fluttered in to the lined create and when several of the elementals from various plants and trees and other such things were ready, I gently covered them with a towel. We were hauling a few bales of straw up north as well so Tom rearranged the straw to firmly hold the wood create in place. We saw them dancing in the bed of the truck and riding what I called 'Air Waves' that were pockets of air getting caught between the truck and the trailer we were hauling. Pieces of the straw and several fairies twirled around in circles. When we reached our destination, I went to the edge of the woods with the create. Some of the fairies were already sneaking out the slatted side of the wood create but others patiently awaited for me to remove the towel. Some cautiously walked into the woods and others sprite-fully sprung out of the box and flew abruptly deep into the woods. They took a long a few crystals and seeds from our home to use in the new place. As I mentioned, several stayed here and told me a tale of the farmer and his chemicals. While I wish no one or thing harm, the fairies can be spiteful and I wouldn't be surprised if the new farmer has malfunctions with his tractors and spraying devices.

I also created a YouTube video last week. I took my blog post about Interacting with the Fairy Realm and created an educational relaxation and meditation video with art & music! The video is basically the blog I posted last week as mentioned above. The only difference is the viewing part and of course the added music. The video is available in HD for those interested. Simply visit my YouTube page by clicking:

Another new & cool thing I have done these past few weeks is reintroduce the Text Only versions of all styles of my Tarot & oracle Readings. This is a more affordable version that is emailed to you verses you receiving a ready to frame copy with stone or crystal. Same reading, different method of receiving it and half the price. Though I do have to admit the frame-able versions are beautiful and make a wonderful gift. If interested click on the Oracle Reading banner to the right of this page and you will be automatically directed to the area of interest.

Tomorrow is also the very last day that I ship any live plants from the Giving Earth website. All items currently available are buy 1 - get 1 free and can be shipped to the lower 48 states. There are beautiful maple trees up to 3 feet in height and stunning Hens n' Chicks at a valuable price.

We're still in the process of moving. Destiny (my 12 yr old daughter) just had her last day of school yesterday. I promised her a 'Going Away' party with all her friends from school. That will be sometime this weekend. I thought it best she had a gathering of her own to say goodbye to those she loves and will dearly miss. We all need a form of closure with this leave and move.

I wanted to say Thank You to all of you for being understanding at this time about the move and some of the regular and normal postings being late or frequently missing. I know I didn't get last weeks lunar reading done and I am sorry. I do figure there will be things missing and late here and there with this move and the current going ons we are doing. If I don't respond to a comment right away, it's only becasue I'm currently away for a day or so at a time from the computer while we move.

Weekly LUNAR Reading and MAGICAL Attributes: June 9th - 15th

Moon Phase:Waning Gibbous - 97% of Full (third quarter)
Full Moon on June 7th ~ New Moon on June 22nd

Moon's Place
(moon enters Aquarius on Thursday, June 11th)

Lunar Reading:

There are times in our life that we become like the snake. We shed our old dead skin to reveal a new shiny coat that glistens. When we assess our relationships in detail we see that many of them are only surface relationships. They are not considered deep rooted. These friends/relations only come around when it seems something is needed on their behalf. This may not always be physical or monetary but it is to say the least emotional, especially for you.

The time has come for you to reevaluate your 'family'. Your family is not just made up of those related to you immediately. Your family is a universal connection that bares no scars. This is the feeling you get when meeting a kindred spirit and why you feel connected to those not in your immediate family or circle of friends.

During your reevaluation process, ask yourself whom you are completely real with. What friends/family members do you speak open and honest to, without any regret or guarded wall? In order for you to evolve to the spiritual state you are seeking you must be real and true to yourself and all that is. The whole you; physical, emotional and spiritual you are currently under this transformation. This is why you feel the battles in your environment. You have spread yourself on to many paths or dimensions, almost forgetting who YOU are.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

We often let the words or actions of others stand in our way. We focus on what was said or done and relive the moment over and over. Some find it hard to let go of a situation or someone who has done them wrong. They hold a grudge or resentment on a situation. Not being able to let go will only aid in physical symptoms of dis-ease, illness and depression. Take a deep breath and let it go. You can not carry the weight of others or their actions and thoughts. Only you have control over you, thus only you are allowing the feelings of depression, hurtfulness, anger or rage to manifest. Move beyond the situation/event or person for you will not allow yourself to give it time or existence.

Some of you may need a meditation or mental picture to banish the actions of someone else onto you. While I don't believe in ever banishing someone from the earth/world, I do see it necessary from time to time to banish them from our personal space and life. This simply means you no longer wish for them to be in your immediate circle of friends. You want to be assured they can not or do not have any control or manipulation over you.

Rainbow Tree's Personal Banishment Ritual

Visualize yourself floating in space while you are looking towards the earth. You see beautiful energy induced strings coming out from the earth that look like a spiders web. Allow the strings to connect around your waist, feet and hands. The web like ropes glow with intense light and energy. You begin to notice how the web is growing and connecting everything that exists to the earth, including you. You will see that almost all things are connected on this grid or web like formation of energy. When the negative energy/entity is seen clearly, view the strings attached to it/them. Take note the strings around your waist are connected together with theirs. The negative entity has the same strings as you connecting it to all that exists. You have acknowledged the same string connecting both of you at the waist, you are to visualize your fingers in the shape of a pair of scissors. Cut ONLY the string from your waist that connects you to the negative entity/energy you wish to bind. Under no circumstances are you to cut any other strings from that energy/entity or yourself. Only the string around the waist from you to the entity/person should be cut. When the web/string has been cut, you should visualize this energy drifting further away from you and out into space. When it is no longer in view you may open your eyes and know your act has been done. This entity and the energy from it now have no physical, emotional or spiritual control over you or any situation.

Your Mission for this week:

Host a small gathering at the end of this week for the closest of your friends and family. Keep it small, less than 10 people. Make a handmade gift for each of those friends, but make it one they can leave out in nature. I call this double gifting. A handmade edible seed ornament for the birds, a bird or bat house, dehydrated fruit, etc. make wonderful gifts for the human friend to leave for the feathered or furry friend. Attach a note to each gift or card with a special note. The note should explain why that person is so special and unique to you. These note are never thrown away, as no one would ever have the heart to trash something that was beautifully said about them. If you want to make your gathering extra special, call it a gratitude gathering and ask everyone else to do the same for a selected person at the gathering. You could even turn it into a craft and fun celebration of life with your closest of friends.

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sacred Space Chant-Blessing

Before & after any form of meditation, magical or light working is done, I like to smudge myself with either smoke of sage, blessed water, moonlight or sunlight. I will often repeat aloud a chant or verse that affirms I am a sacred vessel.

Below is one of the chants I use all the time. I say it aloud while doing a visualization of pure energy and love flowing into my body from the universe.

Sacred space within myself
Earth and sky, light and health

Blessings of the god & goddess shine

Bring to me the light divine

As above, it is below

Now peace and love around me grow

Be I witch, fairy or elf
Sacred space I call myself.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Solstice Ritual and Magic

Sun Spirit 1 of 7 in the Spirit Series Collection (click here)

A Summer Solstice Ritual
by Reverend, High Priestess & Spiritual Healer;
Rainbow Tree ~ Kandice Thomspon

This is one of many rituals I have done aloud with my own coven. Feel free to use it with your friends & family. Adjust what you wish, change what you want and have fun with it.

~~ Summer Solstice Ritual~~

Today, to celebrate Midsummer, I honor the Earth itself. I am surrounded by tall trees. There is a clear sky above me and cool dirt beneath me, and I am connected to all three. I light this fire as the Ancients did so long ago.

The Sun DESERVES our love and worship and we deserve to love and worship the Sun, without guilt. The Sun is without a doubt at least one half of our reason for existence on this beautiful planet, the other of course is the great system of Life on the Earth's surface we call Nature. It may seem natural for us to see them as a grand dyad: Mother Nature and Father Sun; but it's not altogether necessary. The choice is up to you.

At this point, start your fire.

The Wheel of the Year has turned once more
The light has grown for six long months
Until today.

Today is Litha, called Alban Heruin by my ancestors.
A time for celebration.
Tomorrow the light will begin to fade
As the Wheel of the Year
Turns on and ever on.

Turn to the East, and say:
From the east comes the wind, Cool and clear. It brings new seeds to the garden, Bees to the pollen and birds to the trees. Power and Spirits who reside in the east, we ask that you blow to us your powers of communication, intellect and reason. Bless us with the joy of your changeable nature.

Turn to Face South, and say:
The sun rises high in the summer sky and lights our way even into the night. Today the sun casts three rays. The light of fire upon the land, the sea, and the heavens. Power and Spirits of fire who reside in the South, we ask that you burn brightly in this circle with the force of your passion. Bless us with your transformation powers.

Turn to face West, saying:
From the west, the mist rolls in bringing rain and fog. The life-giving water without which we would cease to be. Powers ans Spirits of water who reside in the West, wash over this circle with your blessing of flowing abundance, fertility and mystery.

Finally, turn to the North, and say:
Beneath my feet is the Earth, soil dark and fertile. The womb in which life begins, and will later die, then return anew. Powers and Spirits of Earth who reside in the north, we ask that you lend to us your stabilizing energy, that which connects us to our mother, the Earth.

If you wish to make an offering to the gods or nature, now is the time to do it. If you wish to silently thank the universe, take a deep breath and give your thanks. I ask you give this moment of silence in honor of all the life that exists because of our beloved sun.

Build Fire Up
Say Aloud:
Summer Solstice is a time of rededication
To the gods. The triple goddess watches over us.
She is known by many names.
She is the Morrighan, Brighid, and Cerridwen.
She is the washer at the ford,
She is the guardian of the hearth,
She is the one who stirs the cauldron of inspiration. I give honor to You, O mighty ones,
By all your names, known and unknown.
Bless us with Your wisdom
And give life and abundance to us
As the sun gives life and abundance to the Earth.

Place the following into the fire. You may do this yourself or choose a person that best represents each direction.
When making this offering you should say your direction and elements aloud as you toss your items into the fire.

North - Salt of Earth.
East - without air we can not have Bread.
South - I give Honey to coat the ridged flames of the fire and ease the smoke.
West - without the rainwater the trees would bare no fruit and never grow, from water you give wine.

I make this offering to you To show my allegiance To show my honor To show my dedication To You.

Cast your offering into fire or continue to build it up one log at a time.

Conclude the ritual by saying:

Today, at Litha, I celebrate the life
And love of the gods and of the Earth and Sun. Take a few moments to reflect upon what you have offered, and what the gifts of the gods mean to you.

I thank the energy that binds this circle and I release the powers of all the sacred directions. I call upon and release the spirit to close this circle.

Blessed be Spirit that is in all great things. Thank you for your gifts of abundance, our garden that grows. We part with you tonight and the elements with in us all. Thank you for this sacred space. And so it is done, blessed be.

Candle Magic

I show you these two candles. One tall and white that represents the sun and the long day of solstice. One dark candle that represents the night and moon. Tonights night shorter than all other. We celebrate father sun in his full beauty before he begins to dim once more. *Light candles and gaze into the fire and focus on what you want for this new year and time. Be thankful and full of gratitude.