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Summer Solstice Ritual and Magic

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A Summer Solstice Ritual
by Reverend, High Priestess & Spiritual Healer;
Rainbow Tree ~ Kandice Thomspon

This is one of many rituals I have done aloud with my own coven. Feel free to use it with your friends & family. Adjust what you wish, change what you want and have fun with it.

~~ Summer Solstice Ritual~~

Today, to celebrate Midsummer, I honor the Earth itself. I am surrounded by tall trees. There is a clear sky above me and cool dirt beneath me, and I am connected to all three. I light this fire as the Ancients did so long ago.

The Sun DESERVES our love and worship and we deserve to love and worship the Sun, without guilt. The Sun is without a doubt at least one half of our reason for existence on this beautiful planet, the other of course is the great system of Life on the Earth's surface we call Nature. It may seem natural for us to see them as a grand dyad: Mother Nature and Father Sun; but it's not altogether necessary. The choice is up to you.

At this point, start your fire.

The Wheel of the Year has turned once more
The light has grown for six long months
Until today.

Today is Litha, called Alban Heruin by my ancestors.
A time for celebration.
Tomorrow the light will begin to fade
As the Wheel of the Year
Turns on and ever on.

Turn to the East, and say:
From the east comes the wind, Cool and clear. It brings new seeds to the garden, Bees to the pollen and birds to the trees. Power and Spirits who reside in the east, we ask that you blow to us your powers of communication, intellect and reason. Bless us with the joy of your changeable nature.

Turn to Face South, and say:
The sun rises high in the summer sky and lights our way even into the night. Today the sun casts three rays. The light of fire upon the land, the sea, and the heavens. Power and Spirits of fire who reside in the South, we ask that you burn brightly in this circle with the force of your passion. Bless us with your transformation powers.

Turn to face West, saying:
From the west, the mist rolls in bringing rain and fog. The life-giving water without which we would cease to be. Powers ans Spirits of water who reside in the West, wash over this circle with your blessing of flowing abundance, fertility and mystery.

Finally, turn to the North, and say:
Beneath my feet is the Earth, soil dark and fertile. The womb in which life begins, and will later die, then return anew. Powers and Spirits of Earth who reside in the north, we ask that you lend to us your stabilizing energy, that which connects us to our mother, the Earth.

If you wish to make an offering to the gods or nature, now is the time to do it. If you wish to silently thank the universe, take a deep breath and give your thanks. I ask you give this moment of silence in honor of all the life that exists because of our beloved sun.

Build Fire Up
Say Aloud:
Summer Solstice is a time of rededication
To the gods. The triple goddess watches over us.
She is known by many names.
She is the Morrighan, Brighid, and Cerridwen.
She is the washer at the ford,
She is the guardian of the hearth,
She is the one who stirs the cauldron of inspiration. I give honor to You, O mighty ones,
By all your names, known and unknown.
Bless us with Your wisdom
And give life and abundance to us
As the sun gives life and abundance to the Earth.

Place the following into the fire. You may do this yourself or choose a person that best represents each direction.
When making this offering you should say your direction and elements aloud as you toss your items into the fire.

North - Salt of Earth.
East - without air we can not have Bread.
South - I give Honey to coat the ridged flames of the fire and ease the smoke.
West - without the rainwater the trees would bare no fruit and never grow, from water you give wine.

I make this offering to you To show my allegiance To show my honor To show my dedication To You.

Cast your offering into fire or continue to build it up one log at a time.

Conclude the ritual by saying:

Today, at Litha, I celebrate the life
And love of the gods and of the Earth and Sun. Take a few moments to reflect upon what you have offered, and what the gifts of the gods mean to you.

I thank the energy that binds this circle and I release the powers of all the sacred directions. I call upon and release the spirit to close this circle.

Blessed be Spirit that is in all great things. Thank you for your gifts of abundance, our garden that grows. We part with you tonight and the elements with in us all. Thank you for this sacred space. And so it is done, blessed be.

Candle Magic

I show you these two candles. One tall and white that represents the sun and the long day of solstice. One dark candle that represents the night and moon. Tonights night shorter than all other. We celebrate father sun in his full beauty before he begins to dim once more. *Light candles and gaze into the fire and focus on what you want for this new year and time. Be thankful and full of gratitude.

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