Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekly LUNAR Reading and MAGICAL Attributes: June 9th - 15th

Moon Phase:Waning Gibbous - 97% of Full (third quarter)
Full Moon on June 7th ~ New Moon on June 22nd

Moon's Place
(moon enters Aquarius on Thursday, June 11th)

Lunar Reading:

There are times in our life that we become like the snake. We shed our old dead skin to reveal a new shiny coat that glistens. When we assess our relationships in detail we see that many of them are only surface relationships. They are not considered deep rooted. These friends/relations only come around when it seems something is needed on their behalf. This may not always be physical or monetary but it is to say the least emotional, especially for you.

The time has come for you to reevaluate your 'family'. Your family is not just made up of those related to you immediately. Your family is a universal connection that bares no scars. This is the feeling you get when meeting a kindred spirit and why you feel connected to those not in your immediate family or circle of friends.

During your reevaluation process, ask yourself whom you are completely real with. What friends/family members do you speak open and honest to, without any regret or guarded wall? In order for you to evolve to the spiritual state you are seeking you must be real and true to yourself and all that is. The whole you; physical, emotional and spiritual you are currently under this transformation. This is why you feel the battles in your environment. You have spread yourself on to many paths or dimensions, almost forgetting who YOU are.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

We often let the words or actions of others stand in our way. We focus on what was said or done and relive the moment over and over. Some find it hard to let go of a situation or someone who has done them wrong. They hold a grudge or resentment on a situation. Not being able to let go will only aid in physical symptoms of dis-ease, illness and depression. Take a deep breath and let it go. You can not carry the weight of others or their actions and thoughts. Only you have control over you, thus only you are allowing the feelings of depression, hurtfulness, anger or rage to manifest. Move beyond the situation/event or person for you will not allow yourself to give it time or existence.

Some of you may need a meditation or mental picture to banish the actions of someone else onto you. While I don't believe in ever banishing someone from the earth/world, I do see it necessary from time to time to banish them from our personal space and life. This simply means you no longer wish for them to be in your immediate circle of friends. You want to be assured they can not or do not have any control or manipulation over you.

Rainbow Tree's Personal Banishment Ritual

Visualize yourself floating in space while you are looking towards the earth. You see beautiful energy induced strings coming out from the earth that look like a spiders web. Allow the strings to connect around your waist, feet and hands. The web like ropes glow with intense light and energy. You begin to notice how the web is growing and connecting everything that exists to the earth, including you. You will see that almost all things are connected on this grid or web like formation of energy. When the negative energy/entity is seen clearly, view the strings attached to it/them. Take note the strings around your waist are connected together with theirs. The negative entity has the same strings as you connecting it to all that exists. You have acknowledged the same string connecting both of you at the waist, you are to visualize your fingers in the shape of a pair of scissors. Cut ONLY the string from your waist that connects you to the negative entity/energy you wish to bind. Under no circumstances are you to cut any other strings from that energy/entity or yourself. Only the string around the waist from you to the entity/person should be cut. When the web/string has been cut, you should visualize this energy drifting further away from you and out into space. When it is no longer in view you may open your eyes and know your act has been done. This entity and the energy from it now have no physical, emotional or spiritual control over you or any situation.

Your Mission for this week:

Host a small gathering at the end of this week for the closest of your friends and family. Keep it small, less than 10 people. Make a handmade gift for each of those friends, but make it one they can leave out in nature. I call this double gifting. A handmade edible seed ornament for the birds, a bird or bat house, dehydrated fruit, etc. make wonderful gifts for the human friend to leave for the feathered or furry friend. Attach a note to each gift or card with a special note. The note should explain why that person is so special and unique to you. These note are never thrown away, as no one would ever have the heart to trash something that was beautifully said about them. If you want to make your gathering extra special, call it a gratitude gathering and ask everyone else to do the same for a selected person at the gathering. You could even turn it into a craft and fun celebration of life with your closest of friends.

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

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