Wednesday, May 27, 2009

As we say Good Bye & Move...

There is much to be thankful for as we prepare for the final stages of moving. We feel blessed to have such a kind and loving family. We are fortunate to have another place to go to and call home for a short while. One day again Tom & I hope to have a bit of heaven to resume what we originally started.

As we say good bye to our farm & home of 7 years to move in with my mom after my dad died unexpectedly. With the market and finances as so-so the home will be sold as a 'short sale', taking a loss and hoping to avoid foreclosure. However, need it be we will sign it over to the bank if the short sale doesn't work. With Tom (hubby) being off work and no income, combined with all the past medical bills of 6 years worth of C-diff we were behind anyway. No biggie though, we're going along with the flow!

I've done my dealing with things and all is as it should be. I must accept what is and the reasons. It is sad but I will focus on the good memories. Having the Organic Produce stand was wonderful and I will continue to garden at my moms.

I took a few pics here and there over the past few days (and years). This is us saying good bye...
The Pontiac sits out by the quiet country road for sale with high hopes of getting out from our payment. Tom has the truck backed up to his garage with a borrowed cargo trailer to load his shop items for one of the trips. I'm standing on the deck of our bedroom upstairs looking out.
The two trees you see above are 100+ year old Heirloom Apples! Yummy! Out past the garage is a heart shaped pond about and eighth of an acre or so in size.
The moving sale sign sits against an empty dog house we'll be selling at the sale. The crescent moon garden out front that is just beginning to come up for the year was tilled several years ago by my dad. The maple tree you see is only 4 years old and over 15 feet in height. I call this my dad tree. Long story but he accidentally tried to kill it one day when I had it in a pot as a sapling. It was growing with the tomatoes for the garden so he decided to pull it like a weed as it was no more than 1/2 a foot or so in height. Tom found it wilted in the sun a couple hours later. We picked on dad all the time about how he tried to kill my beautiful maple tree. This tree received daily blessings of love & thanks in the summer when I was outside. I will miss this tree and flower garden with all my Tickseed more than anything on the property! The picture below titled 'A Fairies View' is of the Tickseed in my moon garden.
As I stand on our deck upstairs I view a section of the back yard. I love the red maple trees and my clothes. Mmmm the smell of freshly sun dried clothes... no you can't eat them like sun dried tomatoes ;-) Our daughters tire swing hangs from the tree that my husband and dad placed there for her. Not only has she enjoyed it for years but the other grandkids of his loved it when they visited.
My upmost favorite thing about the property that was already here when we moved in was all the beautiful Peony flowers. Peonies are my favorite flower anyway so you can imagine how delighted I was to see 2+ acres lined with them from pink to white and bold magenta.
These are the ones out front. A pale pink and bold magenta. The rest of the property where the creek line runs is lined with white and bright pink peony flowers.
We've also had lots of garden from flowered ones to of course the Organic Produce for our stand and farm market.

The heirloom concord grapes... YUM YUM

As we leave I remind myself that the house needed a ton of work still, caught fire twice in the past year and had a new farmer across the road using the worst chemicals possible and making it impossible to continue organic farming. We just finished with the EPA and Wildlife Refuge yesterday and today becasue the new farmer killed the eco system (all life) that resided in the creek running the length of our property. All fish, crayfish and other life gone. Unconscious actions and no regard for the earth and her inhabitants is all this particular farmer cares about. It's all about money and contracts instead of doing what's right and practicing 'doing no harm'. As my earth sister put it today on the phone, "Kandice, the universe is screaming at you that it is time to leave! How many more signs do you need?" She is right, it is time for us to leave this home in many ways and for many reasons. In that being said, we are again thankful and know this is the 'right' path to follow.

Because of the upcoming move & sale please have patience with my blog. There may be short periods of time when I do not post or respond to a comment. I know you are all very understanding and thank you for this!

By the way... becasue of the recent actions and environmental issues from the new farmer, the fairies and friends will be coming with us on the move. They can not reside here and fall ill to the over used pesticides and chemicals now being carelessly spread throughout these beautiful acres and surrounding property. I'm happy to have them join us on our journey.


Mokihana and Pete said...

Blessings be with you and your family Kandice. The place you leave beams with your care and your love, and now you and the fairies continue to reassemble another spot of Earth that will bloom with you.

Thanks for you. See you on the blog when you're able.

Love, Mokihana

Rainbow Tree said...

Thanks Mokihana,
I've been trying to stay up to date on here and check every few days to respond to any comments. Thank you for being understanding and always leaving such beautiful words.

I look forward to having some free time in the near future to just sit down, relax and do some major typing/writing.

Much love & thanks!