Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pan the Satyr ~ More Fairy Art

Pan the Satyr ~ image Copyright Kandice Thompson

This is Pan, the Satyr, the newest image to be added to the Fairy Realm Collection. Legend states Pan was the Greek god of shepherds and flocks, who was especially popular in Arcadia. He is a son of the god Hermes. He was depicted as a satyr with a reed pipe, a shepherd's crook and a branch of pine or crown of pine needles. He had a wrinkled face with a very prominent chin. On his forehead were two horns and his body was hairy. He was a swift runner and climbed rocks with ease. Pan belonged to the retinue of Dionsys.

Pan was also a god of fertility, unbridled male sexuality and carnal desire. He chased nymphs through the forests and mountains in the shape of a goat. Pan was not very liked by the other Greek gods.

Pan and his fellow friends & family play a vital role in the fairy realm. His youthful and rowdy ways sometimes gave him the reputation of a fowl creature. Pan is actually quite loving and full of passion towards the females. He will go to any extent to woo them and make them feel like the beautiful goddesses they are. Pan can usually be spotted around grapes and raspberries. He will often gather the fruits to make a delicious wine to share with the entire community. He is also known for being the 'party animal' of the realm.

Some believe Pan and the Fairy realm to be only myth but many others, including myself give the legends more consideration and truth that one might think. Enjoy!

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