Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Water Ritual and Meditation to Cleanse your Spirit/Soul

original image by Kandice Thompson

I have a small meditation for you that I have created to cleanse yourself during the new moon This cleansing/meditation allows you to project positive vibes towards others and the universe as a whole. It will also aid in renewing your outlook on situations or circumstances. As the moon cycles so do we. It is time for your rebirth just as the moon, planets and everything must cycle so do you.

This meditation/ritual is sweet, simple and short. I honestly believe there is no excuse for not practicing in your own self healing and love, let alone transmitting it to others. Time is what you perceive it to be, saying you don't have the time says you are selfish and not only do you not love yourself, but you have lost your universal love and connection for others. There are no excuses in the eyes and heart of the universe. It is your choice to to cleanse your soul/spirit and overall state of being. It is also your choice to ignore your physical, emotional and spiritual self. The choice is always yours.

Rainbow Tree's Water Cleansing Meditation:

What you will need:
Your naked body
a shower

Place yourself in a warm shower. You are to do a visualization while in the shower. Standing away from the water so your head is leaning back, let the water droplets fall upon you. Visualize each drop of water as illuminating light being absorbed into your body. Concentrate on each droplet of water being packed full of affirmative words 'love' & 'gratitude'. Each time a droplet touches you the love and gratitude is released into your body. Allow the droplets to say the worlds 'healthy' & 'honest', then 'compassion'. Know deep down in your core of existence you are absorbing these positive affirmations. As each one touches you, see how the water from the ocean is flowing through the lakes, rivers and streams and into your home, pipes and down upon you from the very shower faucet you are standing under. Feel the connection of the water to you. You can not survive with out this water. You drink it, cook with it, bath in it. You are made up mostly of water as is the Earth that we call our mother. Feel your connection to her. Continue to absorb the positive vibrations the water is pouring over your entire body. Face the shower faucet where the water is spraying from. See the droplets and their reflections. Feel the comfort of the warmth throughout your body. Continue to picture these drops of water exploding on to your body with these healing powers. The water is filling you with love and compassion for your self and all life that is connected to you. Close your eyes and allow the water to cleanse your face and eye lids. It is washing away all your negative thoughts, physical ailments and illnesses. You will not allow negative thoughts or concerns to consume you at this time. When you feel fully rejuvenated as though you are stress free and could take on the world... then your meditation is finished. Standing in the shower thinking of the stuff gone wrong will only allow you to absorb those negative thoughts. It is important to let it be, release what is no longer needed or wanted and allow new to develop.

When you are finished, accept yourself by standing there as you are in the shower, fully nude. This is how your were born into this world. You are beautiful both inside and out. The beauty people see doesn't come from your physical appearance it comes from the way you show them and portray who you truly are. Your beauty comes from your actions towards yourself and others. We've always had the choice to do what feels right in our heart or ignore and dismiss it. It is and always will be your choice, no one else can do or change it for you.

After your meditation is over think hard about how fortunate you really are. You live in a home that provides you with clean, warm running water. You are blessed to have this essential necessity.To many around the globe this is not handy or convenient. Do not take for granted what others lack. We are fortunate to have this clean wonderful element available.

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