Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekly LUNAR Reading and MAGICAL Attributes: May 26th - June 1st

Moon Phase:Waxing Crescent - 7% of Full (first quarter)
Full Moon on June 7th

Moon's Place
(moon enters Leo on Thursday, May 28th)

Lunar Reading:

The law of Love & Attraction are in your forecast this week. Either a new love or a renewed sense of passion are in order. If you are feeling alone then don't fret on what you are lacking. Focus on your desires becasue you are worth everything you can manifest and dream of. Don't lack in your life becasue someone else says you have unrealistic goals or views. You are the creator of your own destiny.

The current moon phase is in sync with drawing in a new or rekindling a relationship or love. In some cases this may not be a new person but a rekindled relationship that you are already in. The sparks will fly in a positive way early this week and throughout the middle. In other cases and for some of the readers this means you have a special someone right around the corner. Don't turn a blind eye to the gifts right in front of you or those new outings you are about to take. Skepticism is not your friend at the moment. Place your worries and troubles aside to allow this new friendship to develop and bloom into a stronger, passionate and loving manner. You are about to see and experience a more meaningful relationship than you ever thought possible.

By the end of the week you are reminded to not let ones self be controlled by their own ego. Things are good and can stay that way but it takes commitment and communication on all parts. See one of my previous posts on Nature's Remedies for Arousal & Passion.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

Now is the ideal time for any magic and light working practices. The waxing crescent moon offers us a valuable time to draw what we desire toward us. This is especially effective right now with relationships, arousal and passion as mentioned above.

Another things you can do is try carrying a piece of Rhodochrosite (also known as Inca Rose Stone, Raspberry Spar, Manganese Spar). Rhodochrosite comes in a variety of shades from bright red to soft shades of pink, and opaque forms with swirling patterns. Rhodochrosite is an excellent conductor of energy. This beautiful tumbled stone is excellent for communication in a relationship. It is also known to stimulate compassion and gives off an overwhelming feeling of love.

Your Mission for this week:

Be closer than you thought possible to those around you. Many of your close friends and family or even a potential partner are not sure how you are feeling lately. Your miscommunication or lack of it has many feeling boggled. Try not to continue to feel down n your self or on a certain situation that is really out of your control or hands. Work on your communication skills and how you come across to others. Treat yourself to a deep meditation and connect with your subconscious self. Remember not to allow yourself to become over melodramatic in any situation. You are loved by all those around you, just don't take them for granted.

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)


Mokihana and Pete said...

Perfect reminders. "just don't take them for granted" ... in the drama of living through illness there must be room for loving those who witness. I am feeling renewal and possibilities ... like you, we have relocated recently, have many blessings to count and challenges as well. What helps is to be gentle on self and others, and rest ... focus not on the lack but the gifts that come when I feel what Earth feels so much of the time.
OMIGODDESSES. Be well your self Candice. Thank you for your sharing. Mokihana

Rainbow Tree said...

Wonderful comment Mokihana! I hope other readers and passers by stop and take the time to reflect on what you just wrote!

I too am feeling renewal and possibilities. I look forward to what tomorrow may bring and I am only going to expect the best. :-)

Many thanks and love to you & yours!