Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When we get down we must get back up

pic of our home a couple of years ago

Things have been a little rough here at our home and farm but I hope they will soon begin to look up. We are in the final stages of preparing to make the big move back home with my mom since my dad unexpectedly passed away. It seems I have been battling with my own personal 'demons' for the past few weeks. I had to do some deep visualizing and ask for help from the ancestors to avoid what felt like a nervous breakdown. While sitting on the couch the other night before bed, I fell asleep. The dream/vision was quick and simple. I was in a foreign country, desert like surroundings. I was being stoned to death simply becasue I was an opinionated woman that did not conform to fundamentally male dominated religious standards. After this vision I stopped complaining that we are using coolers for our food in place of a broken fridge. Instead of being angry at the world for losing our home, Tom being denied unemployment and us having zero income since February, I decided those things were ok. They weren't killing me. Yes, bluntly put it does suck. I have my health back after 6 years of being in and out of the hospital and a frail 96 pounds. I currently have this roof over my head and when we leave I will have someone else's, but it is still a roof and a home with running water and electricity. These are things I have temperately done without before becasue of recent circumstances. I'll have my days and emotional outbursts. Who wouldn't with so much going on? At least I know that we'll will manage and make it through. I have my husband, my daughter, my mom, my heath and a place to go. Isn't that all we really need anyway?

Since we have been packing more, I can't believe the amount of other 'stuff' we have come across. Enough stuff to have another moving sale! I guess that's what happens when you begin to simplify and prepare to go from a 2,300 square foot home down to two bedrooms of someones upstairs and a shared bathroom. I haven't had nor really been able to sweep the floors in a week or so. You can imagine with dogs and half a dozen or so kitty cats. Ug, I can't believe I just shared that. Reality hurts sometimes I guess. ;-) I still have to find homes for all but 2 of the kitty cats. I had an adoption page on my website but since it is being reconstructed becasue of the move, I haven't had a change to revamp and reestablish that particular part. If you live in Ohio and want to adopt a beautiful furry friend, let me know!

Speaking of my website... During the day when I am taking a break or struggling with a nicotine fit (officially been 29 days since I quit smoking tobacco) I sit here at the computer and catch up on some online work. The website is being totally revamped. I think all of you will like the new site and shop! From my Original Drawings and Canvas Paintings to my Internationally & Nationally Nominated Photography, Affirmation Ornaments, Oracle Readings, Officiant/Ministry Services to viewable Meditation & Relaxation Videos plus Green & Sustainable Living Tips! Shew, that was a mouth full. I almost forgot to mention the Heirloom plants & trees that are available for a limited time only.

Here is a sample of some of the items a the shop section of the Giving Earth:

Oracle Readings
A variety of personalized & printed oracle & tarot readings that are ready to frame. Each reading comes with a special stone or crystal and is done while in deep meditation by Spiritual Healer & High Priestess Kandice Thompson

Ministry & Officiant Services
Large variety of services from house blessings to commitment ceremonies, memorial services to spiritual counseling and much more.
Click Here

Internationally & Nationally Nominated Photography
The raw beauty of Mother nature and her creations can be seen in the detailed images captured on film.
Original & Signed Paintings
Several one of a kind original and signed paintings on canvas. Usually Kandice enters a deep form of meditation while listening to relaxation and tribal music when she begins her painting.
Affirmation Ornaments
A stunning collection of hand painted and signed affirmation ornaments. Both positive & negative affirmations affect our overall feel and state of being. Adorn your home, around running water and by your bed with these exclusive glazed ornaments. From writing to sacred ancient symbols and detailed painted images. No two are alike!
Heirloom Trees & Plants
Seasonal Heirloom Trees & Plants grown under the strictest of Natural and Organic standards. Shipped May 1st to June 10th Only!


I was really excited about all the updates on my website so I hope all of you get a chance to visit the Giving Earth and see how far Ive come with it.

Someday I will add a section with my clay and pottery items. I received 25 pounds of earth clay from a friend for my birthday in April. I do love to rub my fingers in the damp cool clay. i find it therapeutic and meditative. I can get lost for hours just shaping and reshaping to only end up with nothing but the clay going back in the bag at the end.

I recently became active with the Face Book thing. Feel free to add me as your friend if you are on there. Please mention you found me from my blog. This way I don't think you are some spam or fem bot out to get me. ;-)

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