Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekly Lunar Reading & Magical Attributes: May 12th - 19th

Moon Phase:Wanning Gibbous - 89% of Full (third quarter)

Moon's Place
(moon enters Aquarius on Thursday, May 14th)

Lunar Reading:

The negativity around you and the emotions running on empty are a bit overwhelming. Chances are you are crying at the drop of a dime or your temper is getting the best of you. You are not alone in the excessive emotional state you are experiencing.

Many of us are finding it difficult to focus on what we call the normality of our life. Maybe this is becasue the 'normal' is in need of changing. If you are experiencing the same emotions or outbursts over and over again then the pattern has to be changed. It is up to you to change this, no one can do it for you. Give yourself a little 'me' time each and everyday. Reevaluate your current emotional state. See what it is you want to change and then change it. Focus on the positive verses the negative and emphasize that you are receiving and feel an abundance of gratitude around you.

We tend to let the words or actions of others create who we are. We take things seriously when they shouldn't be or we read more into a snide or even comical remark or gesture. If there is something that was said or done that is bothering you, then it is up to you to bring it to the surface and solve the problem/issue. There may be no problem or issue in the eyes of others. It may simply be how you are taking things personally becasue of your current emotional state of being.

By the middle of the week things will begin to look a little brighter but you must enable this to happen. Stop putting off what needs to be done and do not under any circumstances reflect negative thoughts or gestures upon your emotional or physical self. You must create who you are physically, emotionally and spiritually. Be happy with you, after all you were created this way for reason. You are unique, an individual and you are loved. Walk with your head held high, show your natural beauty and know you are a magnificent creature on the earth. You are part of a much bigger picture than you are currently allowing yourself to see.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

Allow your imagination to be given more thought and consideration. Apply your imagination as though it were more of your reality than what you perceive your current state of consciousness to be.

It's time to invoke your imagination with one of my spells/meditations. Spark your creative impulses and stimulate an inspiring atmosphere with this aromatic meditation.

Invoke Imagination
a Meditation/Ritual by High Priestess Kandice (Rainbow Tree)

In a small glass dish blend the following pure essential oils together:
1/2 tsp extra virgin olive oil or other light base blending oil
3 drops of sandalwood oil
3 drops sage oil
3 drops bergamot oil
Blend oils together and place in an aromatherapy lamp. Sit within a foot or two from the oil and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and begin some deep breathing. In your head, count to three as you inhale deeply through your nose. Exhale through your mouth on the count of six. As you are doing this visualize specks of pure bright white energy particles being absorbed into every organism of your body through your nose. When you exhale visualize the particles for a short time coming out as black matter that is the negativity. As you continue to breath and exhale, visualize the matter being released as getting lighter and lighter until it is coming out the same as the energy being inhaled. Once you begin to smell the aroma repeat the following aloud three or more times:
All I want to see may now come visit me.
I am ready to be shown all my existing creativity.
Hold this vision so I may always see.
Invoke the imagination I was meant to see.
It is now so mote it be.

Your Mission for this week:

Take care of yourself and be kind and compassionate to those around you. Manifest how you want to be treated by others. Knowing you are a deserving person of the best type of treatment, love, compassion and kindness. Treat others in the same manner you want to receive. If you are having trouble or feel you are in a slump or cave, then try one of my past rituals/practices for a cleansing of your soul/spirit. Search my blog or see my archives for many meditations on cleansing and charging the most important tool you have, you!

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)


Liberty said...

wow! thank you for this awesome reading. it was as if it was written for me personally!!

I have one question:
I have MCS and can't tolerate any essential oils at all (they are really high in naturally occurring VOCs).
Can I do the Imagination ritual another way?

thank you again for these weekly readings you do. I look forward to them and they always, without fail, contain some piece of wisdom, inspiration or assurance that is relevant to me.

many blessings,

Rainbow Tree said...

Greetings Liberty!

First let me say Thank You for you comment. It does my ears and heart good to know there are not only readers, but those that resonate with the readings and messages. I appreciate you taking the time and leaving a comment!

As an alternative to the essential oils I would suggest using a live Sage plant. Preferably a white sage. If you can do this, rub the sage leafs between your fingers to release the aroma. Sage is really the most important of scents in this meditation. If you can handle the smoke, then I would suggest buying dried sage and burning a small amount near your meditation area. Perhaps a collection of wildflowers that resonate with you or spark your imagination could be used as well.

If none of the above work, my last suggestion would be to use direct sunlight, moonlight or a cleansing bath while repeating aloud the blessing for imagination. Focus your thoughts on childhood memories or things that were 'real' as a child that you don't necessarily believe in now. A quiet walk in the woods always invokes my imagination. I stop to smell all wildflowers and peek around trees to see the woodland creatures.

Another way to spark your imagination is to simply place a blanket on the ground outside. Make sure this is a day when there are large fluffy clouds scattered across the sky. Lay on the ground and release all your thoughts, worries and troubles. Be in the moment and visualize your self in flight with the clouds. What are you jumping, skipping and flying to and from? Allow the clouds to take shape into anything your consciousness chooses. You can also do this at night with the starry sky. Follow the same releasing methods and you will begin to visualize lines and strings that connect each star like a dot to dot game. You can extend your hand to the stars while looking beyond your hand. As you focus your eyes on the stars but not your hand you will begin to notice your hand and arm have 'disappeared' or become invisible to the stars you are viewing behind it. Then your imagination and thoughts are provoked and stimulated.

Hope any one or even all of these might help you, or anyone else that wants to spark their imagination and thoughts.

Many thanks again Liberty for reading this universal blog and leaving your comments for others to read!

Wishing you a magnificent week filled with love, gratitude and gifts of abundance.


Mokihana and Pete said...

Dear Kandice,

I love this weekly reminder and meditation. Perfectly timed for what is happening in my life. Your alternatives for Liberty are such sensitive and meaningful ways for those of us with MCS to be with the flow. I have loved your meditations and will add this to my inventory of loving things to feed upon.

Thank you and aloha, Mokihana

Rainbow Tree said...

Many thanks Mokihana for stopping by and leaving your comment. This is a great one to add to a book or inventory as you mentioned. My daughter & I will sleep under the stars on certain summer nights. We do the 'hand disappearing' practice all the time. It makes her think and not limit her imagination or thoughts. It also reminds me to do the same. :-)

Much love & thanks,