Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekly LUNAR Reading & MAGICAL Attributes: January 26th - February 1st for all your graphic and Myspace needs!

Todays Date: Monday, January 26th, 2009

Moon Phase:
Waning - NEW Moon: 0% of Full (next Full Moon: February 9th)

Moon's Place Today:

Weekly Lunar Reading:

Tonight's New Moon is also bringing the first of no less than six eclipses this year. This solar eclipse (occurring at 2:55am Monday, Eastern time, 11:55pm, Pacific time) will primarily be visible from the Indian Ocean, but as you probably know, visible or not, eclipses are powerful energizers and we will all be feeling this one for a long time.

The energy in the air is interesting to say the least. There is an abundance of energy flowing through the universe from this eclipse and the ones that follow. Life as a whole may begin to alter in a new direction from they way we currently know it. There is much negativity still lingering in in the universe. We are contributors in many ways even though it may be subconsciously. This series of eclipses is offering you a time to reflect on your own lifestyle, your choices and what you wish to manifest or destroy depending on your thoughts and how you project them. For many they have a repetitive pattern that seems to always land them in a situation of control, drama or manipulation. They feed and rely on others for their happiness and dream making abilities. The pattern needs to be broke as soon as possible. There can be no change until the doers see the harm they have caused physically,emotionally,financially or environmentally.

There is much light work to be done in your personal life and the global community you are connected to. Most likely you have been feeling a call to get back to some sort of spirituality, prayer or faith for humanity and the planet in general. Regardless of religions or spiritual status, prayer is essential in our daily lives. It connects us with what is, even if we don't all agree on what it is. Prayer in general has scientifically and spiritually been proven to be effective, especially when prayer or meditation was done in large numbers or groups. The urge you are feeling is most likely caused by a lack of connection to any one feeling or emotion. We all need some sort of hope, even though we are the answer to all of our prayers. The practice of praying in a meditation form of 'knowing' that said person is healed verse begging for relief and reaffirming the dis-ease or suffering, is the approach that needs to be taken. We are creators of our own destiny, we manifest and have unlimited access to the laws of attraction. Use your spiritual self and your consciousness to evolve and prepare for tomorrow. You are a vessel of creation, love and gratitude. Shine your light for the world!

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

If your emotions and sensitivities have been a little out of control then you are in need of a good grounding and meditation. During this month and the eclipse you should consider cleansing your self spiritually. I would highly recommend doing the same with your home and accumulated items. A good smudging of sweeping of the corners is in need to rid any residual energy. For a personal body cleansing of the spirit try my Cleansing Bath Ritual I posted earlier on.

Many of us Spring Clean our homes, we rid ourselves of the old, have garage and yard sales and so on. Little attention do we pay to ourselves and the balance we carry each and every day. Later today I will be posting two of my Cleansing of the Soul & Spirit rituals and meditations for you. These will aid in your abilities to focus on what you see as important, your creative blocks and potential manifestations.

Most of the universal light workers have been feeling depressed and drained the past few weeks. It is all some of them can do from allowing an illness or dis-ease to set in from stress and unbalanced energies. Though most of this energy is not coming from them it is simply absorbed because of their sensitivity to the spiritual, emotional and environmental world they reside in. Their earth bound bodies have little tolerance for such drama and unconscious acts that are made around the world. The rest of humanity has never understood these beings of light and their eclectic lifestyles, but a new acceptance is about to take form so they can teach others of the past and the truths of today.

You are urged to listen to your cosmic voice this week more than ever. The answers you have been seeking are on the verge of being released through your own consciousness. Allow your thoughts to flow and focus on what you want to project and not what you fear may happen. We must learn to release before we can accept. Release what needs releasing so you have room for more collective and conscious thoughts.

Rainbow Tree's ~ New Moon Blessing
Pray to the moon when when only her aura is seen.
Though I can not see her body I know she still gleams.
Her beauty though shadowed is still bright.
She brings me renewal with this sacred light.
New energy and light for tomorrow.
I will be released of any remaining sorrow.
Pray to the moon when only her aura is seen.
Only a sliver of her beauty and powers do gleam.
I thank the moon and the moon thanks me.
I connect with all that is, even the lone standing tree.
It is time for Luna to set my spirit free.
Tomorrow I will begin a new way to see.
So mote it be.

Your Mission for this week:

If you're feeling like a caged or suppressed animal then go ahead and break out of the bars or box that binds you. They are just visuals created by your subconscious or others words to discourage you. You are a limitless vessel of love and light. You have the capabilities to illuminate the world with your inner beauty and peaceful thoughts. Seek only the good in others this week. Look past any of their faults as their faults are only faults to you and not others. Your judgments tend to be frowned upon by the universal love and energy that connects us all. View each life form as your own blood, that you must love, nurture and tend to. We are all children of this planet we call Mother Earth. Make it your mission this week to treat her and ALL her children, especially those unknown or unmet with love and gratitude.

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

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