Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oracle Message from the Fairy Realm 1/20/09

Title: A Fairies View ~ Image copyright © Rainbow Tree (aka Kandice Thompson)

From time to time the Fairy folk feel a need to speak a message for those that want to listen. Each weak I do an Oracle Reading with the Fairies to ask their guidance and opinions on life in general. I do this for myself and anyone else who wants to listen or read.

Often in life we put things off or we say "I can't do that", but we really want to jump feet first and live our dreams in our daily life. I asked the Fairies and the energy today if there was one message above all else to share with the blog readers. The message was "Follow Your Dreams".

The fairies feel you are not allowing enough time to focus and meditate on your heart's desires. You are urged to rearrange and create your own time with your schedule in ways that resonate with your heart and are truly meaningful to you both.

Many of us struggle with our true desires. We are influenced by many outside fears and become distracted by technology and other advancements that sometimes take away from the whole experience of being human and a spiritual being. Stop waiting for the perfect time or moment to take charge of your dreams! The time has always been perfect, it is you that has not scheduled your dreams into your daily life or weekly agenda. You skip over them waiting for the right time or circumstance. You may even wait for someone or something else to come to your aid and help you achieve your dreams, but this is where you get distracted and fear that you can not do it alone. You are never alone in a spiritual world and the law of attraction is always working with and directly for you.

The fairies urge you to take charge this very minute of your schedule. Start by meditating on your 'true' hearts desire. Make a physical list of three or more priorities/dreams you are ready to live and achieve. The importance of how you create of what you specifically do is minimal and of little importance. The most important part is investing your time and energy in that which makes you feel fulfilled and gives you true happiness.

The fairies feel you should write or verbally aloud repeat the following affirmation daily:
I have total control over my life and schedule. The best is what I am deserving of.


City Mouse said...

I have so many books about fairy folks and plant spirits, and I had just been thinking about this kind of thing today ... and then I found your blog through Granny Sue! I added myself to your follower list so I can come back often. Gotta go read some of your posts now! Awesome.

Rainbow Tree said...

I'm so tickled you enjoy my blog City Mouse!!! Many, many thanks for subscribing!

I too have many books with the fairies and other elemental sprites and beings. We seem to have quite a few of the little creatures that hang around the grape arbor and heirloom apple trees. I love to sit under the arbor and close my eyes to hear their beautiful music.

Hope you have a magnificent day City Mouse!