Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Updates & News of the New!

What a ride it has been the past couple of weeks. We are now officially in the 2009 year. If many of you are like me, you feel that the days, weeks, months and now the years are flying by so very fast!

This post is an update of the current happenings and such. It is after all an eclectic blog so this will be an eclectic update. ;-)
Updates & Reminders:
  1. Don't forget to enter the Give-A-Way! One lucky reader will receive all these items below if they are the winner of the Kitty Cat Caption Contest! Here are the items you could win if your Caption is chose as the Best Caption for the graphic. Don't forget to visit the Kitty Caption Contest Give-A-Way blog post to leave a comment with your caption to be entered.
  2. Full Moon on January 10th, 2009. You don't want to miss the first Full Moon of the new year! Cleansing and meditating with a Full Moon is the best way to clear your energy of any negative vibes. A full moon is also the perfect time to charge and cleanse your crystals, anthems and other magical/light working tools. Previously I blogged a Full Moon Blessing for anyone to use when recharging in the light of the full moon. With Spring only a couple of months away, you might want to begin making plans on Creating a Moon Garden. A moon Garden is the perfect spot to sit, relax and enjoy the moon.
  3. By request of the Fairy folk and realm, I have added a weekly Oracle Message from the Fairies. Each week, usually on a Tuesday I will post one very important message from the Fairies. Today the message was about Honoring your True Feelings and listening to your inner self. Last week the message pertained to Family Harmony. The fairies have much to say to those that want to listen.
  4. As aways there is a Weekly Lunar Reading with Magical Attributes posted each Moon-Day (Monday). You'll find a large Oracle Reading with what to expect for the week, the things you may or are currently experiencing, the current lunar phase and moon cycle, magical & light working ideas, ancient blessings, chants, meditations, a weekly mission for you to take if you so choose and so on. This weeks Lunar Reading & Magical Attributes pertains to our awareness and connection with others and the universe as a whole.
  5. On occasion you'll find postings for Nature's Remedies. These highly beneficial posts provide us with alternative & natural ways to aid in healing and to treat various discomforts and dis-eases. When these aren't being posted a similar blog about Green & Environmental living, Domestic Goddess advice and tips or being a Witch in the Kitchen will be in its place.
  6. January 26th - Annual Solar Eclipse & New Moon: The path of annularity will begin off the coast of South Africa and move east and north through the Indian Ocean and into Sumatra and Borneo. A partial eclipse will be visible throughout most of southern Africa, southeastern Asia, and western Australia. (source: http://www.seasky.org/astronomy/astronomy_calendar_2009.html )

I'd like to thank all of you for reading my array of eclectic blog posts. I hope you enjoy reading all of them as much as I love to create and post the many writings, blessings, readings and ideas.

Wishing you all a wonderful week filled with conscious thinking and positive vibrations!

Rainbow Tree

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