Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekly LUNAR Reading & MAGICAL Attributes: January 5th - 11th

Todays Date:
Monday, January 5th, 2009

Moon Phase:

Waxing Gibbous - 2nd Quarter: 63% of Full (next Full Moon: January 10th)

Moon's Place Today: Taurus

Lunar Reading:

You may have much to finish from last week. The things left undone need to be resolved before the full moon on January 10th. The planets are aligned in your favor. What ever you begin now is sure to last a long time and will be hard to alter. Choose your activities and conversations wisely. Things that will be said can never be unsaid or taken back.

This week poses many opportunities for you both spiritually and financially. Choose wisely the projects you take on as they can not be undone this week if you start them. Make sure you do not overwhelm yourself with more than one or two major creative ideas or events you plan to participate in. When you choose to create or start something new, make sure some part of it resonates with you life. If it does not benefit you and the whole of humanity as one, refocus your thoughts and try again with something new. The universe does not take kindly to egotistical magic or work that is only in favor of one entity. In any work/creations you start this week, be sure they are filled with love and gratitude.

As the full moon approaches, we must remind ourselves that we too cycle with the moon, planets and sun. Many of our emotions and our state of being cycle with the lunar phases. When the moon is full we have unlimited energy to recharge our inner state of being and to start and create new events and ideas. Each one of us holds enough energy to illuminate an entire city the size of Manhattan for nearly a week or longer. One single person holds this amount of vibrations in their human body. Now imagine if you meditated daily, recognized this energy for the better of all humanity and became a universal device to help spread the positive vibrations around the globe. You have all this available at your fingertips if you so choose to access and recognize the endless possibilities.

This week for many will be quite positive, joyous and pose new advancements both financially and spiritually. However, there are always those that choose to focus on the drama, the darkness and the negativity. They feed the machine so to speak and cause it to grow larger and more hungry for the next feeding. They choose to live with and in disillusionment of their reality and the realities of the world. They are too consumed in their drama to take notice of all the good being done. They are also too far into their own ego and world to notice that they are fortunate and lucky not to be in a situation like Dar-fur or the Armenian Genocide. They take the little things for grated and most of the time they are too far disconnected to see what is right in front of them. We can not change these people as that is not the mission of the universe. However we can set an example for them, we can crack a window and if they so choose to fully open it they can. Either way the choice is always theirs. Some may choose to shut, lock and cover the windows with blinds as they would have to recognize and accept that their situation was a manifestation created on their behalf. We as humans live too much in our ego. So much at times that we can not see we are the ones creating or feeding the situation that we are disappointed with. The universe is always there to help with the law of attraction, but you only attract what you emit. You do the math.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

The most powerful time to raise our energy and recharge our magical and light working devices is this week before and during the full moon. A full moon is the greatest time of power and energy flow. I always encourage my readers to do some form of moon meditation and charging during this time. Please see my past blog archives for many Full Moon Blessings & Rituals besides the one below.

Many of you light workers, druids, witches, wiccans, pagans and earth based beings have been experiencing a mix of emotions. You will begin to spin out of balance if you don't fully ground yourself with the upcoming full moon. You should not practice any magical or light work until you have fully cleansed your self both physically and spiritually of any negative vibes. I highly recommend a grounding meditation before any work is done with the full moon. A shower meditation or bath ritual for yourself would be perfect before you begin your planetary and universal healing (see archived blog posts).

Your light work is highly needed in our current world. All that you can do is highly respected by the laws of the universe. You are encouraged to live more in spirit and with spirit verses a false reality of cars, computers, machines, games, internet and more. Not that these things are all bad, but they do tend to distract us and our lives. We spend far too much time in a world that makes no difference verses living in a world where we are making a difference. ;-)

I've created a new Full Moon blessing for anyone wishing to use it. You can do this blessing during a full moon (preferred) or up to three days prior and three days after. This blessing should only be done when you have direct light from the moon. Do not use this blessing through a glass window. If you must, open a window and screen verses going outdoors.

Rainbow Tree's Full Moon Blessing

Bless the sacred moon I see.
Tis a new era from the earth, sky and sea.

I raise my arms to the possibilities.

Allow every human form to see all realities.

Open hearts and minds for a universal healing.

Awaken those who ignore the feeling.

Bless the sacred moon I see as she is part of me.

I thank the sacred directions that surround me.
I draw your energy to me so I may help others to see.

Let your moonlight shine a path.

Cleanse all life in one universal bath.

Bless this sacred moon I see.

So mote it be.

Your Mission for this week:

Do something totally out of the ordinary. Make someone else in your inner circle feel extraordinary by creating something from your kitchen or your crafty ways. A simple unexpected gift to a sister, friend, cousin or loved one is all you need to do. Preferably this gift should be from the heat and have no monetary value of any sorts. You should create it. Freshly baked goods like a loaf of bread, a dozen cookies or a few muffins would work well. If cooking isn't your trade, try something different. Any form of creation from your heart like a drawing, painting, crotchet or knitted item, etc. is all it needs to be. Attach a personal note to the item for the receiver. Let them know how grateful you feel to have them in your life. You yourself are a gift in this world so pass your abilities and share your creations and energy with those around you.

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-) **Don't forget to subscribe to my blog to receive weekly lunar readings directly in your email box!

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