Thursday, December 11, 2008

Full Moon Blessing & Meditation
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The vibrational energy is on the rise for the upcoming full moon tomorrow night! Any sort of positive meditation, magic or other acts of manifestation at this time are extremely beneficial! The universe and our mother earth are depending upon the light workers & magic doers like yourself to assist in the healing of our planet and the heart of humanity. By accepting all forms of life as equal, we are accepting the universal light and energy into our very core of being. Connecting to all that exists and knowing you are part of every living organism gives you new perspective and outlook towards conscious thinking and doing no harm.

We are our answer to our prayers, the promise that we seek and the hope of tomorrow. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We hold the key to expanding the energy and healing the planet and human race. Your work is needed more than you realize. The impact your healing and positive thoughts have creates extreme levels of positive and vibrational energy that spreads out just like wind and floats across the earth. It's absorbed in the water, the air, trees and other living things including all of Mother Nature's creatures. So you see, regardless of your light work or magical attributes, as long as you do it with love and positive thought you become the answer, the healer, giver, receiver and the hope for tomorrow and what is to come.

Set a time aside each day, allow yourself a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes so you may clear your thoughts and then focus on the healing & love energies you are receiving and transmitting. I strongly recommend grid work for such practices as it automatically recognizes the connection of all things while enabling you to focus on one thing in particular or a volume of things at once. Do your magical/light work while incorporating all the elements of nature (earth, water, air & fire)

Full Moon Meditation & Cleansing

This meditation will need be to done in the direct light of the moon. Outdoor works best but if the weather be too cold for your bones, open a window in your home and view the moon directly. DO NOT, under any circumstances do this meditation while viewing the moon through a window. You must have direct visualization with the moonlight.

With feet on the ground, in a standing position raise your hands with index fingers and thumbs together creating a pyramid shape. The sacred geometry of the pyramid allows us to draw in the energy more efficiently. Start at the belly button or ground if you prefer and begin to raise your hands in the method mentioned above. Make sure not to release your fingers from touching each other. With your palms facing away from you begin to raise your pyramid, keeping it close to your body and where the illumination of the moon can come through. When you reach the point where you are close to your face with your hands, extend your arms (still keeping index fingers and thumbs together for your pyramid shape) up towards the moon so you may see the entire moon through the pyramid shape. View the moon and her aura. Focus deeply on the colors and the shape you have created to view them through. You will begin to notice that your hands are just as illuminated as the moon. You'll also begin to feel heat in the pyramid that expands into your fingers, hands and arms. Some will experience tingling as the warmth runs through their bodies. Visualize the moon and her rays reaching out and touching all that exists. Every tree branch, strand of hair on your head, every blade of grass, ripple of water and all creation are connected with their auras and the aura of the moon. Make sure you remember to include yourself, friends and family and on and on. As your fingers are tingling know they are releasing any negative thoughts, manifestations, creations and energies from your body and life. The aura and reflection of the moon through your pyramid are filling your spirit and rejuvenating it with the much needed love & gratitude towards all creation.

Below is a moon blessing I have written if you wish to say aloud to Luna. This blessing can be done 3 days prior, during and after a full moon. This will aid in your physical healing, emotional turmoil and creative thoughts for opening ones mind.

Blessed be, tis the moon I see.
Oh beautiful one, thank you for guiding me.
Raise my awareness and open my mind,
I am now ready to see the truly divine.
No limit does my heart follow,
no turning my back and seeing as hallow.
Oh bless me moon for I was once week.
Tis now the knowledge and truth that I seek.

To assist in raising your vibrational level to the maximum, after you have completed the above blessing, in your deepest and strongest tone perform the Ahhhhh sound out of your mouth. Make sure it is coming from deep within your stomach and not your throat. Repeat the Ahhhh-ing sound at least 6 to 12 times. Any other tones you feel inclined to do after this are coming from your inner vibrations and are part of the celestial voice. Allow the celestial voice to Om, ah, sing and do as it feels. If you get the urge to rock your body, dance or do any other wonderful and positive thing, by all means go for it. Don't limit yourself and enjoy the offerings of the universe.
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