Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekly LUNAR Reading & MAGICAL Attributes: Dec. 22-28

Todays Date: Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Moon Phase:
Waning Crescent : 20% of Full (next Full Moon: January 10th)

Moon's Place Today: Scorpio

Lunar Reading:

Let there be light! The sun has once again resurrected from the darkness. In the ancient days, the people feared they would live in eternal darkness and they anticipated the rebirth of the sun to bring the light back. With out the sun and light we would not exist, there would be no crops, trees or even humans to be seen. We all depend on this sun for life. As appropriate as it was, the days leading to Winter Solstice when the sun us reborn, were all dark and grey here in Ohio. We looked forward to the suns rebirth and on Solstice day, we awoke to sun streaming through the trees and clouds. Such a beautiful site to see!

Late last week your emotions were running high and they still may be a little shaky and sensitive. You may find that you feel the urge to cry more often than usual. The new year is coming and most likely you are naturally going to rid yourself of the negative energies that have been trapped inside your spirit. Our physical self releases such things via illness, night sweats, emotional outbreaks with tears and so on. Any of these symptoms you are experiencing are because of the overwhelming abundance of negativity and drama that you are carrying around. There is no need to dwell, focus or relive such issues. Your spirit wants them to be released and you need to learn to accept, let go and know that all is as it should be. Sometimes we are unable to experience the full joy of a situation until we fully understand the sorrow leading up to it. Meaning that sometimes the only way to get to the point where you want to be is to go through a large amount of negativity. I have personally seen some of the most beautiful relationships and situations take place only because of a negative situation that happened earlier. there i a flow to things, and if you sit back and allow this universal flow to carry you along for the ride, you'll be just fine. Stop trying to resist the universal flow as it is larger than you can possibly imagine and you can not manipulate it in your own negative direction. Stay in the light, have faith and know that this too shall pass.

This week you will have several points of feeling overwhelmed or unappreciated. This is normal and common for most goddesses around this time of year. You and only you have the ability to counter these emotions and feelings. If you believe it is others that are making you feel this way, rethink the situation as you and only you have control of your emotional state. Do not allow others to control or manipulate your state of well being. Do things for yourself when you are feeling down. Meditate, take a nice long hot shower or bath and relax. The rest can wait, the world is not going anywhere anytime soon.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

Now is a perfect time to ward off any lingering negativity around the house or your self. Secrets from your past or those around you may be brought into the light. You may need to assist those struggling with their new found truths. Sometimes truth hurts but it is always necessary in the end. This week you will find new truths in old lies and stories. Try your hardest to not pass judgment or bee too shocked of ones secrets that are coming forth. We all have our dark closets and the best thing you can do is be supportive of those coming out with the truth. Sometimes the lies are easier to accept than the truth. Truth can be a scary thing for those that don't want to believe the actual reality of it all.

Any magical work done this week should focus on gratitude, love, honesty and rebirth. As the earth, sun, moon and seasons cycle, so do we humans and all life that exists. We shed our bark and gain new insight for new possibilities and creations. Incorporate some seasonal herbs in your magical work this week. Rosemary and thyme play a vital role this time of year in many cooking spells and magical potions. Use your instinct to do what is best for yourself and those around you.

Your Mission for this week:

The fruits, nuts and berries are quite scarce this time of year. Many of our feathered and furry friends are looking for food and having little to no luck. It is the responsibility of us humans to provide them with the necessities that they can no longer find to survive through the winter. Your mission this week is simple! Visit local parks and nature preserves and of course your back yard. Purchase or make some birdseed ornaments or simple scatter birdseed around on picnic tables, rocks, tree stumps and other easy to find places for the birds. Take leftover apple peals and other fruit peels or dehydrated pieces and toss them outside where there would be deer, coon, pheasant and other creatures that would enjoy the tasty treat. When the legend of Santa Clause first came about, he was a nature woodsman. He brought the creates of nature gifts of plenty in the winter. Old ears of corn, fruits with juices, nuts and berries and all sorts of other goodies were taken into the woods and left for the creatures of nature. This woodsman was a gift himself to the animals and each year they looked forward to his return with his sack full of goodies. You too can be the saint that this old & wise woodsman once was. You have the capability to carry his memory and spirit on through the generations to come.

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

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