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Sacred Serpent Mound & Ancient Meteor Impact now connected with Stonehenge

Words could never really sum up my experiences at the very sacred sight called Serpent Mound. Serpent Mound is located in Southern Ohio. Most don't even know about this sacred sight connected with Stonehenge, the celestial sky and our ancient ancestors. I was fortunate enough to make a trip to Serpent Mound two years ago and after visiting I knew I had to come back. For Tom & I's 9th wedding anniversary, we chose to visit the great snake once more while taking my parents whom had never been there. From our house in central Ohio, it is about a 3 hour drive. Well worth the time as we avoided the highways and stuck with the scenic route. There is no other way to go if you ask me! I took many of my stones & crystals down for charging. While we ended our walk along the trail, I was gifted by the serpent with beautiful tree nuts (I have to remember what kind) to share and plant.

At our first visit I captured many great images on camera and have since sold them on my ArtWanted - Photography portfolio. I donate 20% of all sales and continue to raise awareness on this beautiful place that is also known as a meteor impact sight as well. One of the many wonders of Serpent Mound and mysteries in Ohio is the enigmatic connection to the hexagon cube of Pythagoras, the first Greek philosopher. The great serpent may be seen as extending into all three dimensions of the cube all with height, width and depth. This amazing serpent is also aligned with the constellation Draco. Both Serpent Mound and Stonehenge are directly under the Northern Star and center points for our world. When standing in the coiled tail at the true North-South Orientation, you'll find a compass useless as the magnetic fields from the true astronomical north will throw it off. Ross Hamilton, author of "The Great Serpent Mound Book of Wonders & Mysteries" sums it up best with all his facts, speculations and evidence. The seven coils, the spiral tail, the great oval and the small pyramid mound are all symbolic and brought purpose in ritual for medicine, healing and awakening.

The Adena people i.e. (they who require nothing) were giant like compared to us. Carbon dating and few remains show these people at an average height of 7 or more feet. Their skulls much larger than ours and slightly different in shape. I have seen documented skulls like this only once before in a book titled "the Mystery of the Crystal Skulls". The irony as I personally was associating ancient and sacred crystal skulls with serpent mound. After my last visit and talking with Author Ross Hamiltion, I believe the visions and dreams I have been having for the past two years are highly connected. Now believed that the small pyramid was used to place a large crystal to draw in energies and lift the veil between the worlds. Some call this the hunting ground and it has yet to be reopened. The theory is a large crystal is placed on the pyramid, however I firmly believe from my visions and dreams that this is not a crystal point that was used, but a crystal skull as a generator and conductor. When we visited the first time I told of how I felt and knew in my heart the great serpent was once covered with clay and had carving all around that represented different aspects of human and star life. I also told people I felt there was a large meteor hit the base millions of years go as the energy was so intense. I was thought crazy and it was shrugged off by many. Now, two years later, my visions have been affirmed. This is now known as one of the most significant meteor impacts on earth. Obviously why the mound was built... over 5,000+ years ago, possibly even 10,000, yes, I said 5,000+ years. Recent studies are showing concrete evidence that the mound is older than any humans could imagine. It has even been suggested that this is the Garden of Eve. Where the human race came to be from the ancestors that came from the stars. Call me crazy again if you want, but the facts are there so it doesn't much matter to me. Explains a lot!

Serpent Mound offers an exciting view during Summer and Winter Solstice. The mouth of the snake casts a shadow and appears to swallow the egg or sun at the one end. While the coiled, spiral tail at the other seems to slither and come undone. Each new moon phase and celestial event coincide in some manner with the great serpent. We went exactly 5 years to the date of a crop circle in the soy beans. Many scientists are still baffled by the crop circle as the burnt beans and magnetic fields were astonishing! So you see there is a large amount of activity at this sacred site. Each person experiencing it on their own level of awareness. I for one felt like if I went to into one of the cataclysmic caves under the serpent that I wold enter the hunting grounds and be fully awakened. I see much there to do with our past, current time and the near future. These places, sacred sites of energy and ancestors are being reawakened. Those who chose to listen to the ancestral voice must do so now. Soon I would like to meditate with my pencils and paper. Both visits when I close my eyes I see symbols and letters of a great story, healing abilities and much more engraved within the serpent. I hear drumming of a heart beat, beautiful music and chants from the caves.

The mind altering and spiritually opening conclusions from Serpent Mound are mysterious as they are intriguing. I have only given you a sliver of some of the information available from Ross Hamilton's book and my own personal experiences. I could and may wright my own book with my own experiences and scientific facts as Ross has. However, I would like to place all my visions, dreams and messages that I have received from this sacred place as the number one priority.

I have added the recent images from our trip last weekend. Please go to my MySpace Pics and click on "Serpent Mound" album. If you are interested in professional, high quality prints from my previous visit in 2006 (remember 20% of my sales goes towards the preservation fund of Serpent Mound) my Art Wanted Gallery for all sorts of Print Sizes: http://www.ArtWanted.com/Kandice - http://www.Artwanted.com/Kandice Click on Serpent Mound album there as well.

I highly urge you to visit to this mound or at least donate to the preservation of it. In recent years it has become eroded, invaded by moles, neglected do to little to no funding. Most people in the world, let alone Ohio its self have no clue this historic, sacred and beneficial place even exists. They flock to Stonehenge and other great sites and this one has been left forgotten by time and private owners in recent pasts. I personally am going to become more involved with the mound and preservation. My goal is to convince those who are high up to restore a clay like top and prevent any more erosion. I believe the cataclysmic caves should be explored by archaeologists with experience. I can't imagine the possibilities of exploring these caves to find a connection to one of the most sacred spots in human history.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please educate yourself some more with the information you have hear and the newest discoveries from Ross Hamilton and his wonderful book. Visit the sacred site for yourself and help preserve and renew our history.

Don't forget to visit my MySpace Photo Album for pictures of our family trip! And, visit my Photography Gallery from 2006 to purchase professional prints of this amazing place and Fort Hill! http://www.Artwanted.com/Kandice

**Some pics from our 2008 trip:

Tom walking along the coiled tail. This gives you a good perspective of the giant size

Me sitting on coiled tail steps that go to the center and Northern Ecliptic Pole

Stone wall/Meteor Impact Site under the Serpent

Here is a video I created for YouTube. This gives you a vast amount of information, details, history and pictures of course! Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful meditative music while you view this incredible sacred site!

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