Monday, December 1, 2008

Pet Blessings for your Beloved Kitty Cat & Puppy Dog

To many of us our beloved pets and furry friends are no different than our own children or family members. According to the universe these four legged and winged members are part of the universal family. They are our brothers & sisters of the great cosmos.

The following are different Blessings for your furry family. You can and I would recommend using these blessings on a regular basis or in a matter fitted to you and your animals needs. The blessing should be said allowed while petting or showing affection to your beloved pet. There are no magical tools or materials required for these spells/blessings, however an anointment oil would aid in making the spell/blessing stronger. If you choose to use an essential oil, use one that will benefit your pet! Tea Tree oil is great when paced at the base of the neck. It will help with skin issues and flea bites or the discouragement of fleas jumping on your pet. Lavender is a wonderful oil and aids in relaxation and comfort. Lavender would be perfect for you pet when you are traveling or your pet is under stress.

** Kitty Cat Blessings **

Bast of beauty and of grace,

Protectiveness of the feline race,
Shield (name of pet) from all hurt and harm

Keep him/her always safe and warm

Watch over (name of pet) from day to day

Guide him/her home, if he/she should stray

Grant him/her much happiness and a good life free of strife and stress.


O great Goddess Bast,
I ask
That you keep (name) at home
Safe from all mischief And wanting to roam
Grant the contentment Known to his/her race.
See that he's/she's happy

In this his/her rightful place.


** Puppy Dog Blessings **

Hecate, Dark Mother
In protecting this home
In your place as is right
Stands one of your own
In defending this house
And all creatures within
Your sacred beast
A true loyal friend.
Keep him from harm
As he guards all he loves
And watch over him
So below, as above.


Diana, Goddess of the Wind
Keeper of dogs both fierce and mild
Hold (name of pet) safely in your arms
And protect this creature from all harm
And should the day come that he/she roams
Guide him/her to the path back home
Bless (name of pet) with a joyful life
Free of hardship, stress and strife


Rainbow Tree
Ordained Minister, Reverend & High Priestess

Have your Beloved Pet Officially Blessed

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