Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Enjoying the Cold Ohio Day

It's a cold one today in North/Central Ohio. The temperature is peeking at 25 degrees, the wind is blowing strongly and it is quite blustery. Small scattered snow showers are the view across the mile long field in front of the house. Winter, my favorite season is soon approaching. the days continue to grow longer yet as the sacred sabot of Winter Solstice nears. I feel a sense of magic come over my spirit.

We're heating the house with mostly dead wood so we save on the electric bully, i mean bill. Our old farm house isn't well insulated so we wear layers of clothing to stay warm. I like it this way and wouldn't want to change it. Sitting around in wool socks and long johns, keeping my hands warm with a cup of hot coffee is what I call cozy.

I've stoked the fire in the cast iron wood burner and the heat continue to blow out of fan. I'm blessed to have such a source of heat that can warm the inner depths of my bones and soul. Tonight my family will gather in the big room and we'll hunker down for the evening beside the wood burner. Tom will bring in a nights worth of wood so I can continue my routine of keeping the fire blazing and heating the house.

(current fire in the wood burner)

Before we all gather around the fire tonight, I will have to make dinner. Last night it was a home baked macaroni and cheese. I used all my left over cheeses from Colby Jack to Smoked Cheddar and a few in between. Tom said it was the best one he ever had. It was such a large pan full I had to bake it for nearly an hour. We then pigged out and only have about a quarter of it left. I think we all had thirds! Destiny took some of the remaining to each cold in her lunch at school today. I'll most likely make some sort of gravy tonight like sausage or buffalo and serve it over toast or bread with a side of peas or green beans. Yummm, I am getting hungry already.

I'm still working on several painted affirmation ornaments and my sales have all been extended at my Etsy shops (see my links to the right of this blog post). I was tickled yesterday upon selling two if my photography prints. I sold an 11x14 print of the internationally nominated image titled: Tag A Long and a 8x10 print titled Tic Seed.

That about wraps up my day. I have to make a few adjustments to my online shop, add some more wood to the fire and finish some of my projects. I hope you are enjoying your day too!

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