Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Creating a Book of Shadows for Generations to come

Every goddess or witch should have their very own personal book of shadows that they have created to pass down for future generations. For years now I have been keeping track of most of the rituals and meditations I write, the spells and cookery I have done, the healing herbs I have used and so it goes on. About 9 years ago I purchased a large black book with acid free paper inside. Each time I hold a ritual at the house I am inclined to add or write some sort of new aspect to it. I write my recipes for certain cooking dishes (with a little added magic), aromatherapy sprays and oils, natural remedies that have been passed down or ones I have found that work myself. The list goes on. You could even call it an eclectic book of variety.

A book of shadows is simple to start. Purchase a large blank, hard bound book from any book store or support handmade and buy a handmade blank book. You'll want to start off by placing a small bit about yourself in the beginning of the book. Why are you creating this book and what are the purposes you plan to use it with or for. I highly recommend dedicating the book to someone like your daughter, niece or anyone you know that would benefit and enjoy the book once your earth life has passed.

There is no special or certain way you should organize your book. It's yours after all! There is no particular organization required, use your instinct to write where you desire in your book. I do however suggest you divide the book into sections. This will give you certain areas to open in the book and a general idea of where your spell or ritual is placed.

I have several 'chapters' in my book of shadows. The first chapter or section I created was for Natural Remedies. In this section you'll find recipes for homemade chest rubs when someone has a cold or cough, anointment oils and blends for raising consciousness, heightening my husbands sexual desires (not that they need heightened anymore) and curing common ailments. Anything from homemade herbal teas that ease ones stomach troubles to first aid salve and so on.

Another chapter or section I have in my personal book of shadows is actual food recipes. These are not your everyday food recipes however. These ones have special properties and 'blessings' over the food to aid in certain situations. One of my favorites is a love concoction for a couple. It's a delicate, homemade true hot chocolate/cocoa drink. While adding each ingredient I say a blessing that pertains to what I am desiring that night for romance from my husband. When the spell and cooking are finished the persons both drink the hot chocolate that seems to raise their sexual behavior. There are several pasta and sauce dishes that use only olive oil, fruits or vegetables and specific herbs for certain meanings and values.

One of my favorite sections of my book is that of the self written meditations. I open a lot of circles and rituals with an intense meditation to set the mood and open the inner spirit. Certain meditations apply to a specific time of year, others are simply to reflect negativity, manifest something wonderful and so the list goes on. My favorite meditations are those based around important lunar and celestial events.

We can't forget about a chapter for rituals. I suggest placing or creating some sort of celestial/universal calender in your book. This will help you keep track of an upcoming date that is important to your spell/magic/light work. I've been doing Samhain rituals at my home for the past several years. Each year something new is added to the sacred sabot ritual. From circle casting, leaf tossing, salt throwing and laying to fire raising and everything in between, this is the section.

I also have a section where I have written my own personal blessings for different times of the year. There is a blessing/chant/prayer for almost every earth based holiday. You can use one that has already been created and simply tweak it or create one entirely from your own point of view. I have hundreds of blessings I have written for nearly every aspect. Even down to picking a flower from a plant to placing the water in my coffee pot each morning.

There is another section that helps me keep track of when and what stone I charged and how. This is handy when you need to do some quick magic work. You'll have a record of what stones were charged, how and by what element they were charged in and so on.

I have many more sections and chapters that pertain to my lifestyle and reflect on the way I do my light work. Everyone is different and individual thus this is they way your book of shadows should be. Your book should be unique and special just like you.

Some may feel inclined to adorn their book with charms, paintings, drawings and other stuff on the cover. Make it yours, use your imagination and get creative. I have even used the inside to draw out certain images that have come in dream form. Nothing wrong with a chapter just for notes and doodling or passing thoughts.

Have fun with this project during the upcoming winter months. It will give you something to do on the cold winter days that will be here before we know it.

Feel free to share a spell or page out of your book of shadows. If you have already created a book of your own, share with fellow readers some of your ideas or common uses for your book or books for those of us that have multiple ones. ;-)

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