Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I AM ~ Blessing

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling down for an array of reasons. It may be left over holiday stress, family issues, health or financial. We must be reminded not to neglect our personal well being. How can we expect ourselves to accomplish so much when we don't take the time to reflect on our own state of being?

There is not a single day that passes in my life that I don't count my blessings. Most importantly is to remember that I/you too are a blessing and part of this enormous universe.

Reaffirm with your soul/spirit daily that you are all these great things that you desire. I've created the following blessing for you to recite aloud daily. I recommend doing this in front of a mirror so it sinks deep within your soul and you affirm these positive energy vibrations.


I am Love
I am Honor
I am Hope
I am Renewal
I am Change
I am Life
I am Spirit
I am knowledge

I am the universal love that gives unconditionally.
I am the honor that I seek.
I am the hope of tomorrow and today.
I am the renewal of all things created.
I am the change of the wind.
I am the life that I seek to live.
I am the spirit that resides within all.
I am the knowledge of my ancestors.

I am one with creator, with the divine spirit and energies.
I am what I seek.

Today I move forward without strife. I celebrate all that creates this magnificent life.
© Rainbow Tree 2008

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