Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nature's Remedies ~ Headaches: what I've found that works

Headaches can be the downfall of an entire day. From light to moderate and severe, there is hope!

There are several natural remedies that actually work despite what the drug companies tell you. Some may not provide 'instant' relief like over the counter medicine, but you'll find little to no side effects and you'll body will thank you over time.

Here are some of the items I use for little headaches to those whoppers where you can't stand the light and want to lock yourself in a black room with padded walls and no noise. I have used all the remedies below and have found they all seem to work... especially when you combine some together! Find what works best with you.

Hope you enjoy!

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~~ Natural Remedies for Headaches ~ The Stuff that Works! ~~

Pure Lavender Essential Oil - (Organic only) Why Organic? To be sure you are getting no pesticides or other harmful chemicals that can lead to a headache in the first place. Place a drop or two on your index finger and from the center of your nose to the top of your forehead (over the third eye) rub up only then release the finger and rub up again towards your head of hair. Repeat this step until all the lavender oil has absorbed. You may rub on your temples as well. If you are fortune enough to have a lavender eye pillow made with rice or flax seed and lavender flowers, place this over our eyes and rest to find your ease. More times than not it is rest we need to relieve the symptoms.

Chamomile Tea - (organic only) Pour boiling water over 1 cup of chamomile tea. I suggest using double the amount of the chamomile flower for higher potency. Cover your mug with a plastic baggie or some sort of saucer so the steam from the tea doesn't evaporate. You want to keep all the properties of the chamomile in the cup. Steep for 5 to 10 minutes minimal with the tea covered. If you must have it sweetened use only honey as the sugar may make your headache worse.

Arnica Gel or Lotion - Arnica gel and lotion can be purchased at most health food stores and some sports shops. It's a homeopathic treatment that has NO side effects. The natural anti-inflamitory properties almost instantly reduce any swelling or pressure. Rub it in all over your forehead, shoulders and lower back for maximum relief. It has even been used to stop premature labor by midwifes and world wide cultures for centuries. Perfect for broken or bruised bones too and all sorts of arthritis. (I speak from years of experience and Arnica relief)

Arnica tabs - Same as above only in sublingual tab form. Has no side effects and does not interact with other medications. Can be used alone or with the lotion & cream above. These tabs are highly effective in headaches. Place 5 to 7 tabs under the tongue and allow them to dissolve. Usually within 20 minutes you have found your relief.

Colloidal Silver - 2 tsp of a minimum of 10 ppm and up to 30 ppm. Take 2 tsp to start off with. If you feel no difference in approx. 15 to 20 minutes, repeat the does and wait another 10 minutes. In the event you have no relief try one more time and chances are you'll nip it in the bud, NO, this amount of silver will not turn you blue. I have taken silver for a long time at 30 ppm 3x a day... and I'm not blue! You'll find the silver aids in muscle issues so it naturally seems to help with a headache. I take mine straight as it has little to no taste.

Cannabis - some states where medical marijuana is legal, you might want to give it some consideration. The reality is when I was dying and there were no other options, Cannabis was my life line. I had three different specialists tell me that if I hadn't chose that path I would be dead, no ifs ands or buts! It not only gave relief from horrid migraines, it allowed an appetite to stay at the mere 98 pounds that I was struggling to keep on. It provided relief without fogging my brain and was not highly addictive like the unlimited narcotic prescriptions they kept giving me of oxycodone and oxycotton. If you are in a state that this is a legal substance for medical use, I would highly suggest it as you'll find instant relief from almost any headache without the miserable side effects of harsh 'legal' drugs. Did I mention it's NOT addictive like many prescription pharmaceuticals?

Silence - easier said than done I know. ;-) However you would be amazed at the difference of turning off and unplugging your unused electrical devices. I'm lucky if I use my microwave once every 2 or 3 days. In the mean time, it is unplugged to avoid a larger electricity bill and the unneeded electrical and vibrational pull it is causing. As I sit here and type every single light is off in the house, everything besides my computer, stove, refrigerator and freezer is unplugged and off! It is so quiet I hear my animals breathing as they sleep and I catch the beat of my heart as if it were a drum in the distance. Silence really is golden time to time and required to give our bodies some ease and relief they require from a hards days work. If you can't find silence at home, go to a nature reserve or park where you can achieve silence from this world and allow the songs of nature to be listened to.

There are many more natural remedies for headaches, these are just a few that I have personally used and I know they work. I hope you find some comfort with your headaches. :-)

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