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Conscious Thinking = Doing No Harm: E=MC2 ~ we are all energy

A couple of months ago I created a video about conscious thinking & doing no harm. The purpose of the video was to show the connection between us humans and all living things. The video is of me rambling on about how we are all energy, E=MC2. For those that don't have a fast enough internet connection, I have taken the time to write down as much as possible from the video.

Below is the 'Manuscript: (see bottom of this post for YouTube video)

Conscious thinking = Doing no harm. Harm to none no one, anything, even on a microscopic level. Every living organism from plant life, water, cellular structure uses the same oxygen to breath as we do. The same earth water is used for nourishment for all living, breathing organisms. We've been taught as a society through religion that it is acceptable to place dominion over all of this magnificent creation. We've been taught over the years to disconnect ourselves with the cellular structure and memories that is one with us.

Lets say we live by the motto of 'do no harm'. To fully practice this would begin to lead you into a state of conscious thinking automatically. It's simple really. We'll use Einstein for example. E=MC2 Then that means we are all energy, all that exists is energy. Proven fact: we all contain start dust, we are all stardust. Deny all you want, even religious leaders when asked about being star dust will agree with the scientists on this one and only issue. We all have star dust origins. If all is energy, even star dust, we are all energy, so is the sky, the trees, the sun, moon and every single thing we see or don't see with our eyes. Here is another fact to ponder. 1 person has enough energy within them selves to illuminate an entire city for almost a week. Let me fake rewind... 1 person has enough energy to illuminate an entire city say the size of Manhattan for an entire week.

So maybe you have a better perspective on what energy is at the moment or what you yourself are capable of. With that being said lets think about E=MC2 all creation all that is being of energy. Everything under the highest of microscopes would appear as the same microbiological structure. It shows us we are all this so called stardust. we are the energy, the light the answer we have been waiting for.

Getting back to Doing under any circumstances no harm to all that exists sounds quite challenging but it isn't. If we can absorb and understand that everything is this energy and that every little microscopic thing we do has this huge ripple effect either negative or positive then we begin to better understand the way of conscious thinking and actually doing no harm. Easy example: I have 2 arms and two legs. A tree has branches. If you cut my arm off, it will hurt, I will bleed and most likely die without some sort of medical or spiritual intervening. Now lets take a perfectly healthy tree and we decide a tree limb or the entire tree is in the way of something. Most of us would not give it any thought and we would disregard our natural occurring consciousness and we would either cut the limb off from the tree or cut the entire tree down. We would have just done this without any regard as to the life that was forming there the energies that survived on that tree. How many human or nonhuman lives have been disrupted because of this action. What is or was the long term ripple effect and was it a positive one for the whole of humanity and all of earths inhabitants or was it an unconscious action with disregard for the effect it will have to come to all that survived from the tree and depended on the tree for their very existence. We could go into more detail but you already have the knowledge for conscious thinking and maybe this will give you a better perspective on it. Use your consciousness for all aspects of life. From not making the 5 unneeded trips to town as you are only supporting destruction, deforestation, greedy pockets and your own ego to satisfy a missing void. Basically, quit distracting yourself with your ego, let your ego go and you'll find the evolutionary process much easier. Conscious thinking and doing no harm should apply in all aspects of your lifestyle to create the best possible and positive ripple effect.

I can be extreme with my practices from not driving my vehicle but once every two weeks for groceries. I wont cut my grass as it is highly destructive to the life that resides there and not to mention the environment that doesn't need the emissions or let alone the support of the earths blood being oil. I wont wear or consume in any manner synthetic unnatural items or materials. Thus some have called me plain as I have virgin hair, wear no makeup and do not dress to impress. I simply am who I am, love me or hate me it doesn't matter, it's irrelevant your feelings towards me. Not that I don't care, it's just that your personal opinions do not effect me directly and have no impact on my life as most that spread their negativity would like to think.

I will continue to lead a lifestyle of sustainability an consciousness. I will continue to get as far off of the grid as possible with sustainable energy sources like solar and wind power. I will continue to grow my organic garden and prepare myself for any natural or man made event that happens. No I am not a dooms dayer,(to some extent) but I believe to not be prepared for any event is naive. Weather it be global, man made or what, we should be prepared for survival on some level. Someone posted the story of the Ant & Grass Hopper the other day. I love this story as it is so true, The ant during the summer worked and the grasshopper played. The grasshopper didn't understand the ant working so hard to store food for the upcoming winter. The grasshopper only planed for today and when winter came there was no food for him no shelter or rescue to be found. The ant had only planned for him and his colony as a whole so the grasshopper dies of starvation. SO I ask you this... Are you prepared for something along those lines? To say NOTHING will ever happen is simply ignorant. Lets look at Katrina, Hurricane Ike the tsunami and all these other natural disasters. To say you will never be affected directly or have to depend on your own knowledge and survival is again a bit naive. And if you think you don't have to plan because someone else will save you or bail you out, offer you food that will not be unlimited or wait for some sort of government assistance... you could be dead by the time your help arrives. It's happened all over the globe, it happens everyday with unforeseen events. Be the ant, not the grasshopper. Make changes in your life that will benefit the whole of humanity and yourself. Make conscious decisions that do no harm with all that you do. Step away from your ego as this is really one of the first steps. The ego can be a dangerous thing as it has led to wars, destruction, greed and to the current situation we are in universally.

You have every cellular memory from yourself and all your ancestors since the dawn of time and before. It's buried deep within your core of existence. All that you seek, knowledge, answers, hope.... it's all there, always has been. Every teaching you seek, every answer, every choice, your free will to choose.

The society that we currently live in is a society placed on fear, control greed and religion. I choose to see much more and beyond this. I choose to accept what is already within.

If you want to know more about me, my thought, opinions all that other human stuff feel free to visit me on myspace (and now BLOGSPOT) as I like to post non video blogs about sustainable living, conscious thinking, awareness and universal connection.

So I say to all of you that either love me or hate me, it doesn't matter. You are my universal brothers and sisters. We share the same universal blood, air and water from the great cosmos and planet we call earth and home. We are family and I will love you unconditionally no matter your opinions, thoughts or beliefs. Shouldn't we all coexist, Live and love together despite differences?

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