Friday, December 5, 2008

Beauty of Winter

Oh the beauty of winter. The snow will gleam with reflections of the sun. The shadows of the bare trees will dance across the white covered ground. The garden leftovers will bleed into the snow as they did the year before. It is this beautiful cycle of life & death that I am most attracted to.

The red Cardinal birds take their magical flight. I find their beauty such a comforting sight. They bring my eyes a much needed delight.

Winter is truly my favorite season of the year. The roads become less traveled as they are covered with snow and ice. Staying at home by the fire is what I find nice. At times I journey out to see what all the crackling noises are about. Most likely it's the weighing ice in the trees making them fragile and a little less stout.

The sacred apple trees no longer bare fruit for an afternoon treat. Instead they sit there, sleeping through the winter offering the birds a branch for a quick seat.

When the longest and coldest of Winter days are here, I journey outside to see the beauty of nature become fully alive and watch it as it allows winter to thrive. A quiet sit under the tree allows me thoughts of clarity.

Winter is drawing near. Before we know it the sky will offer a view so clear. We will see stars and planets adorn the earth. I will once again await the suns rebirth.

Images & poem copyrighted © Rainbow Tree ~ Kandice Thompson

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