Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekly LUNAR Reading & MAGICAL Attributes: Dec. 1st - 7th

Todays Date: Monday, December 1st, 2008

Moon Phase:

Waxing Crescent :
13% of Full (next Full Moon: December 12th)

Moon's Place Today: Capricorn

Lunar Reading:

Some major breakthroughs are predicted in your personal forecast. Everything from social awareness and situations, emotional release to physical ailments and even career opportunities will come into play this week. Be aware of your surroundings and the current events so you can recognize these opportunities.

Many of us are feeling some relief of stress now that the Thanksgiving weekend has past. I know many of you had events that were of the negative type, but please try to keep in a positive frame of mind. The drama you experienced during the weekend/week was most likely not of your creating, but someone else's egotistical ways or views. We have to remember that not everyone is as 'enlightened' as you and are. Some of us find it easy to set differences aside so we may gather with our families for at least one day out of the entire year. There are others whom choose to live in the past or negative. They tend to only focus on the 'me' situation. Meaning they only see how a situation effects them verses the whole of the family. If you are one of those people causing some of the drama, ask yourself why you can't just be in the moment and have love for your fellow family members... despite all the differences you have. Let's face it, the world would be pretty boring if we all shared the exact same opinions. ;-) Keep that in mind at your next family gathering. Set issues aside and be in the moment of love & gratitude. How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow morning and the person whom you had issues with was no longer with us in this life? What would you have said differently to them or how would your actions speak if you knew they were no longer going to be in this world as we know it tomorrow? Chances are you would have set everything aside because deep down you love this individual. It really is that simple, to love and set issues aside for 1 or more days out of an entire year.

Your power of manifestation is in high regards this week. What ever you choose to put out will come back, three times fold. Stay in the positive so you don't accumulate any more negativity into your life. It seems you are trying to rid your life of the darkness but you seem to be focusing so much on the darkness that you are continuing to live it daily. You have to counter the negativity with love, gratitude, thankfulness and joy. Even if this seems harder to do than said. Take one small thing in your life that is positive, no matter how small it seems. Be extremely thankful for this one thing. You'll notice your emotions will begin to feel lighter as the negativity begins to escape.

Sometimes we accumulate negative areas in our home that need cleansed/smudged on occasion. If you have a certain room in your home that just doesn't feel as though it should, you may want to consider having it smudged/spiritually cleansed. There are many ways you can do this. One is with a smudge stick of the herb sage. Let the smoke roll through the room, doorway and window areas. Visualize the smoke as sacred pure energy. Make sure you get the corners and any cold and dark areas as well. Another method of smudging is with spray that blends sage, water and gemstone essence. The principle and effect are the same.

There is a good chance your creative mind is ready to explode! You seem to have millions of little ideas and not enough time or money to create them all. Your craftiness and artistic abilities are crying out for you to do something with them. Stop ignoring this creative side of yours. You'll find when you create what your heart desires that you begin to experience the best type of mediation and manifestation possible. SO I say to you, create away. Don't let others conform your creativity. Allow your creative freedom to flow and see what is manifested from the depths of your soul.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

Many of us have felt like there is little to no time for any magical/light work to be done. We have created that scenario in our own heads. Time is all an illusion so you have more than enough time to do what you want. Give your events and commitments priority but leave room for yourself. Did you forget to take care of yourself the past week or two? Seems that way. We light workers tend to get wrapped up in pleasing everyone else and keeping the peace. We tend to forget to place some much needed focus upon ourselves and the world as a whole.

Give yourself a relaxing bath or shower this evening. Use some essential oils or herbs of Lavender and Chamomile to ease your nerves and help rid away any stress. Place bath salts in the water as salt is an element of the earth and can help rid your body of any toxins it has previously absorbed. Try your hardest not to do nay heavy magical/light work until you have taken the time to fully relax and get into the proper state.

When you have found your peaceful and relaxing state, then begin your continued work for the world. You may even need a full day or more to get your emotions and capabilities back into focus. In the mean time, relax, create and enjoy the moment.

Your Mission for this week:

The cold weather is getting colder, the days still continue to grow shorter and almost all but all the leaves have fallen to the ground. The grass is no longer a healthy shade of green and all the fruits and berries are no more. Winter will soon be upon us. As we prepare for these cold months ahead, we sometimes forget about the four legged, furry and feathered family members and friends. They require more of our attention now than in the warm months. They are struggling to find food, warm shelter and safety. Your mission this week is to go to some local parks and other places and provide our extended universal family with gifts of plenty. A good idea is to take a bag of bird seed with you and scatter the seeds along the ground and table tops of the park or place where you are at. Make sure you get a variety of seeds as not all birds eat the same seeds. Take bread slices for the ducks, apple peals for the deer and so on. Give them a treat they don't have to work to hard for. It will be a gift for them to enjoy.

At home you can create or purchase a bird house or two to allow some of your winged friends to stay warm and dry. A bat house is wonderful as well! Take a section of your ground/property and leave it alone for a while. Don't mow a certain area, even a 4 foot by 4 foot area or small if needed. Leave a small area in your yard totally untouched by you. You'll be amazed at the life that will come and live in this tiny little section of your yard. It will become your own nature preserve with creatures seeking refuge. Make sure you offer them gifts for a longer and more comfortable stay. :-)

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)


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