Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekly LUNAR Reading & MAGICAL Attributes: Dec. 8th - 14th

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Todays Date: Monday, December 8th, 2008

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous : 79% of Full
(next Full Moon: December 12th)

Moon's Place Today: Aries

Lunar Reading:

A major change is beginning to form in your daily and spiritual life. You may not notice the small changes as of yet but by the middle or end of the week you will begin to see a large difference in your overall thoughts for life in general. You are a spiritually evolving soul. If you look back 10 years and view your thought process, concerns, religion, etc. You will find many differences with your current beliefs and lifestyle compared to then. Most of us find our new found enlightenment a gift and journey. However there are those that have fallen off their path and now struggle deciding what path to take. For those of you with this conflict, the universal energies are encouraging you to take a knife and create/cut your own path through the weeds. Find your own way that works best for you and feels true of heart. You will find comfort where it is needed.

Some work/relationship related issues may come into play this week. Your issues with authority will be put into light. You will be faced with two options. One is to leave the authority figure behind. This authority figure can be a boss, controlling lover or friend or even a situation. To leave it behind may include finding a new job, moving out of your current place or some other large adjustment and change to your daily lifestyle. Your second option will be to directly confront the aggressor/authority figure. Be warned as you may encounter a large amount of negative vibes when confronting such figure. However I do not discourage you from your goals. Your time to act with those in charge is now. There are those that if they don't act may be put in a situation of controlled prison, meaning that they feel they will never get out of the situation, job or relationship. This is your opportunity to make those much needed changes you have been craving and are entitled to. The universe doesn't want to see you unhappy, but only you have the choices and free will to make the changes needed.

Your emotional & spiritual rebirth is right around the corner. This week will pose some interesting new thought processes in your mind and heart. Your experiences this week can and may have a long term effect on your overall state of well being. Expect new ideas and creative thoughts to form. Act on all that you can but do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed in any one thing or a multitude of things or events.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

Full moon magic is in the cards this week. The full moon on December 12th is ready for our magical and light work. The three days leading to the full moon and the three days after are the most powerful times to do any magical and light work. There is an ancient blessing that I like to use when I do any form of light work. This sacred blessing/chant was used by our ancestors thousands of years ago when the moon was full.

Pray to the moon when she is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Anytime there is a full moon, I take at least a few minutes to go outside and acknowledge and thank the universe for the many gifts of abundance. During the winter months I make my time short but I dress warmly enough to be outside at east 10 to 20 minutes. This allows me enough time to honor the moon, say a blessing and do a meditation/cleansing in the full moon light and shadows. I visualize the past months worth of any negativity, simply vanishing or drifting away from my body. I replace it with the positive love and vibrations streaming down from the moons illuminated surface.

Most of us take advantage of a full moon to charge our crystals, stones and other instruments. We tend to forget we are the largest energy vessel of them all. Charging ones self is just as important, if not more so than charging our tools. If the handler of the tools is not in the proper frame of mind, the magical/light work was pointless. You must be fully cleansed and charged just like the devices used in your work.

Your Mission for this week:

I have a small and personal meditation for you that I have created to cleanse yourself spiritually and physically so you may project positive vibes out to others and the universe. This is simple and short and I honestly believe there is no excuse for not practicing self healing and love or transmitting it to others. Time is what you perceive it to be. Saying you don't have the 'time' says you are selfish and not only do you not love yourself enough, but you have lost your universal love and connection toward others. There are no excuses in the eyes and heart of the universe.

Rainbow Tree's Water Cleansing Meditation

What you will need:
Your naked body
a shower

Place yourself in a warm shower. You are to do a visualization while in the shower. Standing away from the water so your head is leaning back, let the water droplets fall upon you. Visualize each drop of water as illuminating light being absorbed into your body. Concentrate on each droplet of water being packed full of the words 'Love, Thank You, Gratitude & Healthy'. Each time a water droplet touches you the positive affirmations are released into your body. Allow the droplets to say the worlds 'Honesty', then 'Compassion'.

Know deep down in your inner core you, your physical and spiritual self is absorbing these positive affirmations. As each one touches you, see how the water from the ocean is flowing through the lakes, rivers and streams and into your home, pipes and down upon you from your shower faucet. Feel the connection of Mother Nature and her vast oceans being the water that is dropping upon you. You can not survive with out this water. You drink it, cook with it, bathe in it. You are made up mostly of water as is the Earth that we call mother. Feel your connection to her. Continue to absorb the positive vibrations the water is pouring over your entire body. Face the shower faucet where the water is spraying from. See the droplets and their reflections. Feel the comfort of the warmth throughout your body. Continue to picture these drops of water exploding on to your body with healing powers. The water is filling you with love and compassion for yourself and all life that is connected to you. Close your eyes and allow the water to cleanse your face and eye lids. It is washing away all your negative thoughts, physical ailments and illnesses. You will no longer allow negative thoughts, issues or concerns to consume you.

When you feel fully rejuvenated as though you are stress free and could take on the world... then your meditation is finished. Standing in the shower thinking of the stuff gone wrong will only allow you to absorb and continue to feed those thoughts. It is important to release what is no longer needed or wanted and allow new to develop. When you are finished, accept yourself by standing fully nude in the shower. You are beautiful both inside and out. The beauty others see doesn't come from your physical appearance, it comes from what you show them and how you truly are. Your beauty comes from your actions towards yourself and others. We've always had the choice to do what feels right in our heart or ignore and dismiss it. It is and always will be your choice and free will.

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

Have a wonderful & blessed week,
Rainbow Tree

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