Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Past Couple of Weeks: Moving, Selling, Packing and so it goes

part of our backyard

Such a busy couple of weeks it has been! We are recuperating from our large moving sale we had on the 17th and 18th. Tom and I spent several days preparing for the sale and packing as we approach the big move up north with family. Since my dad passed so unexpectedly, we are needed with my mom. Plus, we are in a bind ourselves with the housing market and Tom being off of work. I guess it is going how it is supposed to in the grand scheme of things. We look for this move to be temporary. Eventually I would still like to end up in a nice camper or yurt out in the middle of the woods. Who knows, someday maybe Tom & I can build a rustic cabin on a chunk of land somewhere.

The moving sale went fairly well. We sold approx. half of what we had available. The biggest items are the ones that we had high hopes for but as of yet have not sold. Keeping my fingers crossed on the car though! Asking almost a thousand below book value. Tom, being the automotive artist that he is ( ) placed a beautiful set of painted metallic blue tribal stripes/graphics on the car. His trade is custom painting and I love these graphics he painted on. With graduation time coming we hope some parent will buy the car for their kid. All we are asking is our payoff, so we hope for the best! Same goes for the snowmobile. We already knocked an extra $500 off of it, but there is no snow on the ground and it is considered the wrong time of year to be selling such things. The items we did manage to sell we were extremely thankful for. It provided us with enough cash to make a car and truck payment. No house payment can be made. but we have electric and vehicles for another month. :-) Better than nothing right? I also managed to buy a weeks worth of groceries from the sale. Lucky for us I am a survivor and have been stock piling canned foods for some time.

04 Pontiac Grand Am GT with Custom Tribal Graphics

I saw the funniest thing when we had the moving sale. I tried my hardest to capture a shot but just couldn't get outside fast enough. Where we live their isn't many Amish. Tom and I grew up in Ashland, OH and were used to seeing the buggies everywhere, but here we never see a one. The sale didn't start till noon on Friday but at 7:30 am our driveway was full. Upon wakening and getting out of bed, I heard the clippity clop of horseshoes on the quiet country road. I looked out my window and saw the most unusual thing.... Buggy Surfing! Have you ever seen kids car surf on the roof or windshield, they hand on while resting on their stomach? Well, I saw just the thing only the young Amish gentleman was riding the roof of the buggy. There were blankets on the top and he was hanging on to the rim up front while he laid on his stomach. I laughed so hard and when one of the neighbors that were down comment on seeing it too, I told her that was called Buggy Surfing and she about peed her pants from laughing.

Amish buggy parked out front at our moving sale, blankets on the roof where he was buggy surfing!

A couple days before the sale my family (hubby & daughter) requested I make a homemade pizza pie. When I cook, most of the time it is entirely from scratch. My pizzas are always this way, including my homemade sauce! For once I actually documented with pictures how I do it. I figure later this week or next I will post a detailed blog with my personal recipes. :-)

the final results from my homemade pizza pie before we sliced it open

I've been trying to keep up with just about everything. It hasn't been easy mind you. The weekly Lunar Readings & Magical Attributes are a little lagging in their date. Though they are usually still weekly. The Oracle Messages from the Fairies come when the fairies have a message. Most times this is weekly but not always. Sometimes the fairies only have a message once or twice a month that I am supposed to share. The fairies aren't too happy that we are laving this ground. They fear someone not as environmentally friendly may reside here in the future. They cry about the heirloom concord grapes, 150+ year old Mulberry tree and cherry bushes and the stream that runs the length of the property. They will miss the organic goodies left in the garden for them and the sweet milk and honey biscuits I set out in the summer evenings so they may enjoy a sweet treat. I've asked several of them to join us on our move and a few have agreed. Many of them can not leave this property for they are the original care takers of the plentiful fruits. I must respect that balance they have found and abide by their terms of doing no harm if I am to receive their gifts of knowledge and company on this journey.

Real fire fairy (my image) from our property

A week or two ago I received a message from the fairies about bad habits. I took it upon myself to finally after 18 years of tobacco smoking to quit once and for all! For years now I had commit to only smoking the certified organic tobacco rolled in flax seed papers. I figured if I must smoke at least do it without the pesticides and chemicals. I honestly hadn't counted the years I had smoked till it was time I decided once and for all to give it up. I didn't like the feeling of control it had placed upon me. I also couldn't afford to physically buy the tobacco any longer so it made the perfect time. Today is officially my 16th day of being tobacco free! I haven't eaten my young like an animal in the wild or killed anyone so I wold say I am doing pretty well with it. My nic fits only come about 3 times a day now and can be subsided with a cup of coffee or some intense gum chewing. I am very proud of myself for this commitment and life changing event. I can already see and feel some physical and emotional improvements on my life and health in general. I'll give myself a big old pat on the back. LOL No one has really said congrats to me. I think most of them feel I am probably sneaking or that I'll go back to it soon, but I can swear on my life no tobacco in 16 days! I have no plans, desire or anything to start up again. Sure it is hard at times when one of those fits kicks in. They do subside and grow shorter each time. :-) I can now look at someone else smoking and not cringe that I don't have one in my hand as well. This is a beautiful sign and the beginning to something wonderful! I'll have to get a picture of the 'tobacco free' me. ;-)

The newest news is I am currently revamping the Giving Earth website. Since we are leaving our farm behind, there is much need to change the website around. I am giving the site a totally different feel! I believe you will all love it! If you get a chance, check out my website: Major changes, new sections and so much more! :-D I lovies it!

There you have it. I think I have pretty much updated all that I can at this time. Our Earth Day was actually spent indoors because of the weather. However, those that know us know that Earth Day is literally everyday for us! I miss my gardens like crazy! With the move and relocation/circumstances, I have no organic garden or baby seedlings to love on yet. I miss bare feet in the mud!

Despite the hard things and missing my dad, all is okay. We are alive and keeping as positive of views as humanly possible. I'm trying my hardest to expect the best even under these crazy circumstances and loss of almost everything. Tom is manifesting his dreams and I am more than happy to project my thoughts there with him. What ever it takes. ;-)

We met some great people at our sale. Some of them lived close by. I regret not knowing these people earlier and involving them in our social network. Everything for a reason though so maybe something else is to come..... Something grand!

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