Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekly Lunar Reading & Magical Attributes: April 21st - 27th

Moon Phase:
Waning Crescent - 18% of Full (fourth quarter)
New Moon on Friday, April 24th at 11:22 pm

Moon's Place
(moon enters Aries on Wednesday, April 22nd)

Lunar Reading:

There is a good chance your emotions have been running high. You may personally feel like a vehicle running on or close to empty. You can't keep going like this or putting your physical and emotional self through the unneeded negativity and turmoil. The time we have in our physical shell is extremely limited in the grand scheme of the universe. We are only here physically for a blink of an eye. Like a shooting star in the night sky we too will soon leave our familiar area to morph into something different.

The time for renewal of thoughts, lifestyles and your spiritual state of being is now. You are urged to let go of the barriers that you or others have manifested. You can not fight nor change the universal flow of things. There is a certain balance that must be obtained and currently in your life you have fought against this natural flow. This is likely the cause of your dismay, emotional and physical stress or illness. The balance needs to be fully restored within your life and all aspects of it.

With the new moon approaching, now is the perfect time for any form of cleaning and renewal meditations. Check out my Cleansing of the Soul & Spirit Meditation and Ritual and my Cleansing Bath Meditation and Blessing for more ways to cleanse your aura and state of being.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

Let your creative thoughts manifest one of your desires or dreams. Take on a new activity such as playing with clay, painting on canvas or even gardening, watching the clouds in the grass, hiking or something that relaxes your mind and lets your imagination flow freely.

Pay homage to the new moon this week. Lest we forget the vital role the lunar phases have upon earth and its inhabitants. Without the sun and moon we as humans would cease to exist. Let us be thankful for these gifts of abundance and beauty.

New Moon Blessing from Rev. Rainbow Tree
Pray to the moon when when only her aura is seen.
Though I can not see her body I know she still gleams.
Her beauty though shadowed is still bright.
She brings me renewal with this sacred light.
New energy and light for tomorrow.
I will be released of any remaining sorrow.
Pray to the moon when only her aura is seen.
Only a sliver of her beauty and powers do gleam.
I thank the moon and the moon thanks me.
I connect with all that is, even the lone standing tree.
It is time for Luna to set my spirit free.
Tomorrow I will begin a new way to see.
So mote it be.

Your Mission for this week:

Sew new seeds of love, learning, life and new beginnings. Your mission is to plant some form of life this week in honor of Earth Day.

There are many on this planet who choose to make Earth Day an everyday event. These are many of the new rainbow warriors for tomorrow. We should heed their cause, follow a path of love, life and beauty. Move forward by doing no harm in all that we do.

Dear Friends,

Plant Love & Grow Peace. Know that you are the answer we have been seeking in our prayers and thoughts. Love all creation; furry, four legged and feathered, green and shaded, tall and stout and even those hard to see. They are your universal family, sisters and brothers. All of us living together on one planet we call our Mother Earth.

I wish for you a wonderful Earth Day. May this day remind you of the abundance that has been bestowed upon us. We are the caregivers of our mother and universal family members. Let us make everyday a conscious one.


Kandice Thompson
Spiritual Healer, Reverend & High Priestess

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

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