Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekly LUNAR Reading & MAGICAL Attributes: April 7th - 13th, 2009

Todays Date
Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Moon Phase: Waxing - 96% of Full (second quarter)
Full Moon on Thursday, April 9th

Moon's Place Today
(moon enters Scorpio on Friday, April 10th)

Lunar Reading:

Decision making is not in your forecast this week. No life altering changes or decisions should be made for the next few days. Currently the moon is in Libra (enters @ 11:22pm EST on April 7th). During this time you are discouraged from making any major changes. If you have been contemplating something, hold off for a few more days. Something may come up that is better or more suited to your personal and spiritual needs.

Take a break for the next couple of days. Let your creative thoughts flow and begin some form of creative craft work. This could be working in your garden, planning for your garden, painting, playing with clay, drawing or some other form of artistic practice. Let everything else go, just for a few days. If you don't take this much needed time for yourself and your overwhelmed mind and body, you'll regret it later when you don't have the chance.

Treat yourself today or tomorrow with a nice hot shower and a rejuvenating walk or drive in nature. If the weather is still cold then jump in the car with a map and follow your gut and allow it to lead you somewhere beautiful.

The world doesn't revolve entirely around you, so why should you take on all of her problems. The world and society wont collapse if you take a few days off from the rest of it. Enjoy your time, pamper yourself and ease your mind. Give no or little thought to what seems to be overwhelming you right now. For a day or two replace those thoughts with actions of creativeness, meditation and self love.

If the weather permits, go outside and view the full moon. Say an ancient blessing or chant. Recharge your inner core and know you are part of this magnificent place of being.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

The full moon of April, also knows as the Pink Moon, Rain Moon and the Wind Moon. Time to recharge your magical and light working devices, including yourself! Many times we that we are the most vital vibrational tool of all. Don't forget to check my archives from past Full Moon blessings & meditations.

On Saturday, after the moon has entered Scorpio you should give much thought to planting in the outdoors. With Earth Day around the corner, consider planting a tree in honor of all that is good. Plan a celebration or gathering with family & friends and make a ritual out of it. Gather in a circle around the tree and sing, chant, raise energy and above all else, give love and thanks to the tree, soil, sun and earth.

If you have any broken crystals or stones laying around your house that you no longer use, bury them in your garden or around your tree. My family and I have made it a custom each year to bury at least one crystal along side or in our garden. We visualize the crystal in the cool damp earth sending waves of energy and affirmations to the seedlings and plants.

Your Mission for this week:

With Earth Day around the corner, do something for Momma Earth. She provides us with all the elements we need to survive and we take away from her everyday. But how often do you give back? Take this week or a day or two and do something to benefit the original mother of us all. Take a garbage bag and walk along your road to pick up any trash. Plant a tree as I mentioned above in the Magical & Light working section. Plant perennials verses annuls to ensure they come back year after year. Purchase or make a bat or bird house with your friends or family.

Now is the perfect time of year to start a compost pile or bin. You can purchase several types of composting bibs online or simply create your own in a barrel or a pile. Make sure every other day or everyday you turn your pile to allow new air flow. Take all your left over food, meat excluded, tree and year scraps, leafs, egg shells, etc and place in your composting pile. In as little as a couple of weeks you'll have fresh soil packed full of nutrients to use on your garden or flowerbeds.

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

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