Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Full Moon Blessings

A small collection of some of the best Full Moon Blessings. The next Full Moon is is April 9th, 2009. These blessings are perfect when preformed 3 days prior, during or 3 days after a full moon. Please view my archives or search my blog for Full Moon Meditations & Rituals.

Reverend Rainbow Tree's Full Moon Blessing #1

Bless the sacred moon I see.
Tis a new era from the earth, sky and sea.
I raise my arms to the possibilities. Allow every human form to see all realities.
Open hearts and minds for a universal healing.
Awaken those who ignore the feeling.
Bless the sacred moon I see as she is part of me.
I thank the sacred directions that surround me. I draw your energy to me so I may help others to see.
Let your moonlight shine a path.
Cleanse all life in one universal bath.

Bless this sacred moon I see. So mote it be.

Reverend Rainbow Tree's Full Moon Blessing #2

Blessed be, tis the moon I see. Oh beautiful one, thank you for guiding me. Raise my awareness and open my mind, I am now ready to see the truly divine. No limit does my heart follow, no turning my back and seeing as hallow. Oh bless me moon for I was once week. Tis now the knowledge and truth that I seek.

This sacred blessing/chant was used by our ancestors thousands of years ago when the moon was full.

Pray to the moon when she is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.


earth heart said...

thank you. these are lovely.

matt said...

loving U