Monday, April 20, 2009

Abundant Garden Blessing & Ritual

our garden last year

Time to plan or create your Garden, Moon Garden or seedlings! If gardening is your thing then chances are you have already started your seedlings or have plans on purchasing them soon. Either way now is a fantastic time to charge and bless your water and provide them with affirmations. If you don't have any form of a garden, you can apply this Abundant Garden Blessing & Ritual to any plants indoor or out that you water.

Rainbow Tree's
Abundant Garden Blessing & Ritual
Using 'charged' or 'blessed' water is quite simple. Many of us magic doers have a collection of crystals and tumbled stones. Make sure you use only those that are charged in a full moon. You can use the water directly or if it has set for a long amount of time you can dilute it.
  • Gather a pointed quartz crystal, as clear as you can find and a pointed rose quartz. Make sure the crystals are clean of any dirt or dust before you place them in your jar. Fill a clear gallon jar (preferably glass) almost full of water. The water should either be from a spring or ran through some form of reverse osmosis. No tap or city water containing fluoride or chlorine should be used.
  • Take a blank sheet of paper and use crayons with the colors of green, blue, yellow and red. Fold and tare the paper into 8 pieces, do not cut with scissors.
  • Write each of the following affirmations on one of the pieces of paper. Be decorative if you want and add vines, flowers, symbols and shapes. Affirmations to use: Love, Grow, Thank You, Abundance, Healthy, Plentiful, Gratitude, Nourished.
  • Take a piece of clear tape and stick the affirmations around the jar so that they face the water and crystals inside.
  • Place jar in a cool, dark and quiet area. A basement, back of the refrigerator or kitchen pantry work well.
  • Allow the jar to remain in its location for a minimum of 48 hours. It can stay there for several months or until needed. For every week your water sets you can dilute it buy 1 part. Example: 1 part charged water and one part regular water. If the water has sat for 10 weeks then use 1 part charged water to 10 parts regular water. This is the ideal use for larger gardens or greenhouses.
Note: The above ritual can be used for a Dietary Supplement as well. Follow the same process but change the affirmations to your situation. For heath issues use the following 8 affirmations: Love, Thank You, Healthy, Relief, Gratitude, Longevity, Strength & Renewal. Drink up to 1 oz per day.

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