Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Making Contact with your Guardian Angel & Spirit Guides

I wanted to write this a bit earlier but I unexpectedly came down with a nasty flu bug that seems to still be taking a bit of a tole on my body.  Hopefully I'll be back up and running on full once more. :-)  Losing 10 pounds in 3 days from being sick to your stomach can be a bit scary for someone like me with my past.  Now I call upon my spiritual guides and guardian angels because this is a time of need.

I am about to share with you sacred and ancient information passed down to me by my ancestral memories and experiences.  I've been given the 'ok' to pass the information from my guides to anyone who has open eyes and ears.

We all have guides around us.  Some come in form of angelic looking beings with giant wings, others come to us as a protector or spirit animal.  They come in many shapes and forms and all are here to guide and protect us, to help us when in need and to assist us when called upon.  Regardless of faith or religion, we are all highly spiritual beings, so are our angels and guides.  Almost all religions around the world recognize that we have some form of guardian angel, spirit guide or animal totem. 

Your guardian angel can help you when you feel depressed, lonely or in need of emotional support.  They can also help inspire you at difficult times.  Sometimes you may receive new insight from their support and comfort.  Nothing is too large or considered trivial when asking their advice for guidance.

Let's begin the teachings to contact and feel your guardian angel and spirit guide:

For starters you must become receptive in many ways.  This first way is to rid yourself of any negative thoughts.  This isn't hard to do and I'm not asking you to do it all day, everyday.  Though you would be amazed how you would feel if you never focused or gave thought to those. If you feel surrounded by negative emotions like fear, hurt or anger, you must let go of these before we can continue.  These emotions create a barrier around your aura like a hard shell.  It then becomes harder for you to break free or allow the love and energy from others to come in.  It is also difficult for your guardian angel to reach you if you have such walls up.  Surround yourself in thoughts of things or memories that make you happy and bring a smile to your face.  Often if we think of our childhood or reams we had of flying, this will help.  Sometimes larger measures are taken, like a meditation shower or bath, a soul/spirit cleansing ritual or something else along those lines.  I highly recommend doing a personal 'Sacred Space' cleansing of your self and aura before you start.

When you have become receptive as I described above you can move on to the next step in contacting your angel or spirit guide.  You must have a peaceful and personal place environment.  This can be a small place in your home, a corner of a room, near a window, in your bed room or for some, the bathroom it's self.  You need to create a space where you are comfortable, where it is extremely quiet.  Many of my Witch friends have already have an alter set up that provides them with a spot for meditation and magical work.  This is a perfect spot for contacting your angels and spirit guides.  Adorn your peaceful area is with candles, flowers, seasonal items, lovely pictures and items that resinate with you and your spirituality.  The items should help you create a positive mood.  No items that have negative residual energy or bring you negative memories should be used in this area.  If your home and property provide complete silence then I suggest you don't use music.  However, there are many that hear the delightful noise of neighbors, machinery in the background or traffic in the distance.  You want to separate yourself for the time being from those distractions and unnatural noises.  Place some music around you that is based around nature.  Find some beautiful waves splashing, frogs croaking or some native drumming is always good!  It must be light, nothing that will bring distractions or that you would want to start singing along to. The music is simply to get your spirit ready and relaxed.

Now we have created your mood and your sacred space.  Once both of these are done, you will already begin to feel more approachable by your guides.  You'll also begin to feel your energy shifting in a more positive direction.  You may even begin to feel physically lighter.

The next step is to ready yourself inside you space.  Sit in your sacred space, do not stand.   You may sit directly on the floor or use a chair.  If you use a chair be sure to sit up straight with your feet and legs uncrossed, unless this is a large comfortable chair and you want to sit in a Yoga or 'Indian' style.  Now it is time to close your eyes and keep them closed until the later time.  Place your palms upwards and relax your arms on your legs.  You will begin to breathe in through your nose, taking deep breaths and exhaling out your mouth.  Silently count to three when inhaling and exhale for a count of six.  Continue to do this at least for 2 to 5 minutes.  You must feel your body begin to relax.  As you are doing this, silently in your mind count your blessings and make a gratitude list.  Think good thoughts about those you love and share your life with.  In your mind think of things that make you grateful to be alive.  While you continue to breathe in and exhale make sure your thoughts stay in the mode of joy, love and gratitude.  If the beach makes you happy, then focus on yourself being their in your mind, even if you have never gone their in the physical.  These thoughts you are thinking at this time should be pure and allow you to draw your angel near with the love that your aura is beginning to shine.

The next step is to continue to breathe as you were above but this time we are going to do a visualization with your breathing.  When you inhale through your nose (for a count of three, minimal) imagine you are inhaling specs of gold that look like angel dust or fairy magic.  This delicate gold 'star dust' must be breathed in and absorbed into your soul.  As you continue to breathe, visualize this sparkly dust or energy particles beginning to swirl around your feet.  The more you relax and breathe the more the golden energy surrounds your aura.  Visualize the gold particles creating the sacred shape of an egg around your aura and body.  Continue to breath in the particles and allow a golden light to become one with them.  As you visualize and breathe, your egg and aura will begin to glow brighter and brighter until they are one in the same.  If you begin to feel a tingle throughout your body, this is normal and you are feeling your energy flow.  Some call this the ancient Chi or life force in us.  It is easier for your angelic guide to come to you when you can feel your golden aura and have achieved a peaceful state of mind.

Continue to sit in your sacred space with your golden aura surrounding you.  The little particles or dust like specs still swirling all about, never standing still, but creating this perfect egg shaped golden aura.  You are safe now.  Know you are safe, know you are loved. 

Aloud or in your mind , ask your guardian angel to step inside your aura and gently touch you.  Continue to breath and with your eyes still closed be open to any physical sensations, a touch on the face a brush of your skin, the hairs raised on the back of your neck.  You may smell a sweet fragrance of flowers or something else that is delightful.  You may feel warmth and your guide may place their wings around you.  Sometimes the first contact is small and my only be felt as air across your cheek.  You must trust that your angel has responded to you and is very close.  Continue to keep your eyes closed and your golden aura going.  Know your angel is inside your aura with you and mentally or aloud say "thank you".  Sometimes after we give thanks they feel acknowledged and make their presence know even more.  It may not always be a physical touch or smell, but usually that plays an important role.  Sometimes our guides come and we feel them as an emotion.  You may suddenly begin to cry for no reason, not that you are sad or mad or that anything is wrong.  Or, you may all of a sudden feel extremely happy while you are sitting there contacting your angel.  This is your validation, your guides way of showing you he or she is here when they are needed. 

Your guide has a name.  Not all names a pronounceable in our earthly tongue so often our guides will place a more human name with themselves.  Sometimes the name is rare and unique wile others offer a common and sometimes humorous name to make us smile.  This is the next step for you to take while your guide and you are in your golden aura.  Aloud or in your mind ask your guides name.  This first name that pops in your head is your guides name.  Do not second guess it, do not question it.  This is the name your guide has given him or herself.  You may now use this name in the future when contacting and addressing your guide.  In your mind or aloud  ask your guide with assistance in a part of your life or current situation that needs immediate attention.  Know your guide will play a vital role in the outcome and set your worries aside for it is out of your hands now.

Now that you know your guides name and have made first contact, we can move on to the final step.  It is time to physically see your guide.  Your guide will choose how you will see him or her.  Sometimes they show us in full, a beautiful body with large wings and a grand aura surrounding them.  Sometimes they come as a native chief in full headdress or an ancestor we once knew.  Other times we may only see a glimpse of their energy, a shadow or movement.  Sometimes it looks like a ripple in the room or the bend of energy and we know something is there.  Do not be discouraged if you only see a small bit of your guide.  This is the first time and you may need to work on your ridding yourself of negative energies before you are capable of fully seeing. 

The final step is to once again thank your guide.  Aloud and in your mind say "Thank you".  Let your angel or guide know you are going to open your eyes and you would like to see them.  Once again, take a deep breath and open your eyes.  As I mentioned above you may see only a small shadow or spec of different color move quickly away.  You may see tiny little white or golden particles in front of your eyes or you may see your guide standing or sitting with you.  It all depends on how open you are and the amount of negative that may still linger in the room or sacred space you have created.  You must follow all the steps to achieve the desired contact with your guardian angel or spirit guide.  Thank your guide once more and continue to visualize your aura as golden and bright.  You may allow other colors to enter but know your angel is attracted to you most when your aura is mighty and ready to communicate.

Thank you for taking the time to listen and take in these words.  I do not take this post lightly and I contemplated on even writing it for the publics view.  I am only sharing the ancestral and angelic information that has been shared with me from my guides and memories.  I ask that you love all life as one unit and hold this world sacred and ancient teachings sacred.

Kandice Thompson
Reverend & High Priestess

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