Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weekly LUNAR Reading and MAGICAL Attributes: January 13th-20th, 2010

Moon Phase:

Waning Crescent

Moon's Place
(moon enters Aquarius on Friday, Jan. 15th then Pisces on the 18th)

Lunar Reading:
On the 15th day of January, we shall have a New Moon.  The annual full Solar Eclipse shall take place as well on this day.  However the eclipse will only be viewable in the Asia and Africa areas of the world.  The new moon is a time to start new adventures, ideas, creative thoughts, etc.  It can also be a time to draw romance to ones self and life.  Think new beginnings in all areas of your life that need a little relief, a new start or even a fresh outlook.

This week will pose some issues in your personal life.  Your political opinions and choices may come into question.  Not only may you be questioned by others, but you may give new thought to your own political opinions.  Know that it is okay to change your mind on issues, matters and circumstances.  Your personal freedoms may be in jeopardy, be it at home, work, school or even your everyday life.  Be aware of the changes taking place around you.  If you don't like it, change it.  Provide a fresh outlook or consider new options.  If you feel your personal freedoms of expression are being criticized or taken away, then take a stand.  Just remember that there is no violent solution to any situation.  Use your powers of intellect and creation.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:
Your love is needed around the globe.  Now is the perfect time to practice magical abundance for love & gratitude.  No more woe is me or doomed day chants.  We must reaffirm and manifest a positive outlook and take on life and how we are living.  John Lennon & Yoko said it best with "War is Over... if you want it" or "Love is all you need!"  Very powerful words, becasue the reality is that we are the change and the means of creating what we want or don't want.  This applies to more than just war.  We must quit giving the negative so much energy and refocus our abilities to loving this amazing planet and all her magnificent inhabitants.

The new moon is providing you an opportunity to raise awareness on a global scale.  We have the ability to love unconditionally and share that with others.  All spell work down now should be in favor of love and gratitude.  Spells that thank the water, the sun and moon.  Spells that honor the sacred elements and the once honored ways of our ancestors.

Rainbow Tree's Unconditional Love Spell
(repeat thrice daily)
Mother Earth, Father Sky, show me the reasons why.
To love all existence and never blind my third eye.
Unconditional love, I shall feel it abound.
All the creatures from the sky and those living in the ground.
Brothers and sisters off all shall unite.
Our hearts will then begin the new flight.
A new world we all create.
Only love exists, with no room for hate.
I vow to honor this love till I die.
Mother Earth, Father Sky, thank you for showing me the reasons why.

Your Mission for this week:

Practice tolerance for others opinions, personal expressions and faith.  We all must learn to live here together as one unit.  Yes, a giant family that knows the abundance that life, love and freedom offer us. Your mission this week is to be a "Considerate Thinker".  Think outside the box of a situation or action.  Consider the ripple effect of every microscopic thing you say or do.  Did you throw a recyclable can in the trash?  What is the ripple effect?  Were you in a hurry so you didn't hold the door for the mom with her three children?  What is the ripple effect?  Was your waitress very friendly and provided you with good service?  Would you tip her extra and provide compliments?  If you did, what would be the ripple effect?  What would be the difference in ripple effects if you planted 5 trees or cut five trees down?  Got you thinking about actions in all directions?  Everything you do has an effect on yourself, others and the environment.  Go forth this week and be considerate with all you do.  Show gratitude.  You are encouraged show gratitude, especially to those you encounter in need of a pick me up.  If someone is being extremely negative, explain to them your mission for this week.  Don't worry about their reaction as this is part of your personal freedom of expressions.

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

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