Friday, January 8, 2010

Oracle Message from the Fairy Realm "Dreams Coming True"

Original Drawing ~ Image copyright © Rainbow Tree (aka Kandice Thompson)

From time to time the Fairy folk feel a need to relay a message for those that are open to listening. When needed or as requested from the fairy realm, an oracle reading with the Fairies is done to receive their guidance and thoughts. I do this for myself and anyone else who wants to listen or read. Their messages always resonates with many around the globe.

The message received this reading is:
"Dreams Coming True"

It is easy as humans to allow fear or negative thoughts to overwhelm our state of consciousness.  We tend to sabotage our own dreams and manifestations by allowing our self to worry or feel not worthy.  Many times we let the opinions of others crush our dreams.  Don't let anyone ever tell you that you are being unrealistic, dreaming too much or have to high of expectations.  
The desires of your heart are beginning to manifest into reality.  The fairies ask you to keep your faith and only expect a positive outcome.  If you expect negative, then negative will flow to you, as you are expecting it! 
The life you have been dreaming of is ready to become a reality and it's in the very starts.  Your prays, affirmations and positive thoughts are bringing you closer to this grand manifestation.  At this current moment you are only seeing glimmers of what could be.  Drop the fears, the opinions of others and your worries.  Let go of what you resist so it doesn't persist.   Your transition can be successful with your continued faith.  Ask the fairies to release your fears that could cause you to sabotage your manifestation abilities.  Show gratitude in your prayers, be thankful as if everything already is.  Know that you deserve this new abundance and it will bring much joy to your life.

The fairies feel you should write or verbally aloud repeat the following affirmation daily:
I know that wonderful people and situations now surround me.  My heart is filed with gratitude.
This message was received on January 8th, 2010


Mokihana and Pete said...

Thank you fairies, thank you Kandice. I needed this, especially the affirmation for daily use.

Love, Mokihana

Rainbow Tree said...

this really resonated with me too. Sometimes when you feel all hope is lost, then poof, the fairies offer a much needed message! :-)