Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some Days ~ a poem

"Some Days"

Some days are easier than others.
Some days are not.
Some days seem dark.
While others seem bright.
Some days I miss you more than others.
Some days I forget your gone.
Some days I feel your spirit near.
While other days I feel nothing at all.
Some days are hard to see the light.
Some days I know everything is alright.
Some days are filled with love.
While other days seem hopeless.
Some days I know you can hear me.
Some days I worry you can't.
Some days all I want are your hugs.
While other days I sweep my emotions under the rug.
Some days it is hard to cope.
Some days I still seek your advice.
Some days I simply pray to you.

© copyright Kandice Thompson - January, 2010

1 comment:

Inay said...

What a wonderful poem....

means not all days...
I love poetry....

God bless you