Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Calling of the Ancestors

Generations of free thinkers.
Living life from their hearts.
No limits for the minds eye.
Memories of flying and past lives.

Nothing is taken for granted.
Sacred sounds they do hear.
Mother Earth they tend.
A web of dreams they weave.

Voices of nature listened to.
Songs they sing ring true.
Imagination is their key.
It's the name of their spirituality.

In our darkness they stand by us.
Love and guidance they offer.
A lighted path shows us the way.
Many of us don't see and we drift away.

They bring a message for all.
Hope and light in our darkness.
Connection to all must be found.
Unconditional love must be felt abound.

© Poem copyrighted: Kandice Thompson - January, 2010
Ordained Reverend & High Priestess


Inay said...

Your poems are nice...

You are always connected to the earth...

God bless you...

Rainbow Tree said...


I haven't been on here much and I finally am getting the settings fixed so I can see comments left by readers. :-) I'm enjoying all your comments and appreciate you reading my blog! Makes my day to see all the wonderful folks on there!