Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly LUNAR Reading & MAGICAL Attributes: Feb 9th - 15th
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Todays Date: Monday, February 9th, 2009

Moon Phase:
100% of Full (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse)

Moon's Place Today: Leo

Lunar Reading:

Such a sacred night tonight! Any full moon is considered sacred, but tonight is also a lunar eclipse. **eclipse may not be seen from all locations
This week and today you are going to feel more inclined to get back to your roots. You'll find yourself enjoying the simplicity of smaller events and outings. The urge to spend more time with nature is part of this simplicity. Getting back to your roots may not mean from this life, you may begin to feel or experience ancestral memories from your past. This really applies to those living within city boundaries that absorb much of the residual and negative energy, and the environmental impact is has on their physical and spiritual state of being. This also applies to all of us, even the greenest or most sustainable and spiritual of folks. We feel a small void or a call to respect more, love more and do things a little differently than society calls the normal. It's all part of our evolutionary process and spiritual enlightenment and should be recognized and honored.

During the next few days focus on the positive aspects of your life. Know that life here, in this shell we call a body is too short to focus on, dwell or analyze the negative manifestations we have created or allowed ourselves to continue to be a part of. Focus on what is right in front of you. You have love in yourself and for yourself. You can choose to live in that moment or situation or get past it and focus on the new of the today, this moment. This very moment you are sitting here reading this blog, you chose to focus on this instead of any negative thoughts or current situations, so therefor you know how to be in a moment and allow any negativity to be replaced or unfocused on. Giving negativity little to no thought allows your mind the needed ease for clarity of any confusion. Take a time out and know you are blessed with an overwhelming abundance of love, gratitude and thanks. Share the blessings, love and thanks with whom ever you come into contact with this week.

The month of February offers a very sacred night sky. There are many celestial events some annual some that may never be seen again in our lifetime. Please visit my post about Sacred February to learn more about these events and when they take place.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

There is to be no major magic work done today nor three days after the eclipse. Only Blessings of Gratitude, Love and Thanks should be given at this time. It is highly important to give our requests a rest. We must also allow a time of purity when all we do is be thankful and give blessings of love and gratitude. There is a beautiful and pure form of energy during a Full Moon, especially one with a Lunar Eclipse. This should be honored by us as we are the ones that are blessed.

You may charge your magical and light working tolls at this time for use later on. The energy and vibrations during a full moon and an eclipse are extremely powerful. When charging any items under this moon and lunar event such as crystals, anthem and wands, scrying devices, etc, make sure you place a circle of sea salt around the items and give thanks. Honor and thank each direction and/or element of the earth.

Below you'll find one of my Full Moon Blessings that can be used if you only have a short time to honor and give thanks to the beautiful moon. If time is on your side or, you have a large group or coven you may want to consider viewing a previous Full Moon Meditation & Blessing blog post. Either way the universal energy will appreciate your humble acknowledgment.
Reverend Rainbow Tree's Full Moon Blessing

Bless the sacred moon I see.
Tis a new era from the earth, sky and sea.

I raise my arms to the possibilities.

Allow every human form to see all realities.
Open hearts and minds for a universal healing.

Awaken those who ignore the feeling.

Bless the sacred moon I see as she is part of me.

I thank the sacred directions that surround me.

I draw your energy to me so I may help others to see.
Let your moonlight shine a path.

Cleanse all life in one universal bath.

Bless this sacred moon I see.

So mote it be.

Your Mission for this week:

Get back to the basics. Your ancestors are urging you to get back to your roots of life, love and spirituality. Give more thought to happy memories and less thought to the what ifs of later today or tomorrow. Spend time with family or friends and turn the television off. Make a commitment to have dinner with someone tonight be it your spouse, the kids, family as a whole, and old friend or even your furry four legged family. Sit down at a table, no television, no radio. Spend the time after dinner playing a game or chatting about good times. If someone brings up a negative or sad story simply interrupt with a quick "Let's keep this positive and fun, name me three things of necessity you are thankful for." The conversation will most likely take a turn and go back to the positive energy raising that was taking place from all the good vibes.

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

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