Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Wonderful Week

Greetings & Happy Valentine's Day to all! The past few days around here have been wonderful! This week I finally accomplished one of my goals in life. Took some manifesting and positive thinking but I finally got all my credentials, certificates and documentation with the Universal Life Ministry. Yay for me! And many thanks to all of my readers that sent me an email or left a comment to congratulate this achievements!

Earlier this week I made two dozen chocolate chip and chocolate cupcakes for Valentine's day. They are already gone however and didn't last long with my sweet tooth. I cut out a heart shape from a leftover holiday card and then sprinkled some powdered sugar over them for a cute little Valentine's Day treat.

Last night Tom decided to give me my Valentine's Day gift. I honestly wasn't expecting anything more than a card. We don't usually do much for each other as our finances have been shy with his falling hours at work. Upon handing me an envelope last night I opened it to discover a very romantic card. Inside the card was a gift card for my current acupuncturist. I immediately starting crying! I haven't seen my acupuncturist in several months even though I am well past due for a treatment. Tom had been bugging me to schedule an appointment with Carrie the worlds most compassionate and 'real' person and acupuncturist. She is in angel in disguise! My first treatment was well over a year ago. I walked in to her building with Tom on one arm and a cane in the other. Most other times I used a wheel chair and I was extremely limited with my mobility. Carries knowledge and experience with ancient Chinese medicine and acupuncture worked miracles on my physical and emotional state of being. When I opened that card from Tom and saw that he had purchased me three, one hour sessions the tears just started flowing. Carie was delighted to see Tom when he stopped by her office to get me the gift card. We had both been thinking about each other and wondering how the other one was doing. I hadn't called or emailed becasue I felt a little guilty in my lack of communication. Carrie had been feeling the same way, however we had changed phone numbers and she had no way of contacting me. I don't believe in coincidences and this was no coincidence for sure. I told Tom this was the best gift I had ever received for Valentine's Day. I spent the rest of the night cuddling up to him, hugging him and thanking him for such a thoughtful gift. First thing Monday morning I am calling Delaware Acupuncture Clinic and getting an appointment with Carrie!

I decided to do something nice for Tom as well. Currently I have none of my own income as I haven't received an Oracle Reading order in over a month. No biggie though. I'm a creative type of gal. I worked two days straight on creating him the most professional and custom resume in a broacher format. I also created an online resume for him so potential employers can check it out. Took me a while but the end result is and will be worth it. Plus I know that Tom really appreciates it. As a goddess I have the ability to turn a regular evening together into something beautiful, erotic and exciting. I'll be sure to use some of this weeks posts with Nature's Remedies for arousal and exotic dreams tonight as part of my gift to him. ;-)

Speaking of Tom... he just came in from working in the garage all morning and early afternoon. I think I will finish this blog so I may go spend the rest of this Valentine's Day with him. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Liberty said...

this was really heart warming to read! I'm glad you shared it (and am drooling over the cupcakes LOL). It sounds like you have someone wonderful who knows you well enough to know what would be a meaningful gift. That's a real blessing and I loved reading about it!

thanks :-)
Happy Love Day

Robert A Vollrath said...

Very nice post. Thanks for sharing it.

Rainbow Tree said...

Thank you both for the beautiful comments! I feel extremely fortunate that Tom and I have a good marriage that's going on 10 years this year. We feel as though we are kindred spirits and somehow have known each other in past lives. We feel blessed to have one another and to share this life here on earth. :-)

I'm glad you enjoyed the post today. I love to share and read good news and positive vibes. If you were all closer I would invite you over for cupcakes and coffee or tea. Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends!